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“Studies in Applied and Numerical Mathematics” Books List 

“Studies in Applied and Numerical Mathematics” Books List (16)

CUP’s “Studies in Applied and Numerical Mathematics” Books List  (link)

Analytical and Numerical Methods for Volterra Equations, Linz  (unfree)

Augmented Lagrangian and Operator Splitting Methods in Nonlinear Mechanics, Glowinski, Le Tallec  (unfree)

The Boundary Function Method for Singular Perturbation Problems, Vasil’eva et al  (unfree)

Boundary Stabilization of Thin Plates, Lagnese  (unfree)

Contact Problems in Elasticity : A Study of Variational Inequalities and Finite Element Methods, Kikuchi, Oden  (unfree)

Electro-Diffusion of Ions, Rubinstein  (unfree)

Fourier Analysis of Numerical Approximations of Hyperbolic Equations, Vichnevetsky , Bowles  (unfree)

Ill-Posed Problems for Integrodifferential Equations in Mechanics and Electromagnetic Theory, Bloom  (unfree)

Indefinite-Quadratic Estimation and Control : A Unified Approach to H2 and H-Infinity Theories, Hassibi et al  (unfree)

Interior Point Polynomial Algorithms in Convex Programming, Nesterov, Nemirovskii  (unfree)

Lie-Backlund Transformations in Applications, Anderson, Ibragimov  (unfree)

Linear Matrix Inequalities in System and Control Theory, Boyd et al  (unfree)

Mathematical Problems in Linear Viscoelasticity, Fabrizio, Morro  (unfree)

Methods and Applications of Interval Analysis, Moore  (unfree)

Numerical Solution of Elliptic Problems, Birkhoff, Lynch  (unfree)

Solitons and the Inverse Scattering Transform, Ablowitz, Segur  (unfree)



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