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Sometimes I try to put myself into the mindset of divorcing fluffies, trying to imagine how they are able to financially massacre their ex husbands, ruin their lives, and then in many cases, even have divorce parties to celebrate their callous sadism.

I find this behavior of divorcing fluffies so callous, so irresponsible, so immature, and childlike, that it shows, at least for me, that females are incapable of being given adult responsibility in managing a marital breakup. They behave too immaturely to make responsible decisions for the whole community, so by default, if women are incapable of making these decisions, then men will have to do it. There is no other choice, since there are only two sexes.

Of course, there are other social groups involved in this callous behavior of the divorcing fluffies. The worst are of course the male feminist gender politicians, who gave these childish women the option of financially massacring their ex husbands, in the first place. These gender politicians need to be voted out of office by a bloc male vote, and be shamed out of office by being massively harangued in the broadcast media by politically minded masculists. (Don’t expect the politically impotent MGTOWs to do anything on that score!)

Another group involved are the divorce judges and lawyers who have become real prostitutes regarding divorce lately. They take a percentage of the divorce settlement that the ex-husband pays the ex-wife, so these divorce lawyers and judges are self motivated to financially massacre the divorcing husbands. Since many of these divorce lawyers are male, that makes them “traitors to their own sex.” Many other divorce lawyers are female, who themselves were divorced and have an axe to grind regarding men, and are motivated to punish men using their female misandrist attitudes.

It is therefore not surprising that a real hatred of divorce lawyers and judges has grown up in western countries that have such gynocentric divorce court systems. You have probably heard of the “lawyer jokes” that express this hatred, for example “What do you call a thousand lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean?” “A good start!”

Enormous moral pressure is now being applied against fluffies and fluffie feminists by the masculists  to get off their fat parasitic arses and become FIPs (financially independent persons) otherwise they will not get a man. Masculists and MGTOWs refuse to have relationships with such childlike irresponsible females and let them continue to rot on the shelf to extinction.

As time passes, it will become clearer to what extent women can become responsible adults, i.e. economically, self sufficient, FIPs, pulling their own economic weight. If most women pass the “FIP test” i.e. can women learn to become FIPs, and pull their weight, then men will be less inclined to “take over the gender reins of society” the way they did for most of history, until the 1970s, when the male feminist gender politicians gave women real possibilities for creating a gynocracy, that today’s society has largely become.

If women’s true nature turns out to be parasitic on men, and the evidence so far, seems to point strongly in that direction, then men will have no choice but to take away women’s gynocentric power and return society to a more adult, more responsible set of gender norms, where men are not financially massacred in the divorce courts, where men have the Parer (paternity rejection right), where the gender laws are made menfair across the board, etc.

Maybe women’s true nature is to be parasitic on men, given that they probably evolved that way, if one considers the sociobiological evidence. But, on the other hand, the human brain is flexible, and can often learn to counter innate instinctive drives. If women are genetically programmed to have wet vaginas when faced with rich powerful males, then they may also be programmed to behave like adult, responsible, FIP females, through fear of social rejection, and being shunned if they are not.  The fear of the fluffies of being made manless and being socially shunned, may be stronger than their genetically programmed reaction towards rich powerful males. That is a possibility.

The jury is still out on this question. Too few women have been seriously confronted by powerful moral pressure on women to be FIPs by a powerful dominating masculist/MGTOW movement for the simple reason that these men’s lib movements are relatively new, and are in many respects a reaction, a male backlash, against the rise of fluffie feminists, who have only relatively recently been establishing their gynocentric standards.

But masculism, MGTOW is rising and rising. In a mere few years, the main ideas of these movements will be commonly known, including known by women. It is only a question of time before nearly all young women notice how desperately short is the supply of “good men” i.e. traditional men who expect to be manslaved by a fluffie wife.

The fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts will continue to massacre men for years to come, until, the gender politicians menfair the gender laws, so young men will increasingly boycott marriage and fatherhood. Today, in the US, 70% of young men under 35 refuse to marry and have kids. In a decade, probably, that number will be over 90%, meaning that only one young woman in ten will have a baby. The gynocentric society is now so biased in favor of fluffies, that men don’t even dare give their sperm to women, because the woman can then slam a paternity suit on the male donor, and force him to pay her for the kid. This is massive irresponsibility on the part of these fluffie “donee” mothers.

With the MGTOW/masculists crashing the birth rate and the population size, wiping out the US population in a mere century or less, sooner or later the gender politicians will be forced to menfair the gender laws. If over the time that that takes, if women continue to behave like childish sadists in regard to their ex husbands, then they will pay a heavy price.

They will be treated as irresponsible children, because they behave like irresponsible children, and will have their former gynocentric power taken away from them. Men will have learned the lesson of how childlike women are and hence not take women  seriously, not treating women as responsible adults. This male attitude will be fully justified, because when women had the opportunity to show their adult responsibility, when they had gynocentric power (i.e. today) they abused it, and behaved in childish, irresponsible ways, and thus failed the “FIPtest”. They showed the world, they showed men, how childish women are, and hence lost their right to make political decisions regarding the gender laws. Men will take back the power to legislate gender laws for the greater good, the collective good of the whole culture. Men will tell women, “If you behave like childish sadistic children, you will be treated as such. You reap what you sow.”


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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