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Tell Me Your Story

One of my dreams as a globacator (global educator) is to provide high level (up to PhD) education to the planet for free by creating an e-Library in my fields of interest, and making YouTube lecture video courses in their hundreds over the decades.

When Im traveling in the train in China, passing through hundreds of villages (of which China has a million) I see thousands of peasants on their water buffaloes in their paddy fields and shake my head in frustration and sadness – “What a waste!” One in a hundred of those peasants is an “alfa” (with an IQ in the top percentile) who should be making major contributions to their countries and to humanity, but cant because they are dirt poor peasants. I am hyper conscious of the power of education, and am powerfully motivated to play my part in generating worldwide, free, high level education, now that cheap ($20) internet phones and free YouTube lecture videos make it possible and practical.

I spent 2013/2014 constructing an e-library, so that students can teach themselves Pure Math, Math Physics, Computer Theory, and Philosophy at Masters and PhD level simply by studying the papers and books on my site, for free. I wish I had had such a resource when I was young. I will spend most of the rest of my life making graduate level YouTube video lecture courses in principally the first two topics, so that I can reach my “peasant alfas” around the world (at least in those countries whose average IQs are high enough to generate non negligible numbers of students with IQs over 150, which is probably the threshold IQ needed to get a PhD in Pure Math, or Math Physics.)

Of course I dont restrict my attention to the “peasant” alfas. Most of the hits I get on my site are from the rich first world countries, which are first world because they have high average IQs, with the huge exception of China (which has an average IQ of 105, compared to America’s and Europe’s 100)  The Chinese dictatorial government blocks YouTube and WordPress that my site is based on, so you could say the Chinese government is keeping its population ignorant. On the other hand, I have read that China has now about 40 million proxy server users, so maybe a lot of the hits coming from the US are indirectly coming from Chinese who love to be given free educational material suited to their high IQs.

Im hoping that other retired professors will be inspired by what I am doing and will do the same in their fields, so that in less than a decade, it will be possible to study almost anything on the internet and for free (in theoretical subjects at least.)

As a native English speaker, living in China, I live in rather a cultural cocoon, so I’m curious to hear your story about the impact, if any, that these YouTube lecture courses and Masters and PhD levels e-library are having on you. So please email me at and let me know.

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