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SpringerBriefs in Quantitative Finance (SBQF) Books List

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SpringerBriefs in Quantitative Finance (SBQF)  Books List  (8)

Springer Series List  (link)

Contagion! Systemic Risk in Financial Networks, Hurd  (unfree)

Electricity Derivatives, Aid  (unfree)

Enlargement of Filtrations with Finance in View, Aksamit, Jeanblanc  (unfree)

Fourier-Malliavin Volatility Estimation, Theory and Practice, Mancino et al   (unfree)

Interest Rate Modeling : Post-Crisis Challenges and Approaches, Grbac, Runggaldier  (unfree)

Leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds, Price Dynamics and Options Valuation, Leung, Santoli   (unfree)

Optimal Investment, Rogers  (unfree)

Stochastic Optimization in Insurance, A Dynamic Programming Approach, Azcue, Muler  (unfree)

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