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Springer Verlag’s “Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Science and Engineering” Books List

Springer Verlag’s “Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Science and Engineering” Books List  (42)

Springer Series List (link)

Multicriteria Decision Making and Differential Games, (ed.) Leitmann  (unfree)

Dynamic Optimization and Mathematical Economics, (ed.) Liu  (unfree)




MCMSE4  Analytical Dynamics of Discrete Systems, Rosenberg  (unfree)

MCMSE5  Topology and Maps, (ed.) Husain  (unfree)

MCMSE6  Real and Functional Analysis, (ed.) Mukherjea, Pothoven  (unfree)

MCMSE7  Principles of Optimal Control Theory, Gamkrelidze  (unfree)

MCMSE8  Introduction to the Laplace Transform, Kuhfittig  (unfree)

MCMSE9  Mathematical Logic, An Introduction to Model Theory, Lightstone  (unfree)


MCMSE11  Integral Transforms in Science and Engineering, Wolf  (unfree)

MCMSE12  Applied Mathematics, An Intellectual Orientation, Murray  (unfree)

MCMSE13  Differential Equations with Small Parameters and Relaxation Oscillations, Mishchenko  (unfree)

MCMSE14  Principles and Procedures of Numerical Analysis, Szidarovszky, Yakowitz  (unfree)


MCMSE16  Mathematical Principles of Mechanics and Electromagnetism, Part A : Analytical and Continuum Mechanics, Wang  (unfree)

MCMSE17  Mathematical Principles of Mechanics and Electromagnetism, Part B : Electromagnetism and Gravitation, Wang  (unfree)

MCMSE18  Solution Methods for Integral Equations, Theory and Applications, (ed.) Goldberg  (unfree)


MCMSE20  Dynamical Systems and Evolution Equations, Theory and Applications, Walker  (unfree)

MCMSE21  Advances in Geometric Programming, Avriel  (unfree)

MCMSE22  Applications of Functional Analysis in Engineering, Nowinski  (unfree)

MCMSE23  Applied Probability, Haight  (unfree)

MCMSE24  The Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control, An Introduction, Leitmann  (unfree)

MCMSE25  Control, Identification, and Input Optimization, Kalaba, Spingarn  (unfree)

MCMSE26  Problems and Methods of Optimal Structural Design, Banichuk  (unfree)

MCMSE27  Real and Functional Analysis, Part A, Real Analysis, (ed.) Mukherjea, Pothoven  (unfree)

MCMSE28  Real and Functional Analysis, Part B, Functional Analysis, (eds.) Mukherjea, Pothoven  (unfree)

MCMSE29  An Introduction to Probability Theory with Statistical Applications, Golberg  (unfree)

MCMSE30  Multiple-Criteria Decision Making, Concepts, Techniques, and Extensions, Yu  (unfree)

MCMSE31  Numerical Derivatives and Nonlinear Analysis, Kagiwada et al   (unfree)

MCMSE32  Principles of Engineering Mechanics, Vol. 1, Kinematics – The Geometry of Motion, Beatty  (unfree)

MCMSE33  Principles of Engineering Mechanics, Vol. 2, Dynamics – The Analysis of Motion, Beatty  (unfree)

MCMSE34  Structural Optimization, Vol. 1 : Optimality Criteria, (eds.) Save, Prager  (unfree)

MCMSE35  Optimal Control Applications in Electric Power Systems, Christensen  et al   (unfree)


MCMSE37  Multicriteria Optimization in Engineering and in the Sciences, (ed.) Stadler  (unfree)

MCMSE38  Optimal Long-Term Operation of Electric Power Systems, Christensen, Soliman  (unfree)


MCMSE40  Structural Optimization, Vol. 2 : Mathematical Programming, (eds.) Borkowski et al   (unfree)

MCMSE41  Optimal Control of Distributed Nuclear Reactors, Christensen et al   (unfree)

MCMSE42  Numerical Solution of Integral Equations, (ed.) Golberg  (unfree)

MCMSE43  Applied Optimal Control Theory of Distributed Systems, Lurie  (unfree)

MCMSE44  Applied Mathematics in Aerospace Science and Engineering, (eds.) Miele, Salvetti  (unfree)

MCMSE45  Nonlinear Effects in Fluids and Solids, (eds.) Carroll, Hayes  (unfree)

MCMSE46  Theory and Applications of Partial Differential Equations, Bassanini, Elcrat  (unfree)

MCMSE47  Unified Plasticity for Engineering Applications, Bodner  (unfree)

MCMSE48  Advanced Design Problems in Aerospace Engineering, Vol. 1 : Advanced Aerospace Systems, (eds.) Miele, Frediani  (unfree)

MCMSE49  Constrained Optimization and Image Space Analysis, Vol. 1 : Separation of Sets and Optimality Conditions, Giannessi  (unfree)

MCMSE50  Mathematical Methods in Robust Control of Linear Stochastic Systems, Dragan et al   (unfree)

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