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A third of US married women will financially massacre their husbands.

(Half of marriages end in divorce, 70% of divorces are started by wives, who in the current fluffie feminist dominated divorce court system, know they can divorce their husbands, and get custody of the kids, the house, child payments, and alimony, so nearly all of them go for it. 0.5*0.7 = 0.35, i.e. roughly a third.)

If a foreign power destroyed the lives of a third of US married men, the US government would nuke it and vaporize it in an explosion of rage and hatred. This figure of a third, makes it abundantly clear that there is currently a SEX WAR going on. Men are now at war against women, and against the gender politicians.

This figure shows clearly, that men are merely disposable checkbooks to women. They have no real loyalty to men as people. When a third of married women abuse their ex husbands so badly, and even have divorce parties to celebrate their sadistic triumph over a fellow human being, then it is not surprising that men in their tens of millions in western countries are LEARNING TO HATE WOMEN. The more thinking kind of men, also have a real hatred for the male feminist gender politicians who changed the divorce laws in the 70s that allowed these fluffie sadists to massacre their husbands.

This situation cannot continue of course, because so many young men have rejected marriage and fatherhood as TOXIC, that the population is seriously starting to crash. With two thirds of the young generation (under 35) refusing to reproduce themselves, then, when one does the math, the US population will BE WIPED OUT IN A MERE CENTURY. A century is four generations, and a third of a third of a third of a third is about 1%, so a century from now, if the current SEX WAR continues, there will be no more Americans to wage that war, they will all have died off and not be replaced

The issue now is how to end the sex war. Men’s awareness of the toxicity of marriage will soon run to saturation, in a mere few years. The media will pick up on the population crash soon, since it is the dominant issue of our era. The tide will turn, but I see permanent damage being done to our culture and relations between the sexes.

The current SEX WAR is teaching men that women are basically parasites. Women evolved that way. It is in women’s DNA to judge a man by the extent to which that man is exploitable by her. If she becomes convinced that a particular man is not going to give her any stuff, then she will not mate with him. She wants a man who will give her protein or money, so that she can raise her kids with greater probability that she and her kids will survive. Evolution selected these female behaviors over millions of years.

The sex war has made men a lot more conscious that women are hypergamous and are basically selfish in nature. The level of suspicion that men show women will be permanently higher I’m predicting, even after the gender laws have been made menfair.

I see millions of men opting for the twaytweffing lifestyle, because it has many superiorities compared to the traditional one McMansion, husband, wife and the kids model. Twaytweffing allows the man to keep control over his own life. With the suspicion level between the sexes at a permanent new high, men will expect women to be FIPs, or be rejected, to be civil or be rejected, to be generous and sexy or be rejected.

As the birth rate crashes, and the population along with it, governments cannot force men to have relationships with women, especially after the enormous damage done by the sex war. Women will have to make a much greater effort than in the past to persuade men to have children with them. Obviously, the divorce laws will have to be made men fair, the hostility towards men in the media will have to go, the PARER (paternity rejection right) will have to be made law, women will be powerfully morally pressured to be FIPs, or they wont have a hope in Hades of getting a man.

The myth of romantic love will be swept away, replaced by a more scientifically based realistic expectation and knowledge of women’s nature, and men will react accordingly.

They will adopt lifestyles that reflect the basic genetically determined parasitic attitude of women towards men. Specifically, many men will twaytwef as their preferred lifestyle. It costs them nothing. They can walk away any time thus forcing women to be nice to them, or they get dumped, and dumped easily.

It may take a decade or more for society and particularly the gender politicians to wake up to the fact that a SEX WAR is going on. In the meantime, before the gender laws are made menfair, hundreds of millions of western males will twaytwef to avoid being financially massacred and to force women to be nice to them or they get dumped, at no cost to the male.

A decade from now, those women who financially massacred  their ex-husbands will be labeled “divorce sadists” and will be punished by being avoided by men, like the plague. They will rot on the shelf, lonely, manless, sexless, and shunned by a society increasingly conscious that men have been horribly wronged, and that they, the divorce sadists, were largely the cause, and are now being punished for their moral and financial crimes.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

TWAYTWEFFING = 2A2Fing = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs (financially independent persons) i.e. the man and woman have a regular sexual relationship, both are FIPS, both have apartments. When the relationship fails, they return to their own apartments, cost free. The constant threat that the man will just walk out, keeps the woman being nice to the man (and vice versa).

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