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The Adam Ford Interview of Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis on the Artilect

The Adam Ford Interview of Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis on the Species Dominance Debate, Artilects, the Artilect War, Terrans, Cosmists, Cyborgists, Gigadeath, etc, 2010

If you want to know what issues will dominate 21st century politics, you could do worse than watch the following series of interviews videoed by Adam Ford, who has a world reputation of filming the major players in the artificial intelligence debate, of Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis, father of the “Artilect War” and coiner of the label “artilect” (i.e. a godlike massively intelligent machine”) which humanity has to decide whether to build or not this century.

This series is long, about 4 hours, touching on many AI type issues, so if you want a thorough grounding in the “Species Dominance Debate” (i.e. “Should Humanity Build Artilects?” this century or not) you will find a ton of ideas here. This series has influenced a lot of younger AI thinkers over the past decade, and has taken on the status somewhat of being a classic.

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 1  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 2  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 3  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 4  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 5  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 6  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 7  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 8  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 9  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 10  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 11  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 12  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 13  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 14  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 15  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 16  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 17  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 18  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 19  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 20  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)

AdamFordInterviewsHugodeGaris-Part 21  (link)  (mindsvideo)  (bitchutevideo)



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