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Teach Yourself Books List (philosophy)

Teach Yourself Books List (philosophy)

Atheism : All That Matters, Evans  (unfree)

Bioethics: All That Matters, Dickenson  (unfree)

Buddhism: A Complete Introduction, Erricker  (unfree)

Buddhism: All That Matters, Engelmajer  (unfree)

Chomsky A Beginner’s Guide, Dean  (unfree)

Descartes: A Beginner’s Guide, O’Donnell  (unfree)

Democracy: All That Matters, Beller  (unfree)

Discover Plato, Jackson  (unfree)

Existentialism: All That Matters, Cerbone  (unfree)

Foucault – The Key Ideas, Oliver  (unfree)

Freud – The Key Ideas, Snowden  (unfree)

How to Reach Enlightenment: Use Your Spirituality to Become Happier, Campbell  (unfree)

Islam – An Introduction, Maqsood  (unfree)

Jung : The Key Ideas, Snowden  (unfree)

Kant: A Complete Introduction, Wicks  (unfree)

Logic: A Complete Introduction, Lee  (unfree)

Marx: A Complete Introduction, Hands  (unfree)

J.S. Mill: A Beginner’s Guide, Petheram  (unfree)

Muhammad: All That Matters, Sardar  (unfree)

Nietzsche: A Complete Introduction, Jackson  (unfree)

The Philosophers Beach Book, Thompson  (unfree)

Philosophy, A Complete Introduction,  Kaye  (unfree)

Philosophy : All that Matters, Baggini  (unfree)

Philosophy for Life, Thompson  (unfree)

Philosophy in a Week, Thompson  (unfree)

Plato: A Complete Introduction, Jackson  (unfree)

Plato: All That Matters, Williams  (unfree)

Political Philosophy, A Complete Introduction, Parvin, Chambers  (unfree)

Political Philosophy: All That Matters, Oksala  (unfree)

Simone de Beauvoir – A Beginner’s Guide, Holland  (unfree)

Stoicism, and the Art of Happiness, Robertson  (unfree)

Straight and Crooked Thinking, Thouless  (unfree)

Understand Chinese Mythology, Te Lin  (unfree)

Understand Eastern Philosophy, Thompson  (unfree)

Understand Ethics, Thompson  (unfree)

Understand Existentialism, Thompson, Rodgers  (unfree)

Understand Greek Mythology, Eddy, Hamilton  (unfree)

Understand Humanism, Vernon  (unfree)

Understand Philosophy, Thompson  (unfree)

Understand the Philosophy of Religion, Thompson  (unfree)

Understand Philosophy of Mind, Thompson  (unfree)

Understand Philosophy of Science, Thompson  (unfree)

Understand Political Philosophy, Thompson  (unfree)

Understand Postmodernism, Ward  (unfree)

Use Philosophy to be Happier – 30 Steps to Perfect the Art of Living, Vernon  (unfree)

YOGA, Hewitt (unfree)

Zen: A Way of Life, Humphreys  (unfree)

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