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String Theory, Black Holes

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Papers on String Theory, Black Holes

Carlip, Black Hole Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics  (free)

Das, Mathur, The Quantum Physics of Black Holes, Results from String Theory  (free)

Horowitz, Black Holes in String Theory  (free)

Maldacena, Black Holes and Holography in String Theory  (free)

Maldacena, Counting BPS Blackholes in Toroidal Type II String Theory  (free)

Mohaupt, Black Holes in Supergravity and String Theory  (free)

t Hooft, The Black Hole Interpretation of String Theory  (free)

Books on String Theory, Black Holes

Prakash, Mathematical Perspectives on Theoretical Physics, A Journey from Black Holes to Superstrings  (unfree)  (free to an e-library)

Susskind, Lindesay, An Introduction to Black Holes, Information and the String Theory Revolution, The Holographic Universe  (unfree)  (full text)

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