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Lecture Topic : (Math Physics) THERMAL FIELD THEORY (PhD, Bellac)

Prerequisites : Quantum Mechanics (M1); Quantum Field Theory (QFT) (M1);

Recommended Text(s) :

“Thermal Field Theory”, Michel le Bellac, Cambridge University Press, 1996.

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Lectures and Links :


Lecture 1  (link)

Ch.1   Overview


Lecture 2  (link)

Ch.2   Structure and Scattering


Lecture 3  (link)

Ch.3   Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics


Lecture 4 (link)

Ch.4   Mean-Field Theory


Lecture 5  (link)

Ch.5   Field Theories, Critical Phenomena, and the Renormalization Group

Appendix 5A : The Hubbard-Stratonovich Transformation

Appendix 5B : Diagrammatic Perturbation Theory


Lecture 6  (link)

Ch.6   Generalized Elasticity


Lecture 7  (link)

Ch.7   Dynamics : Correlation and Response


Lecture 8  (link)

Ch.8   Hydrodynamics


Lecture 9  (link)

Ch.9   Topological Defects

Appendix 9A : Notes on the Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition

Appendix 9A : Duality and the Villain Model


Lecture 10  (link)

Ch.10   Walls, Kinks and Solitons


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