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Springer Verlag’s “Algebra : Associative Rings and Algebras” Books List

Springer Verlag’s “Algebra : Associative Rings and Algebras” Books List  (48)

Springer Book Series  (link)

Abelian Groups and Modules, (eds.) Facchini, Menini  (unfree)

Advances in Ring Theory, (eds.) López-Permouth, Van Huynh  (unfree)

Algebra, Shult, Surowski  (unfree)

Algebra – Representation Theory, (eds.) Roggenkamp, Stefanescu  (unfree)

Algebraic Coding Theory Over Finite Commutative Rings, Dougherty  (unfree)

Algebras, Rings and Modules, Hazewinkel et al  (unfree)

Clifford Algebras and Spinor Structures, (eds.) Ablamowicz, Lounesto  (unfree)

Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics, (eds.) Micali et al  (unfree)

A Concise Introduction to Analysis, Stroock  (unfree)

Endomorphism Rings of Abelian Groups, Krylov et al  (unfree)

Exercises in Basic Ring Theory, Calugareanu, Hamburg  (unfree)

Formal Matrices, Krylov, Tuganbaev  (unfree)

Frobenius and Separable Functors for Generalized Module Categories and Nonlinear Equations, Caenepeel et al  (unfree)

Fundamentals of Hopf Algebras, Underwood  (unfree)

Group Identities on Units and Symmetric Units of Group Rings, Lee  (unfree)

Idempotent Matrices over Complex Group Algebras, Emmanouil  (unfree)

An Introduction to Group Rings, Polcino Milies, Sehgal  (unfree)

Introduction to Noncommutative Algebra, Brešar  (unfree)

Introduction to the Quantum Yang-Baxter Equation and Quantum Groups : An Algebraic Approach, Lambe, Radford  (unfree)

Introduction to the Representation Theory of Algebras, Barot  (unfree)

The Lie Algebras su(N), Pfeifer  (unfree)

The Linear Algebra a Beginning Graduate Student Ought to Know, Golan  (unfree)

Modular Representation Theory of Finite Groups, Schneider  (unfree)

Module Theory, Extending Modules and Generalizations, Tercan, Yücel  (unfree)

Nearrings, Ferrero  (unfree)

Near-Rings and Near-Fields, (eds.) Maxson et al  (unfree)

Near-Rings and Near-Fields, (eds.) Bell et al  (unfree)

Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry and Representations of Quantized Algebras, Rosenberg  (unfree)

Noncommutative Gröbner Bases and Filtered-Graded Transfer, Li  (unfree)

Non-Commutative Valuation Rings and Semi-Hereditary Orders, Marubayashi et al  (unfree)

Perspectives in Ring Theory, (eds.) Van Oystaeyen, Bruyn  (unfree)

Polynomial Identity Rings, Drensky, Formanek  (unfree)

Power Algebras over Semirings, Golan  (unfree)

Quantum Lie Theory, Kharchenko  (unfree)

Quaternions and Cayley Numbers, Ward  (unfree)

Regularity and Substructures of Hom, Kasch, Mader  (unfree)

Rings Close to Regular, Tuganbaev  (unfree)

Semidistributive Modules and Rings, Tuganbaev  (unfree)

Semirings and Affine Equations over Them, Golan  (unfree)

Serial Rings, Puninski  (unfree)

Some Aspects of Ring Theory, (eds.) Herstein  (unfree)

Symmetries, Integrable Systems and Representations, (eds.) Iohara et al  (unfree)

Topological Rings Satisfying Compactness Conditions, Ursul  (unfree)

Tulane University Ring and Operator Theory Year, 1970-1971, (ed.) Hofmann  (unfree)

Value Functions on Simple Algebras, and Associated Graded Rings, Tignol, Wadsworth  (unfree)

Yetter-Drinfel’d Hopf Algebras over Groups of Prime Order, Sommerhäuser  (unfree)

 Zariskian Filtrations, Van Oystaeyen  (unfree)

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