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There are millions of MGTOWs/masculists around the world now, who are experimenting with new lifestyles for men, given that they have walked away from the traditional manslave role of paying for a fluffie wife.

I’ve written a few flyers already on alternative lifestyles for men. This one is aimed more at the sage minority (i.e. at the sages, i.e. the intellectuals, i.e. those men who love learning, who love playing with ideas, who love getting the high from finally understanding a difficult concept or argument (theorem).

I’m noticing how my current life style, that I have since retiring, is greatly superior to what I had as a waging prof. A few years back I read something that really shocked me. It was a survey on how many readers on average are there for each published research paper. The answer was ONE. That figure depressed me. It means that the vast majority of research papers are totally wasted effort. Most of research is thus wasted, going unread in most cases. I churned out 150 such research papers, that I presume were mostly unread.

I only churned them out at a rate of a handful per year, because that was what the university or research lab I was working in expected and demanded – “publish or perish!”

Now that I’m retired (a decade earlier than I had previously planned) my attitude to learning and researching has changed. I now learn a ton, simply because I LOVE IT.

I go to the neighboring park afternoons, with my camp chair and a handful of books, (mostly on pure math and math physics) and study them, for two main reasons, one is that I just love this stuff. I love learning, about how the world works, from physics, and the shear beauty and power of pure math, and the other is to acquire the knowledge to make YouTube lecture videos in what I study. The best way to learn something is to have to study it!

With physics I will often have “religious experiences” as I learn increasingly how mathematical the laws of physics are. My growing suspicion, based on my physics and math knowledge, is that the laws of physics have been DESIGNED by a hyper-intelligence. Since I’m the “father of the intellect” I’m very conscious of the concept of hyper intelligence, i.e. of creatures with intelligence levels trillions of trillions of times above the human level.

For example, way back when I learned that the elementary particles could be classified by using an obscure branch of masters level pure math, called  representation theory of SU(3) Lie algebras, the obvious question occurred to me. Why do the particles obey such mathematical laws? More recently, I learned that the largest of the finite simple groups, the “Monster Group” with 10 to the power 54 elements, plays an intimate role in a 26 dimensional string theory. Last year I learned that a kind of error checking code (a la computer science) is built into the laws of string theory. Jesus Christ! You see what I mean.

Now with math, the high I get is even stronger, after having struggled with a beautiful and difficult theorem. I was a PhDed full prof in computer science, pure math and math physics, so I’m no dummy, but I’m no genius either. As a prof I’m studying the works of male mathematicians who ARE real genii, who give me what I call “brain-strain.” These guys have IQs that make them one in a billion, so its a real effort to finally master what they are proving.

BUT, once that happens, and the penny drops, the high is FANTASTIC. I love the “Oh wow!” feeling I get, and want to have that feeling often, daily if possible. Part of the reason for the high, is that you know that the mathematical knowledge you learn is forever. That is the nature of math. Once someone proves something, that proof never goes away. When Euclid proved that there are an infinite number of primes, his proof is eternal.

Learning a new eternal truth in math, gives a mathematically minded person a real high.

SO, I want to live a lifestyle that allows me to have such experiences often, which brings me to a new(?) lifestyle that I call the “high from learning” lifestyle.

You need to be sage type person though. Such a lifestyle would not work with the type of people who play cards all day on the ground floor of my apartment building. You need to be smart enough to be able to absorb and understand the works of male genii.

But, given that, how to arrange a life style, that allows you to concentrate on learning what YOU want to learn, and not be a wage slave to some university, churning out unread research paper crap just to stay employed?

By being an ARCer (after retirement careerer). You get a good education, studying FIP (financially independent person) majors in high school and college, so that you graduate with a real skill that the economy values and pays good salaries for. Don’t marry, don’t have kids, work hard, save and invest hard, live frugally, and pile up your money so that you can retire early, in your 30s or 40s, move to a poor foreign country, where the cost of living is much lower, so that your savings increase their purchasing power by a factor of 10, then retire.

Now, you’re an ARCer. You’re free to do what you LOVE. If you’re a sage type and you love learning, then you can sage all day, having highs, as you learn one jewel of knowledge after another. This is what I do now, and have been doing it for 6 years.

I then try to convey that high experience to my students who follow me on my YouTube lectures that I make. My plan over the next 20 years, if I can live that long (my father is 97 in 2016, and I’m nearly 70, and think I have inherited his longevity genes) is to make YouTube lecture videos in their 100s on PhD level Pure Math and Math Physics topics for PhD level students all over the world FOR FREE. I’m hoping to revolutionize high level education by doing this. I also make e-librairies of books on these topics.

When a prof truly loves the topic he is teaching, it shows. Students sense the enthusiasm, and get caught up in it as well. It also gives me a sense of power. That’s not new to me. There were times as a waging prof when I felt frightened by the power I had over students lives. My grading of them determined the quality of their lives. Some I failed, who then got booted out of the university, crushing their hopes and dreams.

But knowing that I’m filming ideas that I love, and that potentially a million PhD level students one day might be studying them after I’m long dead (YouTube videos are forever, hopefully) is an intoxicating feeling.

So, to some of you reading this who are also sages, this “high from learning” lifestyle might appeal to you. To adopt it, and if you are young, you will need to ARC (or at least SeRC, i.e. semi retired careering, i.e. working part time, and spending the rest of your time doing what you love, living very modestly as a MGTOW, not spending money on a female, nor a kid, but just to cover your meager expenses. You could describe yourself as a kind of “intellectual monk” but that’s not to say you have to forego sex. You can have a relationship with a FIP woman who has her own apartment, and get regular sex from her that way, if you can find one.

There are millions of profs in the world, who might like to take up the “high from learning” lifestyle. As they become MGTOWs/masculists they will not lose their sage genes. They will still be hungry to learn. Increasing the frequency of their “oh wow!” moments makes this lifestyle very attractive. I love it, I hope some of you will too.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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