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SpringerBriefs in Finance (SBF) Books List

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SpringerBriefs in Finance (SBF) Books List

Springer Series List  (link)

Asset Price Response to New Information, The Effects of Conservatism Bias and Representativeness Heuristic, Luo  (unfree)

Chronic Regulatory Focus and Financial Decision-Making, Asset and Portfolio Allocation, Kumar  (unfree)

Determinants of Bank Involvement with SMEs, A Survey of Demand-Side and Supply-Side Factors, Ekpu  (unfree)

Finance for Academics, A Guide to Investment for Income, Francisco  (unfree)

German Covered Bonds, Overview and Risk Analysis of Pfandbriefe, Werner, Sangler  (unfree)

Green Investing, The Case of India, Chakrabarti, Sen  (unfree)

Inside Company Valuation, Corelli  (unfree)

Liquidity Risk Management in Banks, Economic and Regulatory Issues, Ruozi, Ferrari  (unfree)

Multifractal Financial Markets, An Alternative Approach to Asset and Risk Management, Hayek  (unfree)

Pricing and Liquidity of Complex and Structured Derivatives, Deviation of a Risk Benchmark Based on Credit and Option Market Data, Schmidt  (unfree)

Private Placement of Public Equity in China, Song  (unfree)

Quantitative Assessment of Securitisation Deals, Campolongo et al  (unfree)

Real Options Illustrated, Peters  (unfree)

Restructuring and Innovation in Banking, Scardovi  (unfree)

Risk-Based Approaches to Asset Allocation, Concepts and Practical Applications, Braga  (unfree)

The Ownership of the Firm, Corporate Finance, and Derivatives, Some Critical Thinking, Chang  (unfree)

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