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Now that millions of men around the world are MGTOWs (men going their own way, refusing to marry, refusing to have kids, and spending their money on themselves, due largely to the toxicity of the divorce courts that have been taken over by the fluffie feminists) many changes in society are now occurring. This flyer talks about a revolution in education that the MGTOW movement is enabling (together with the ongoing revolution in information  technology.)

With millions of men going MGTOW, many are choosing to ARC (after retirement careering) i.e. they get a good education, get a good well paid job, work hard for twenty years, live frugally, save and invest heavily, have no kids, are not manslaves to some cursed fluffie parasite, so that they can afford to retire young, and then ARC for the second half of their lives, doing what they love.

These MGTOW ARCers now have the possibility to radically change their levels of education, which in time will change the whole education infrastructure, and society in general.

This revolution can be split into two perspectives, from the point of view of the teachers (the professors) and the students (although the professors are often students themselves.)

I’ll start with the professors, since I’m one myself, who is very interested in the impact of MGTOW and masculism upon society. I’ve been retired for nearly 6 years now. I retired fairly early in life (62) and have taken up the ARCer life style, i.e. I’m an after retirement careerer, calling myself a “globacator” i.e. a global educator. I make YouTube lecture videos in PhD level Pure Math, and Math Physics to teach students in these subjects at this level from all over the world, for free.

I call myself a “free prof.” I’m free in several senses. I’m free to do whatever I like in front of my white board, talking to my handycam, making videos that I then upload to YouTube for the world to view if people are interested. I can talk as long as I like, about what I like. I can make as many courses about a given topic as I want. I can be as polite and as rude as I like, as PC or PR (politically realist) as I like. In other words, I am free as far as content is concerned.

I’m also free (i.e. costless) as far as the student is concerned. A student who (for example) wants to get a comprehensive course in Quantum Field Theory (QFT) will be able to go to my website and watch many scores of videos on that topic and teach himself by downloading the text book from file sharing sites, and can listen to my lectures and learn to his hearts content. The lectures and the text book are all FREE.

From the student’s perspective, the huge advantage of a video lecture, compared to a traditional classroom lecture, is that the student can REWIND. In a class room lecture, if the student had a late night the night before, or daydreams for two minutes, he may miss some vital point of the professor’s lecture. If a student fails to understand a point in a video lecture, he can simply rewind and listen to the point again and again, until he gets it (or gives up.)

I plan to be a globacator for the next 2 decades, if I can live long enough. I’ll be 70 in 2017, so I expect to live into my 90s because my father is healthy and 96, and I think I have his longevity genes. As a free proffing globacator, I only have to video a course ONCE, compared to a classroom prof who might give the same damn course 40 times in his conventional nonMGTOW career.

If you’re a globacator, and hungry to learn new stuff, then by giving a course only ONCE, you are then free to video MANY courses that are new to you. I plan over the next 2 decades or so, to make hundreds of courses, so I can cover nearly all the essential topics of PhD level Pure Math and Math Physics, and put them “all under one roof.” Students who are interested in these two fields, will be able to go to one site and get almost any subtopic they want (but it will take me a long time to build up all these courses – but YouTube lectures are forever, hopefully, so I see myself as creating a legacy for humanity, at least in these two broad fields.

Other free profs can do the same in their specialties, so that in time, the entire spectrum of human knowledge can be put online for the world to learn from and FOR FREE, thus revolutionizing education. In contrast, parents often have to pay a fortune (e.g. $50,000/yr for an undergraduate education at Harvard) which is an abomination, and is something that freeprofs like myself are aiming to wipe out.

So as a student, as a MGTOW ARCer, if you love learning, just for its own sake, and not only as a means to get a well paid job, then the free profs will provide you with all the material you could possibly absorb in a whole lifetime, and vastly more. If you love learning, you could spend your days learning whatever you love, whatever fascinates you.

Personally, I love learning the PhD level material that I make YouTube videos about. In fact, making YouTube videos has two main motives for me. One is public, the other is personal. If my YouTube video lectures are any good, then thousands (maybe more in time?) of students around the world will get a PhD level education in Pure Math and Math Physics for free, and that benefits humanity. It also benefits me, because I love learning this beautiful stuff. I love having that feeling of “Oh wow!” when some new knowledge vista opens up to me, and makes me see the world differently. I really love that feeling. It makes me feel strongly alive, and hungry to learn more. It gives me a frequent and highly desirable “high.”

In parallel with the rise of MGTOW ARCers, is the information technology revolution. For example, I have an e-reader that is very light, which has enough RAM memory to store many thousands of books and papers, that I can take to the park with me. (Its the Sony “Digital Paper” e-reader.) You can use it to download books and papers from file sharing sites from the internet as you feel the need, i.e. in real time. It is a revolutionary device for serious scholars. I use it to create my own private library. I’m able to put over 10,000 books and papers on it, more than enough for a lifetime’s learning.

It is an essential part of what I call “scholar tech” i.e. the tech used by scholars to revolutionize their research and teaching. I have a routine. In the mornings, after I’ve woken up a bit, I film my lecture video, lecturing in front of my white board, that I wrote up the evening/night before. (So I “sleep” on the content of the next day’s lecturing, which makes for a better lecture.)  In the afternoons, I take my camp chair and my e-reader (that I usually just call my “DP” (i.e. Digital Paper, the name that Sony has given this product) and study material for future courses, or solve exercises whose solutions I will put into the videos. In the evenings/nights, I write up the white board for the next morning’s video filming, and upload the daily video to YouTube.

Now imagine, that there are many thousands of free profs like myself, i.e. ARCers (MGTOW ARCers) who supply millions of lecture videos for free to the world. Imagine, millions of MGTOW ARCer students who are intelligent, and want to spend their ARCing lives doing something they feel is worthwhile, who choose to educate themselves to a high level in subjects that are of great benefit to humanity. I don’t think anyone will deny that Pure Math and Math Physics are profoundly beneficial subjects to humanity.

So these MGTOW students study the lecture videos and read the text books on their e-readers from their own private libraries that they have built up from downloading from file sharing sites. They benefit from the lecture videos made by (MGTOW) ARCer free profs, like myself. The net result is that the general educational level of humanity, skyrockets.

Really smart PhD level people all over the world, will be able to educate themselves to the limit of their intellectual capacities. Millions of peasants in third world countries, e.g. China, India, etc. will be able to pull themselves out of their impoverished shitholes and get a really good education. They will get the books for free from the file sharing sites, and they will get the lectures and the knowledge passed on to them from the free profs, who spend their ARCing lives as globacators.

This will have a revolutionary impact on the planet. Suddenly, there will be 70 million intellectuals (i.e. the top percentile, the top one percent, of people in terms of IQ scores) who will become fully educated. They will not have their lives wasted by rotting away on some ox in a paddy field. They will become PhD level students, and keep learning all their lives. Education, and knowledge, will be the main focus of their lives. They will feel ennobled by that. That’s how I feel, and I’m sure millions of others will agree with me.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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