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Soon, maybe this year or in a small number of years, the US dollar will collapse, and the US, Europe and Japan will see their economies crash to third world levels, thanks to the Jewish bankster indebting of these economies. The US dollar has been the international reserve currency for decades but with the Jewish controlled Fed printing money at the rate of at least a trillion a year (and even a month, according to Jim Willie, to cover the oil derivative fiasco) the rest of the world who hold dollars in their national reserves are now dumping them heavily, because they anticipate a universal desertion of the dollar, and no one wants to be the last man out the door.

The US has sent most of its manufacturing capacity to Asia, mostly China, so when the dollar becomes only a domestic currency, the US will only be able to import in value what it can export in value, which will not be much. The standard of living in the US (Europe, Japan) will then fall to third world levels.

This then, I strongly suspect, will cause a civil war in the US, which has more guns than people. Americans will become EXTREMELY ANGRY at what has happened to them and will seek revenge against the Jewish banksters who created this problem, who planned for this to happen as part of their grand Illuminati based vision, of creating a world state dictatorship with Jewish banksters in charge, ruling over a planet of serfs, controlled by computer money chips inserted into their bodies. This grand Jewish bankster vision is often labeled the “New World Order (NWO).”

These Jewish banksters anticipate a massive reaction from ordinary Americans with their many guns, which accounts for the 800 FEMA (concentration) camps in the US, the three billion hollow tipped bullets purchased by the Jewish bankster controlled DHS (Dept of Homeland Security), the millions of 4 body plastic coffins you can see on YouTube, the militarization of the domestic police, the passage by Obama of many police state executive orders, the suburban tanks, etc.

The CFR (Council for Foreign Relations) which is the real power in the US, the shadow government, which really runs the country, was set up by Paul Warburg (one of the prominent Jewish banksters) in the early 20s, who wrote the draft Federal Reserve Act in 1913 as an agent of the European Rothschilds (the greatest criminals against humanity in history).

Of course, the Jewish banksters will lose. They will be pogrommed out of existence. Millions of Americans will die in the civil war, the Fed will be removed. Jewish banksters will be hated universally, once the media is freed up from their monopoly. (The sources of information today in all the major countries, i.e. the media, Hollywood, the news outlets, publishing, are in the control of Jewish banksters. (Once the Rothschilds had acquired control of the Bank of England – a misnomer, since it was a private bank, just as the Fed is today – they soon bought Reuters, the major western news distributor.)

Any Jewish bankster with a surname of Rothschild, Warburg, Schiff, Rockefeller, etc will be targeted for assassination, as the civil war progresses. They will be put on black lists, and prosecuted, and if that doesn’t work quickly enough, vigilante groups will hunt them down all over the world and kill them. There are now too many millions of people, thanks to the internet, who know about their massive crimes against humanity, who have learned to hate them, who realize that all the major wars for the past century or more have been largely Jewish bankster generated, as are the economic depressions, the debt enslavement of whole continents, etc. The world would have been much richer, and a lot happier if these Jewish banksters had never existed.

These Jewish banksters in turn are the product of Jewish religious culture (actually an extremist, Satanist branch of Judaism, called Shabbetean Frankism, which preaches that Jews should commit as much evil as possible to hasten the appearance of the Jewish messiah who will liberate the Jewish people.) These Jewish bankster vermin have made the world far more miserable than it would have been had they not existed.

Once the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England, taking control of the issuance of the nation’s money, they had the means to achieve their long term goal of fulfilling their Talmudic prophecy of ruling the world with Jerusalem as its capital. The Rothschilds then bribed the British government in 1916, that “If you Brits give us Palestine, we Jews who control the media in the US, will bring the US into WW1, and tip the balance, so that you can win the war (says Benjamin Freedman, YouTube him!) Prior to this dirty deal made between the UK government and the Rothschilds, the Jewish media in the US was pro German, because Germany was fighting Russia in 1916, and the Jews hated Russia for long historical reasons. The Russians hated the Jews for very good reasons, if you read its history.

Once the Jewish controlled media learned of the “Balfour Agreement” (YouTube it!) it suddenly turned on Germany, with powerful propaganda to turn the tide of US public opinion, which brought the US into WW1. The Jewish banksters wanted a world war, to kill off millions of the hated goy (for their Satanist reasons) and to make huge profits from war loans to warring governments, on both sides of the war. The Warburg brothers were funding both the US and Germany, with Paul in the US and his brother in Germany.

The Jewish banksters then took control of the issuance of the US dollar in 1913 when they created the Fed, one of the greatest crimes in history, given its enormous consequences. These Jewish banksters have now taken over control of the issuance of money in nearly every country of the world (with question marks re Russia and China.)

If you control the issuance of money, you can print as much as you want. You are “legal” counterfeiters who can bribe the politicians to do what you want. You thus destroy democracies.

BUT, (as far as I can tell) there is a fly in the Jewish banksters ointment, and that is that (according to Jim Willie (YouTube him!) Putin threw out the Jewish banksters a few years ago from Russia, and I’ve read that Jewish banksters are anathema in the Chinese central bank (???? – I still have big question marks about this, given that Mao was surrounded by Jewish banksters early in his career?!)

China and Russia now have over 50,000 tons of gold together and are steadily establishing the infrastructure to undermine the US dollar as the global reserve currency. The plan (listen to Jim Willie on this, my favorite commentator on these issues) is to bring back the gold standard, and to replace the US dollar with the RMB (China’s currency) as the new global reserve currency.

Increasingly now, country after country is aligning with the Eurasian trade block, dumping US treasury bonds, and US dollars in their reserves and increasingly using the RMB. Soon, the dollar will crash, as no one wants it any more. When that happens, the US (plus Europe, Japan) will crash to third world levels, leaving mostly China and Russia as the surviving superpowers, actually really only China, since the population of Russia is under 200 million, and the population of China is now about 1.4 Billion (with a B).

Now, China has intelligent divorce laws. If a couple divorce, and the ex wife is a fluffie, then custody of the kids almost automatically goes to the ex husband, because he has the money to support them, and she doesn’t. So a decade from now, when the dust from the crash has settled, more or less, China will reign supreme. The west will have become largely irrelevant, a third world, ignorable block.

Now, I do see a subsequent resurrection of the west, given the genetic superiority of westerners (the high IQs and greatly superior creativities compared to Asian intellectual timidity and lack of individuality) but it may take decades for the west to rise again, freed from Jewish bankster tyranny.

In the meantime, China will utterly dominate. It has 17 times the population of Germany (which also has an average IQ of 105, equal to the Chinese), and over 4 times more than the US. Both Germany and the US will be pauper nations for a few decades before we hear of the “economic miracle of the western nations.”

During that time, preoccupations of western men, such as MGTOW and masculism will seen as idle luxuries, when people are starving and fighting to simply find food. The civil war in the US will be particularly bitter as the Jewish bankster controlled militarized police war against US citizens. Highly intelligent patriots will seek out the Jewish banksters and have them assassinated. They will be hunted down, and then all their literally diabolical institutions will be swept away, and replaced by honest institutions, where economies are based on real work, real manufacture, etc, the way the US was in the 1800s when it thrived, before the Jewish banksters took it over and destroyed it, i.e. destroyed the western nations with debt, making debt slaves of their populations with their paper dollar debt note Ponzi scheme.

So, the rise of MGTOW and masculism in the western countries is a time limited phenomenon. It will be seen as a pre-crash movement, that will be put on the back burner for several decades, until a Jewish-bankster-free western world can stand on its own feet again, and reassert its dominance due to its superior creative capacity. (Look at Murray’s book “Human Accomplishment” which shows clearly how dominant white western culture has been over the world over the past few thousand years.)

Once the Jewish banksters have faded into history, the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts will be reformed, the Jewish bankster bribed politicians will be voted out of power, and a new generation of more honest, patriotic politicians who care about the well being of both sexes, will menfair the gender laws. But this will come later.

In the meantime, the US has to go through the painful, bloody process of the civil war, to remove the hated Jewish banksters, and their massive preparations to try to suppress the rebellion of the US people against them. Only later, when the air clears, will things get back to the way the founding fathers of the US constitution intended the country to be run, not by goy-hating, Jewish, Satanist, banksters, but by honest politicians, with integrity, who do not accept bribes, who care about the country, and look upon Jewish banksters and other Jewish Satanists as criminals against humanity, to be prosecuted out of existence.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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