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Lecture Topic : (Computer Theory) THEORY OF COMPUTATION (M1, Hopcroft)

Recommended Text(s) : Theory of Computation (Sen);

“Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation”, John E. Hopcroft & Jeffrey D. Ullman, Addison Wesley, 1979

Approx price new on (hard copy) : $74

Approx price second hand on (hard copy) : $2

Availability free on (e-format) : Yes

eMule search key word(s) : Hopcroft, Automata Theory

Lectures and Links :


Lecture 1  (link)

Ch.1   Preliminaries


Lecture 2  (link)

Ch.2   Finite Automata and Regular Expressions


Lecture 3  (link)

Ch.3   Properties of Regular Sets


Lecture 4 (link)

Ch.4   Context Free Grammars


Lecture 5  (link)

Ch.5   Pushdown Automata


Lecture 6  (link)

Ch.6   Properties of Context-Free Languages


Lecture 7  (link)

Ch.7   Turing Machines


Lecture 8  (link)

Ch.8   Undecidability


Lecture 9  (link)

Ch.9   The Chomsky Hierarchy


Lecture 10  (link)

Ch.10   Deterministic Context-Free Languages


Lecture 11  (link)

Ch.11   Closure Properties of Families of Languages


Lecture 12  (link)

Ch.12   Computational Complexity Theory


Lecture 13  (link)

Ch.13   Intractable Problems


Lecture 14  (link)

Ch.14   Highlights of Other Important Language Classes


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