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Springer Verlag’s “Algebra : Field Theory and Polynomials” Books List

Springer Verlag’s “Algebra : Field Theory and Polynomials” Books List  (22)

Springer Book Series (link)

NOTE : The people at Springer Verlag do not understand the distinction between the concept of field theory as used by pure mathematicians (M) and the concept of (quantum) field theory as used by mathematical physicists (P), so there is a mix of both types in the list below. Be warned!

Algebra I, Bourbaki  (unfree)  (M)

Algebraic K-Theory, Inassaridze  (unfree)  (M)

Borcherds Products on O(2,l) and Chern Classes of Heegner Divisors, Bruinier  (unfree)  (M)

Class Field Theory, Childress  (unfree)  (M)

Computational and Algorithmic Problems in Finite Fields, Shparlinski  (unfree)  (M)

Conceptual Problems of Quantum Gravity, (eds.) Ashtekar, Stachel  (unfree) (P)

Field Arithmetic, Fried, Jarden  (unfree)  (M)

Field Theory Concepts, Schwab  (unfree)  (P)

Field Theory Handbook, Moon, Spencer  (unfree)  (P)

Finite Fields : Theory and Computation, Shparlinski  (unfree)  (M)

Finitely Generated Abelian Groups and Similarity of Matrices over a Field, Norman  (unfree)  (M)

Formal Algorithmic Elimination for PDEs, Robertz  (unfree)  (M)

Fundamental Problems of Gauge Field Theory, (eds.) Velo, Wightman  (unfree)  (P)

Galois Theory, Weintraub  (unfree)  (M)

Galois Theory and Modular Forms, (eds.) Hashimoto et al   (unfree)  (M)

Galois Theory, Coverings, and Riemann Surfaces, Khovanskii  (unfree)  (M)

Proceedings of the Third International Algebra Conference, Zelmanov  (unfree)  (M)

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Introduction to Field Theory, Yndurain  (unfree)  (P)

Topological Field Theory, Primitive Forms and Related Topics, (eds.)Kashiwara et al   (unfree)  (M)

Topological Galois Theory, Khovanskii  (unfree)  (M)

Trees, Serre  (unfree)  (M)

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