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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


The most damning fact about women, is that they have 10% smaller brains by volume than men on average, and therefore have 10% smaller neural processing capacity. To convert an average male brain to a female brain by volume, would be to take an ice cream scoop out of the male brain. Such a volume contains about 10 billion neurons and multiple tens of billions of glial (supporting) cells. That’s a lot.

It then follows that with 10% lower neural processing capacity as men, there must be things that women cannot do that men can do. It is not difficult to make a quick list of things that women can’t do that men can do, for example, women build almost nothing, invent almost nothing, create almost nothing.

Women are dumber than men on average by 4 IQ points (say independently Prof. Rushton, and Prof. Lynn). Men have a 10% higher IQ variance than women, so the morons and the genii are males, so it is to be expected that men have won 99% of the science Nobel prizes. There are no world class classical music composers, chess grand masters. Men occupy 98% of the Fortune 500 Company CEOships, 95% of the presidencies and prime ministerships, etc. There is a long list of examples of male dominance at the top end of the performance scale.

Feminists talk a lot about the patriarchy and want to get rid of it, but that will be impossible for genetic reasons. What these feminazi ignorami, these isscienate fairy PC fluffie feminists don’t understand is that men are superior to women, i.e. the superior sex, at the top end of the scale. Women cannot compete with men at the top end of the scale, due to the fact of the 4 IQ point superior average IQ and the 10% greater IQ variance.

Men also have a much higher level of testosterone in their blood, making men a lot more aggressive, ambitious, dogged, persistent, so it is not surprising that men are more single minded, and do not give up as easily as women in completing difficult tasks.  So again, it is not surprising that men utterly dominate the entries in the “Who’s Who” books. There are hugely more “great men” than “great women.” In fact, the term “great woman’ is almost an oxymoron, like “female philosopher.”

Those few males who are truly world class at something, know from firsthand experience in their lives that women just don’t reach their levels of achievement, and since most of these men are heterosexual, they tend to lead rather lonely lives, in the sense of not being able to share their intellectual passions with a female at the same world class level, for the simple reason that women rarely reach such levels. Men are the superior sex.

When I come across some piece of feminazi dogma that men are pigs and that the patriarchy has to be removed so that women can be given equal status in society, I sneer. The masculist and world class scientist in me (no false modesty here) treats such feminazi ideas with contempt, because they are based on an ignorance of science, and the above statistics. The isscienacy of these feminazis only increases my contempt for their level of ignorance and childish wishful thinking.

But then I tell myself, that their child mindedness would be consistent with the fact that they have 10% smaller brains, i.e. 10% smaller neuronal processing capacities. Women are not men, they cannot compete with men at the top end of the scale, which is something women need to recognize, in just the same way that blacks have to recognize that they are the dumbest people on the planet.

Some social group has to be at the bottom and the blacks are that group. It may be an unpleasant fact to have to stomach, but the scientific evidence is clear on this pint, so blacks will just have to lump it.

Similarly with women, and their inferior performance levels at the top end. The childminded feminazis need to be refuted and treated with contempt, so that like the blacks, they “learn their place,” i.e. they accept their inferiority, as shown by the scientific evidence, and hence they are FORCED to accept it, because to do otherwise, is to reject science.

In today’s scientifically dominated world, to reject the findings of science, the greatest knowledge generating system that men have ever invented, is to risk being dismissed as an isscienate fairy, living in a fairy land, believing what you want to believe, without evidence, which makes you no better than a religionist, stuck in your own superstitious bubble, impervious to the realities of the scientifically verified world.

Personally I have a low opinion of people with low reality quotients, whose ignorant ideologically charged views conflict with science. I have a particular impatience and contempt for feminazis who think that they can compete with men at the top end of the scale, and hence remove what the feminists call the “glass ceiling” i.e. a supposed barrier imposed by male prejudice against women rising to the top positions of power, wealth, intelligence, authority, etc.

The idea of the glass ceiling is bunk in my view. The fact that women occupy so few positions at the top end of the performance scale and positions of power is merely a consequence of their genetic inferiority compared to men. Women are not 50% of the top politicians for the same kind of reason why there are no blacks at world scientific conferences.

Both phenomena have genetic causes. Blacks are genetically inferior to whites and yellows. Women are genetically inferior to men, and that fact is not going to go away simply because the fluffie feminist hypocrites want it to go away.

As an intellectual tool to brow beat the feminazi bitches and their stupid emphasis on the glass ceiling, I suggest that the men’s lib movement and men in general make much stronger use of the fact of women’s 10% smaller brains.

It is a most damning piece of information. The best propaganda is the truth. When I give some thought to the consequences of the fact of women’s smaller brain, I see it as utterly devastating for women. Angry, and impatient masculists can use it to great effect with feminazis. “Of course you women don’t perform as well as men at the top end of the scale. You have 10% smaller brains, for Christ’s sake. You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear!”

“If you women want to achieve at the male level at the top end, then your only option will be to get a brain transplant where the transplanted brain is male, otherwise you will remain forever genetically handicapped by the genetically determined inferiorities built into your female brain. Accept this fact, and adapt. Stop living in a fairy land, and get real, otherwise, we men will continue to treat you as children, as child minds.”

“If you continue to behave as children, then we men will continue to treat you as children. We will not take you seriously, and we will not respect you. How can we respect creatures who have 10% less neural processing capacity than men? We can’t and we won’t.

“My god, women’s brains are 10% smaller. They are not male adults. What a damning piece of knowledge for the masculists. We masculists can hurl this fact, this fire bomb, at the feminazis to show our contempt for their fairydom, their delusions, their childishness.

“Women’s brains are 10% smaller! What a damning fact for women. This fact is men’s most powerful ideological weapon to smash feminazi arrogance, by cutting off their legs metaphorically, by insulting their smaller brain, all 90% of it on the male scale.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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