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What kind of ethical values would you have to have to be a gender politician, given their horrible track record towards men? This comment tries to spell out in reasonable detail, what they have done and why they did what they did, and then to roundly condemn them, to damn them.

What did they do? Their first major crime took place in the 70s when they changed the divorce laws, listening to the fluffie feminist lobby and giving these feminists what they wanted. I say fluffie feminists, because these feminists weren’t the least bit interested in obtaining equal rights for both sexes, but only for women, and the largely male-feminist, man-traitor gender politicians gave these women what they wanted.

As a result, men have been routinely financially massacred in the US divorce courts (and similar western countries which copied the US) to the tune of several million a year. These men will lose custody of their children with a 90% probability, they will lose their house to their fluffie ex-wife, so that she can live in it with HER kids, he will have to pay her child support for kids they will barely see, and if the ex-wife is a fluffie, he may have to pay her alimony so that she continues to parasite off his money the way she did before the divorce.

This abuse of men is so bad, one wonders why male feminist gender politicians allowed it to happen in the first place. Did they not have any conscience towards men when they changed the divorce laws? After all, these male feminists were male. They were betraying their own sex. They were traitors to their own sex, so why did  they not care about the welfare and human rights of men?

I think the answer to that question goes back over a century, and is a result of the totally corrupting influence of the central banksters of NY, Basel, Frankfurt and London. These banksters, whom I consider to be the greatest criminals against humanity in history, have been selecting and bribing politicians for over a century. They have already assassinated 4 US presidents and 2 more almost. These banksters control the issuance of the nation’s money, so they can create as much money out of thin air as they want to bribe the politicians as much as they choose.

Those politicians who strongly opposed the creation of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 in the US, then had to face political opponents at the next election who were heavily funded by money created out of thin air by these NY banksters, and lost. So US politicians soon learned to keep quiet about the FED being a private bankster company and NOT a government agency, that charged interest on the dollar bills it loaned to the Treasury, and its creation of the debt-enslaving dollar Ponzi scheme, robbing the people of half their taxes. The federal tax agency IRS, the FED, the FBI and the ADL were all set up in the same year by the same banksters.

So for a century, national politicians have been profoundly corrupt, bribable, morally inferior human beings, who are worthy of our contempt. They care only for themselves, and have no conscience. Things have got so bad, that US presidents are actually selected by these banksters, so that they do what the banksters want. They are selected partly due to their “flaws” that make them more bribable and hence more controllable by the banksters. Wilson was bribed to sign the Federal Reserve Act due to his affair with some woman outside his marriage. Today’s US president, Obama is gay and lives with a male wife, whose name is not Michele but Michael, who has a man’s hands, shoulders and has photos of him with a penis bulge in his dresses. Have a look at

So it is these types of people who are the gender politicians, who have no care for the longer term consequences for the nation or for men, so long as there is a short term advantage for them in voting in new divorce laws that favor women, who had a large feminist lobby in the 1970s, and no corresponding masculist lobby. So they gave the fluffie feminists what they wanted, and to hell with the men. By the time men could get organized, they would be out of power anyway, so they didn’t care for the longer term. These gender politicians were not honest people, they were bribed and had the mentalities of bribable people.

A similar story holds for the Parer. There is no Parer (paternity rejection right) because the fluffie feminists opposed it tooth and nail. If there were a Parer, women would all have to be FIPs (financially independent persons) having studied FIP majors at high school, and university, to become career competent and stand on their own two financial feet and not parasite on a man. To fluffies, such a prospect terrifies them. Fluffies need to parasite on a man, by definition.

So, things wont change until one of two things happen. One is that the MGTOWs and masculists opt out of marriage and fatherhood to such an extent that the birthrate and hence the population crashes, forcing the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws. This may take another decade or more for the demographics to become alarming enough and for the broadcast media to latch on to the problem and broadcast it to the masses, thus forcing the hand of the gender politicians. For example, in Japan, the government actually has a minister of the population, whose task it is to try to find ways to persuade young Japanese males to marry and have kids.

The other possibility, is that men get off their bums and put enormous political pressure on these male-feminist gender politician vermin, threatening them with a bloc male vote that pushes them out of power. The politically impotent MGTOWs will be useless for such a task, because they have no interest in doing such things, so the gender politicians remain free to do what they like, having no fear that the MGTOWs will act politically to drive them out of power (except for the longer term impact of the population crash of course.) So it will be the task of the politically active masculists to put real political pressure on the gender politicians to pass menfair gender laws, to improve men’s lives.

For that to happen, the masculists need to educate society into men’s gender role problems, e.g. the divorce court crimes, the injustice and hypocrisy of the existence of a Marer (maternity rejection right a.k.a. abortion right) but no Parer, etc. The masculists need to educate society that men, who make up half the population, are having their human rights smashed. Masculists need to make men angry about this and to direct men’s attention to reforming the gender laws, so that these laws treat men equally. Masculists also aim to wipe out fluffies by refusing to have relationships with them, pushing for the creation of a FIP Society, where all adults, male or female are FIPs, as a strong moral obligation, so strong that even the gender politicians fear that if they don’t menfair the gender laws, that even women will vote against them for not being menfair.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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