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The “MASSOFTLIE” Revolution in Education

The “MASSOFTLIE” Revolution in Education

“MASSOFTLIE” (pronounced “mass softly”) is an acronym for “MASsive SOurce Full Text Link Internet Education.”

For most of 2017, I will be putting up links and hopefully mostly full text links to 10,000s of books in Ms and PhD level Pure Math, Math Physics, Computer Theory, Philosophy, Brain, etc for “alfa” students (i.e. in the top percentile of IQ) to be able to teach themselves these topics FOR FREE on the internet.

I believe this will cause a revolution in education. I’m noticing myself, by being the first person to use my own two e-libraries (i.e. topic, publisher series) that having clickable access to the full content of 10,000s of books on Ms and PhD level topics is blowing my mind. I’m exposed to 100s of books on a given topic, and can give myself an education at my own rate, that is VERY comprehensive, as one would expect with 10,000s of book and article links to full text files on the internet.

Alfa students in math/physics around the world, will be able to “take their brakes off.” They will be able to use their alfa minds, to race ahead, consulting 100s of books on a topic at their own highly intelligent pace, attaining a level of education that is not possible with traditional class room based education, which for economic constraint reasons, provided only one course per topic, and was unable to reach PhD2 level because it was not economic for a university president to pay a high salary to a highly qualified, brilliant minded professor, to teach a PhD2 level course to ONE student at his university.

BUT, with the “massoftlie” revolution, the above constraints are removed, so that alfa students can race ahead, lapping up the equivalent of 100s of class room lecture type courses, at their own hungry-to-learn pace. The massoftlie revolution is truly liberating for such students, and will have an impact on a country’s economy, as 1000s of such liberated students acquire a knowledge level far superior to what class room lecture students were capable of acquiring. That superior knowledge will translate into a faster knowledge generation rate, and a much higher level of research productivity.

I’m starting to sense now what the massoftlie revolution is doing for me. In about a year, the planet will be able to do the same, once I have put up the full text links to both e-libraries. Stay tuned, and if you’re very interested in this coming revolution in education, you can follow my progress each day in putting up full text links to hundreds of books.





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