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Springer Verlag “Frontiers in Mathematics” Books List

Springer Verlag “Frontiers in Mathematics” Books List  (41)

Springer Series List  (link)

Algebraic Approximation : A Guide to Past and Current Solutions, Bustamante  (unfree)

An Introduction to Incidence Geometry, De Bruyn  (unfree)

Applied Pseudoanalytic Function Theory, Kravchenko  (unfree)

Approximation of Additive Convolution-Like Operators, Real C*-Algebra Approach, Didenko, Silbermann  (unfree)

Artinian Modules over Group Rings, Kurdachenko et al   (unfree)

Bicomplex Holomorphic Functions, The Algebra, Geometry and Analysis of Bicomplex Numbers, Luna-Elizarrarás et al   (unfree)

Developments of Harmonic Maps, Wave Maps and Yang-Mills Fields into Biharmonic Maps, Biwave Maps and Bi-Yang-Mills Fields, Chiang  (unfree)

Differential Geometry of Lightlike Submanifolds, Duggal, Sahin  (unfree)

Exponentially Convergent Algorithms for Abstract Differential Equations, Gavrilyuk et al  (unfree)

Extremum Problems for Eigenvalues of Elliptic Operators, Henrot  (unfree)

Flag-Transitive Steiner Designs, Huber  (unfree)

Frames and Locales, Topology without Points, Picado, Pultr  (unfree)

Functional Analysis in Asymmetric Normed Spaces, Cobzas  (unfree)

Functional Identities, Bresar et al   (unfree)

Generalized Analytic Automorphic Forms in Hypercomplex Spaces, Krausshar  (unfree)

Geometric Qp Functions, Xiao  (unfree)

Global Existence and Uniqueness of Nonlinear Evolutionary Fluid Equations, Qin et al  (unfree)

Global Well-Posedness of Nonlinear Parabolic-Hyperbolic Coupled Systems, Qin, Huang  (unfree)

Homotopy Theory of C*-Algebras, Østvær  (unfree)

Hölder and Locally Hölder Continuous Functions, and Open Sets of Class C^k, C^{k,lambda}, Fiorenza  (unfree)

Infinite Matrices and their Finite Sections, An Introduction to the Limit Operator Method, Lindner  (unfree)

Introduction to Complex Theory of Differential Equations, Savin, Sternin  (unfree)

Invariant Probabilities of Markov-Feller Operators and Their Supports, Zaharopol  (unfree)

Lifting Modules, Supplements and Projectivity in Module Theory, Clark et al   (unfree)

Module Theory, Extending Modules and Generalizations, Tercan, Yücel  (unfree)

Near Polygons, de Bruyn  (unfree)

Newton’s Method : an Updated Approach of Kantorovich’s Theory, Fernandez, Veron  (unfree)

Nonlinear Stability of Finite Volume Methods for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Well-Balanced Schemes for Sources, Bouchut  (unfree)

Numerical Methods for Eulerian and Lagrangian Conservation Laws, Després  (unfree)

Poncelet Porisms and Beyond, Integrable Billiards, Hyperelliptic Jacobians and Pencils of Quadrics, Dragović, Radnović  (unfree)

q-Clan Geometries in Characteristic 2, Cardinali, Payne  (unfree)

Regularity and Substructures of Hom, Kasch, Mader  (unfree)

Rings, Modules, and the Total, Kasch, Mader  (unfree)

Schwarz-Pick Type Inequalities, Avkhadiev, Wirths  (unfree)

Stability of Vector Differential Delay Equations, Gil’  (unfree)

Symmetry in Finite Generalized Quadrangles, Thas  (unfree)

The Geometry of Filtering, Elworthy et al  (unfree)

The Hardy Space of a Slit Domain, Aleman et al   (unfree)

The Mathematics of Minkowski Space-Time, with an Introduction to Commutative Hypercomplex Numbers, Catoni et al  (unfree)

Transmission Problems for Elliptic Second-Order Equations in Non-Smooth Domains, Borsuk  (unfree)

Transport Equations in Biology, Perthame  (unfree)

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