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Women have been parasites on men for several million years. As the prehuman baby’s head doubled in size in a mere million years, women had to have bigger birth canals, to allow the baby’s head to pass through. But hip (pelvic) bones can only become so wide, before stresses on the hip bone become dangerous. A hip bone fracture for a prehuman woman was fatal, so women delivered their babies prematurely, so that the baby’s head continued to grow after the birth. But a prematurely born baby is useless. It cannot feed itself, so mothers had to stay with the useless infants to feed them and take care of the infants’ needs.

Thus, mothers could not hunt, and so depended on men to provide scarce, male hunted meat, without which they often did not survive. To better bribe men to give women and their babies male hunted meat, women evolved to become prostitutes to men, by becoming “in sexual heat” every day of the month, unlike dogs or monkeys. The human female is the sexiest of mammals. She can bribe men to give her meat with access to vagina, something that men really want and are willing to pay for it with meat (resources), so women evolved to be parasitic on men. Their survival depended on it.

But, intrinsic, evolved female parasitism on men, in today’s world, is now redundant, irrelevant, and needs to be suppressed. The contraceptive pill changed everything. Women can now choose the number of kids they WANT, which is usually 0, 1 or 2. In other words, women can work, i.e. they have a career window of some 40+ years.

The masculists now tell women, “Now that you CAN work (i.e. paid employment) you MUST work, because anything else is parasitism off the labor of men.” We men, we masculists, have the power to FORCE women to become FIPs (financially independent persons) because a fluffie (a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite off the money of a man) can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some manslave, but the supply of such manslaves is drying up. In the major countries (e.g. US, Japan, Germany etc) 2/3 of young men under 35 refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves, i.e. they are MGTOW (men going their own way) in practice, if not in philosophy.

The rise of MGTOW and masculism is due largely to the toxic takeover by the fluffie feminist hypocrites of the divorce courts in western countries, where roughly one married father in four will be financially massacred (losing his kids with a probability of about 90%, losing his house that goes to his fluffie ex-wife so she can raise HER kids in it, paying child support to kids he barely sees, and often paying alimony to his fluffie ex-wife so that she can continue to parasite off him after the divorce, the way she did before the divorce.)

Marriage and paternity are such ROTTEN DEALS for men, that 2/3 of young men in western countries now reject both.

The masculist political solution to paternity rejection by most men, is to FORCE women to be FIPs, by ignoring fluffies and fluffie feminists to death, letting them rot on the shelf to extinction, wiping their fluffie genes from the gene pool. The nuclear weapon of the masculists and MGTOWs is “Until society and the gender politicians menfair the gender laws (e.g. throw out alimony, create joint custody of kids by default after a divorce, the owner of the house gets to keep it, bring in the Parer (paternity rejection right) etc) men will continue to WIPE OUT WHOLE POPULATIONS by continuing to reject paternity.” Once the gender laws are menfaired, then men will be more willing to be fathers, and populations will not be wiped out.

This forcing of women to be FIPs by the masculists and MGTOWs runs counter to female parasitic nature. Nevertheless, it is what masculists insist on. Thus masculist moral pressure and FIP forcing on women forces women to suppress their parasitic nature. Women can do this, because the human brain is flexible, it is capable of learning.

Women are learning that if they choose the soft option, the lazy, intellectually easy option of studying memory based, rather than analytic based subjects at high school, then they will almost inevitably become fluffies, studying “fluffie crap” at high school and university, and thus become fluffies as adults, who then look around for some manslave to parasite upon when their biological clock starts ticking hard in their 30s, and they realize their status as fluffie crappers means they cannot afford to buy a middle class house to raise their kids in, so they try to find a dumb, naïve, ignorant manslave to pay for it, in exchange for regular access to her vagina.

But within a decade probably, the proportion of young men who are prepared to be manslaves in the western countries will be under 10%, so that women cannot marry, and WILL NOT HAVE BABIES.

We men have the power to FORCE women to FIPup. We tell women “Be FIP or be manless!” We men have the power to force women to suppress their parasitic nature. All men need to know this, and to use this power to stop women from being “immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin.”


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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