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Of all the concepts and their labels that I have given to Men’s Lib (e.g. masculism (men’s lib), fluffies (traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off men’s money), fluffie feminists (feminists who still have fluffie attitudes towards men), FIPs (financially independent persons), Marer (maternity rejection right), Parer (paternity rejection right), manslaver (a fluffie who lives off the money of a man), fluffie crap (non math, non-science majors that lead to low salaries in the market place), fluffie crappers (16 year old girls who choose to study fluffie crap at high school), gender politicians (politicians who make the gender laws, e.g. divorce laws), twaytweffing (2A2F = two apartments, two FIPs, a life style for men to get regular sex from women but not pay the traditional manslavery price), baby calculus (high school women need to study calculus if they want a non-zero chance of having a baby), menfairing (making the gender laws fair to men), second halver (a person older than 40), ARCing (after retirement careering), femalien (a woman with attitudes alien to men), MOB, BOM (“money over brains” women, “brains over money” men) etc.) I think the most significant is “The FIP Society” i.e. the masculist vision of a society in which all adults are FIPs, i.e. responsible, career competent, and not parasiting off the money of another person.

With this vision in mind, so much follows from it, for example, high school girls will come under tremendous moral pressure from their parents, their teachers, the media, and their boyfriends, to become FIP, otherwise they will pay a horrible price, i.e. they will not get a man. They will be left rotting on the shelf, because they have been stained by the dreaded label “fluffie” and men who have had their MGTOW/masculist consciousness raised, will not go near them. These women will be ostracized.

For this state of affairs to happen, society needs to be educated into MGTOW/masculist ideas, and it is this process which is going on now. MGTOW/masculist sites are going up on YouTube daily, and men are waking up in ever greater numbers. Already two thirds (70%) of young men under 35 in the US and Japan refuse to marry and have kids, due to the toxicity of the divorce courts (where roughly one married man in four will be financially massacred, losing his kids, his house, paying child support, and alimony often for life). In Japan, the average salary man works 11 hours a day, 3 hour commute time, and gives his pay check to his fluffie wife who gives him a modest allowance. In Japan, the husbands overwork, and the wives play tennis. Young Japanese males have been influenced by the internet and refuse this salaryman role.

With two thirds of young men in the US and Japan (and similarly in many other countries) rejecting fatherhood, it is only a question of time before the politicians start pulling their hair out as they watch the birth rate plummet. This has already happened in Japan, which even has a Minister of Population. Similar gender politicians will be appointed by most countries in the near future as MGTOW/masculist ideas really start to bite.

A great wave of men’s lib consciousness raising will spread across the planet, as men wake up to being manslaves to women, and reject that role. Women have the pill so choose to have 0, 1, 2 kids usually, so have 40+ years of career time, in which they have a powerful moral obligation to be FIPs and not be parasites on men. One of the primary messages of the masculists, is that women should be FIPs or they won’t get a man – in the form of a slogan – “Be FIP or be manless!”

As part of this men’s lib wave, men’s lib groups will be set up in every high school, every college, so that young men can put real moral pressure on women to become FIPs. These young men’s libbers will point the finger at 16 year old women and tell them “If you don’t study career competent majors, and not fluffie crap, then you are making the decision to become a parasite on some future manslave, so that he will pay for you to live in a middle class house so you can raise your kids in it. In other words, you are making the decision to become a manslaver, you immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin. Go rot in hell. I want nothing to do with you (and spits in her face.)

As the men’s lib wave spreads and spreads, parents, teachers, and the media will get caught up in it, and also put enormous moral pressure on young women to become FIPs. Why all this emphasis on fluffie crappers?  Because the core of the oppression against men starts with 16 year old girls who decide to become fluffie crappers. These women then become real fluffies in their 30s when they become fully conscious that their fluffie crap university diploma is relatively worthless in the marketplace, so start looking around for some manslave to get her fluffie financial claws into, to sexploit him to be her manslave to pay for her.

As the men’s lib wave expands, fluffie feminists will be confronted with enormous anger from the masculists, who will harangue them for being utter hypocrites, wanting to have their cake and eat it too, in the sense of wanting equal rights with men, but not being prepared to share equal obligations with men, i.e. not feeling the moral obligation to be FIPs and to get a FIP major, career oriented, education, and instead take a fluffie attitude towards men, seeing men as exploitable cash machines.

Feminist dumping on men, blaming men for women’s inferiorities will be utterly trashed by masculists, who will blast fluffie feminists with accusations of hypocrisy, and manslavery. Fluffie feminists will be told in angry tones “FIP up you fluffie feminazi bitches, or we men will not only not have relationships with you, we won’t even fuck you, you man slaving vermin! Grow up, become adults, take responsibility for your own lives. Only children blame anyone but themselves for their own inadequacies. GROW UP and become FIPs!”

Hopefully, the word FIP will become familiar to everyone, as it becomes the model for all cultures across the planet. In the era of the pill, women now MUST work, and pull their weight, not parasite on men, manslaving them. Women have a powerful moral obligation to be FIPs, but too few of them feel these moral pressures, so it is the job of men, particularly, MGTOWs and masculists, to teach them and society in general that women must be FIPs or pay the horrible price of not getting a man, i.e. being manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, poor, and increasingly shunned by a society growing ever more masculist/MGTOW conscious every year.

I am a strong believer in the power of ideas, and the power of labels. Most people are not original thinkers, so tend to follow the herd, they are sheeple. So the intellectual leaders of the MGTOWs/masculists need to create concepts and labels that the masses can use, to push women to become FIPs, so that most of men’s gender problems can be solved.

When nearly everyone is conscious that men refuse to be manslaves and that women have a moral obligation to get a FIP major, career competent education, then life for men will become a lot more pleasant. With nearly all women FIPs, consider what will change for men. Manslavery will die out. Women will be earning half the income, and pull their weight financially in society, because we will have a “FIP Society.” Women will feel more morally obliged to be FIPs, so the proportion of women who are still fluffie will decrease, so their resistance to the masculist push for menfairing of the gender laws will be a lot less.

As a result, the pressure on the gender politicians coming from the fluffies will be less, so the gender politicians will be more likely to menfair the gender laws, e.g. especially in the divorce courts, where alimony will be thrown out, custody of kids will automatically be JOINT, divorcing couples will be encouraged to buy a cheap apartment near the house, that the parents alternate in, one week living with the kids in the house, and the next week in the apartment. The Parer (paternity rejection right) will be brought in so that men have the legal right to reject an unwanted pregnancy. If the woman wants to continue the pregnancy, then the full financial costs of the child will be hers. With nearly all women FIPs, she will be able to afford the child costs on her own.

With the men’s lib wave, men will teach society that men are the superior sex, educating everyone of men’s superior performance scores on just about any measurable quantity. This will counter the current feminist dominated media, which preaches male inferiority, and demoralizes boys. These feminazis are PC isscienate fairies (isscienate = ignorant of science, fairy = living in a fairyland, believing what they  want to believe without evidence) and need to be smashed. Angry articulate masculists should be able to do this easily, given that the genii are males. With men’s lib groups in every high school, there should be masculist male teachers who can blast away at feminist PC bullshit from female teachers.

Men’s lib needs more charismatic leaders who are figure heads on the broadcast media, the male equivalent of say Betty Friedan in the late 60s, who inspired the rise of the second wave of feminism, whose demands were reasonable (equal pay for women, equal access to the professions, abortion right, etc). Unfortunately, second wave feminism was overtaken by third wave feminism, whose demands are gynocentric, and profoundly hypocritical, e.g. the massive injustices committed by them in the divorce courts, and their tooth and nail rejection of the Parer, etc.

At the moment, the MGTOW/masculist movements are just starting to reach the “mass media interest” stage. There is a ton more to do. More than three quarters of young women in high schools are still fluffie crappers, deciding to become fluffies and to manslave some dupe male who has not had his men’s lib consciousness raised. Such men need to be taught “Only ignorant fools marry!” They need to be taught about the toxicity of the divorce courts, and hence marriage. Fluffie crappers at high school need to be harangued by high school masculists/MGTOWs, to push them to become FIPs or they get spat at. The gender politicians need to be told to menfair the gender laws, or the MGTOWs/masculists will continue to reject paternity, and thus force the hand of the gender politicians with the threat of “population annihilation.” So much of what lies ahead for the MGTOWs/masculists concerns the need for education of the public, so that MGTOW/masculist goals can be achieved, i.e. so that we can all live in a “FIP Society” thus liberating men from manslavery and many other gender related horrors.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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