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This flyer shows how men can force women to behave as though they are nawalts (i.e. “not all women are like that” – a MGTOW term) even though they aren’t.

One of the main messages of the MGTOWs, is that ALL women are awalts (“all women are like that”) i.e. they don’t love men, they love men’s exploitability, that women evolved that way, and that women are hypergamous by nature, i.e. they will readily drop their current man for a more exploitable man (i.e. richer, more powerful, more ambitious, smarter, better looking) if one realistically comes along. This makes perfect Darwinian sense.

MGTOWs assert that most men would love to have a relationship with a nawalt (NOT all women are like that) because then such a woman would not be like the typical female, i.e. nagging, manipulative, shit testing, using sex to get him to pay for her to have kids in a middle class house, i.e. being a fluffie (by definition), solipsistic, behaving like a child, not taking responsibility for her own life, being fluffie, etc.

Millions of men have gone MGTOW, because they think that relationships with women are just not worth the effort. The major trigger of the modern MGTOW/masculist movement is the fluffie feminist takeover of the divorce courts, where one married man in four is financially massacred, losing his kids, his house, paying child support, and alimony, so the ex wife can continue parasiting on her ex husband.

MGTOW/masculist videos on YouTube are popping up like mushrooms now. Men are waking up and discussing women’s true natures avidly. Men are becoming conscious how manipulative, exploitative, and parasitic traditional women are, and how women’s parasitic nature evolved over millions of years. Men are becoming aware, just how “prostitutional” women are by nature on men.

More intelligent, more intellectual men realize that that is just the way women are, that they evolved that way. These men know that several million years ago, prehuman babies doubled their brain size in a mere million years, so mothers had a real problem. Their pelvises (hip bones) could not keep widening to allow the baby’s head to pass through the birth canal, because the wider the birth canal, the greater the stresses on the hip bone. A hip bone fracture was fatal. So evolution selected for babies being born prematurely so that the baby’s brain could continue to grow AFTER the birth.

But a premature baby is useless and demands full time attention from the mother, so she cant go out hunting for protein far from home. So women became more dependent on men to give them protein that the men hunted. Those women who were sexier, got more protein, so female sexuality evolved, so that now human females are the sexiest of mammals. Human females do not have periods of “being in heat” because they are always in heat, they can have sex all days of the month.

Thus women evolved to be prostitutes on men. The deal was, “You men give us protein for us and our babies, and we’ll give you our cunts.” MGTOWs/masculists know this, and are forced to adapt to it, because it is women’s nature. Women use their sexuality to extract resources (protein in the past, money today) for themselves and their kids. Experiments show that women’s vaginas moisten at the sight of a rich powerful, handsome man. Women evolved to do that.

BUT, once men have taken the MGTOW “red pill” i.e. they have become conscious that women don’t LOVE men, but love men’s exploitability, they become MGTOWs and masculists. They despise this aspect of women, who react favorably to men’s exploitability, but not to men’s other qualities, such as their personalities, their intellectual abilities, their honesty, their generosity, etc. Men really hate being seen by women as walking ATMs. They hate it and they despise the women who treat them that way.

Typically when a woman meets a man, her first question will be “What do you do?” (which is fluffie speak for “How much money could I potentially extract from you, if I gave you my cunt?”). If the man answers, “I’m a part time janitor, which allows me to cover my meagre expenses, so that I can MGTOW, doing what I love most of the week.” Virtually any woman’s cunt would dry up fast with that answer and she would immediately walk away.

So how can men, i.e. MGTOWs/masculists get the best of both worlds, i.e. get regular sex from a woman, AND live the MGTOW/masculist lifestyle?

Answer? By twaytweffing, i.e. having a relationship with a FIP (financially independent person) woman who has her own apartment, so that when the relationship almost inevitably fails, he can walk away from it, from her, cost free.

There are now millions of MGTOWs/masculists, so women are noticing a change in the “sexual ecology” i.e. the supply of traditional manslavable robot males is drying up, and more and more men are MGTOWing and taking up masculist attitudes of contempt towards fluffies (traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off a man’s money.)

With 70% of young men under 35 in the US and Japan now refusing to marry and have kids, rejecting the traditional manslave role to fluffies, women are being FORCED to compromise. They increasingly have to choose between having NO man, or twaytweffing with a MGTOW/masculist. Those women who are unable to suppress their true parasitic nature, end up manless, and hence, sexless, loveless, babyless, and often poor.

This means that twaytweffing (2A2F = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs) MGTOWs/masculists are in a position to FORCE women to suppress their evolved female nature, i.e. of judging men by their salaries. If a twaytweffing woman allows her true nature to surface, and she starts nagging, manipulating her twaytweffing male partner, then he simply tells her “Look, you’re really starting to get on my nerves. Remember I’m a MGTOW/masculist and I don’t tolerate female parasitism. If you continue this traditional fluffie behavior, I walk.”

This kind of attitude now shown by millions of men (MGTOWs/masculists) is really scaring the shit out of women, because they know that men have the power to force women to be FIPs and into twaytwef relationships. Men are nearly all FIPs, and fluffies can only be fluffies if they can find manslaves to parasite off. As  the supply of such men dries up, as it is now rapidly doing, these women who in their hearts want to be fluffies, are FORCED to be FIPs or they rot on the shelf. They wont even be fucked, because masculists are so disgusted by them, that they refuse even to penis them.

Fluffies are the enemy of the masculists, who see them as vermin, to be wiped out, by refusing to have anything to do with them. Masculists label fluffies as immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin. The prime political goal of the masculists is to wipe out fluffiedom, by ignoring fluffies to extinction.

So MGTOWs need not despair of the lack of nawalts. It doesn’t matter if women are awalts by nature, because MGTOWs/masculists can FORCE women to suppress their awalt nature and behave as if they were nawalts. Women are increasingly being forced to, because if they don’t suppress their true fluffie nature, then they will pay a terrible price, they will not get a man, no sex, no love, no baby, a life of low income, and in time, as the whole of society learns to piss on fluffies, they will be socially shunned. So women MUST learn to behave like nawalts, or die out.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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