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The most important phenomenon of our times, that eclipses all other problems (even global warming, the threat of a nuclear war, overpopulation, pandemics, etc) is the fact that in western countries, particularly in the US, two thirds of young men under 35 refuse to marry and have kids. This “man strike” will wipe out the US population within a mere century. (With the young generation reproducing only a third of its number, over 4 generations, i.e. a third of a third of a third, of a third is about 1%, i.e. the US population is wiped out.)

Anything you consider really, really important is less important than the above, because important things can only be important to people who are alive. The MGTOWs and masculists are indirectly, bringing death to the whole population, by refusing to create the next generation.

This powerful argument I use as my “pitch” to the US/UK journalists when I email them to get them interested to write about MGTOW/masculist ideas, so that these ideas can reach the masses, the millions, the hundreds of millions. With MGTOW numbers growing exponentially, it is only a question of time before the political powers wake up to the fact that the population is getting wiped out. Governments spend billions a year on military defense with the aim of keeping the population alive, but these same governments are not even conscious of the social phenomenon lying under their noses that is quietly wiping out the population.

By getting the journalists interested in the problem, the culture will be taught of the main MGTOW/masculist ideas and that in turn will impact on the politicians, who will eventually turn their attention away from how to create more profitable wars to stopping the population from crashing ever faster.

I believe all this is only a question of time. Sooner or later the ball will really get rolling. (My guess is that in less than a year, the journalists will really start biting, and a few  years later the politicians will get into the act.)

The current batch of gender politicians are genocidal criminals worthy of assassination, because indirectly, they are wiping out the population. It is they who created the divorce laws that are so toxic to men, that 70% of young US men refuse to marry and have kids, the source of the population crash problem.

As the population crash problem enters main stream and then dominates the attention of the media and governments, I predict a NEW BATCH of gender politicians will come out of the woodwork, who will be responsible, and intelligent, asking themselves progressively such serious questions as “What is causing this population crash, that is SO threatening to the survival of the American population?” “Why are young men so antagonistic towards marriage and having kids?” “Why are the divorce courts so antagonistic towards males?” “How can the gynocentralization of society be blocked?” “What social engineering tactics can we politicians employ to get the birth rate back up?”

I predict we will see this new batch of gender politicians posing such questions within 3 to 5 years. Here are some of the answers I think they will come up with, with a little help from the MGTOW/masculist movements, and their theorists.

The real source of the problem are the fluffie feminists, who took over the divorce courts by persuading the old batch of gender politicians to create divorce laws in the 70s that were highly favorable to fluffies and treated men like exploitable vermin. These new gender male politicians may themselves have been dragged through the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts and been financially massacred, so are primed to be open minded about MGTOW/masculist ideas.

So the divorce laws need to be made menfair, i.e. fair and just towards males, who are also human beings and should be treated with respect. This the divorce courts do not do, and not surprisingly, men have gone on strike. They refuse to marry and have kids, because when about one married father in four is likely to be financially massacred (losing his kids, his house, paying child support to kids he barely sees, and alimony to his fluffie parasitic ex wife, with no legal obligation on her to become a FIP) young men consider these odds as totally unacceptable, and vote with their feet, i.e. in a direction away from women who want babies and marriage.

So, these new gender politicians will push for the menfairing of the divorce courts. Then, all hell will break lose. The fluffies and the fluffie feminists will realize that they will be expected to behave as adults, to be financially responsible, to pay their own way, to get a FIPmajored education, so that they can earn good money and be a FIP adult.

This will be seen as a major threat to fluffies and they will fight it tooth and nail, the way the ancient romans fought against the slave rebel leader Spartacus, who threatened to remove slavery from the Roman empire’s lifestyle.

Normally, these gender politicians would bow to the enormous political pressure coming from the fluffies in the same way they did in the 70s, but this time round, circumstances are different. Two new influences will push the new gender politicians in the opposite direction from what they took in the 70s.

One, is the pressing, crushing, need to stop the population crash, so that the US does not get wiped out. In time, this consideration will dominate all other factors. The other influence will come from men. As MGTOW/masculism spreads and spreads, and men become intellectually armed with MGTOW/masculist ideas and rhetoric, they will find their political voice and threaten the gender politicians with a bloc male vote against them if they don’t menfair the gender laws.

But the really pressing influence will be the first one, the crashing population. It will override any fluffie feminist pressure, so it is to be expected that some of the new batch of gender politicians will be real orators who will stand up to the fluffie feminists and harangue them with vitriol, claiming that thanks to them, the population is being wiped out, that women have got to become FIPs, or the US population will disappear, so the new batch of gender politicians will be strongly anti-fluffie. They will put enormous pressure on women to be FIPs. These new gender politicians will “FIPpress the fluffies.”

This will take  various forms. They will be influenced and advised by the theorists of the MGTOW and masculists movements, and this advice will be translated into new legislation. Hollywood will be pressured to make movies on the theme that all women should be FIPs, to be a fluffie is to be shunned as immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin. High school teachers will be strongly encouraged to persuade their students to study FIP majors (i.e. math and the sciences) so that when they go to university, they have the prerequisites to study one of the professions or one of the techs, so that they will be able to become FIPs as adults, and not be fluffies, looking around for some manslave to parasite on in their 30s when their biological clocks are ticking hard.

The divorce laws will be reformed. The Parer (paternity rejection right) will be brought in. A systematic across the board review of how men are discriminated against in the courts and by law will be undertaken, and such legal discriminations will be removed, e.g. unequal punishments for identical crimes between the sexes, more research spent on breast cancer than for prostate cancer etc.

A major social revolution is about to take place, namely that women will be expected by society, by men, by FIP women, by the schools, by parents, by the media etc to GROW UP, to become responsible adults, who pull their weight financially, and not parasite on a man. Manslaving fluffies will be treated for what they are – vermin, and be wiped out, not by killing them, but by being ostracized to extinction, to the point that no young woman dares express fluffie thoughts, even though deep down, she may love to have a manslave pay for her to have kids in a middle class house that he pays for, whom she can divorce a decade later and live in that house that is given to her by a fluffie feminist dominated divorce court system, and have her ex husband pay for her with child support and alimony, so that she doesn’t have to shift her fat lazy immoral parasitic arse at all.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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