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This is what Education SHOULD be Like

This is what Education SHOULD be Like

I’ve been putting up 10,000s of links to technical books over the past few months. Have a look (here) to get a taste of what my e-libraries will be like once I have finished them, i.e. once I have put up as many (full text) links (as supplied by to the books in these libraries as I can. You will get a feeling for what a revolution in education it is. You are given access to the full text/full content of books at the click of a mouse on your large screen or a touch on your smart phone. You can learn, by teaching yourself from dozens of books on the same subject. If you don’t understand something as explained by one author, then simply click or touch to another and see if he explains it better and more clearly.

The more time I spend making these two e-libraries, the more conscious I become, what an educational revolution they are. As I sit in front of my computer screens, putting up 10,000s of links, I feel I am creating a quiet revolution, but a revolution nevertheless with profound implications for the planet in the longer term. I call myself the “first free prof” i.e. the first prof to be a global educator (globacator) putting up (full text) e-libraries for the world, and making (> 120) YouTube lecture video courses from undergrad to PhD2 levels in several fields (pure math, math physics, computer theory), systematically, and comprehensively, so that very smart students (the “alfas” i.e. in the top percentile of IQ, the truly valuable students of any country, who have the brain power to understand PhD level pure math and math physics, the two toughest subjects on campus) are able to teach themselves. Such students are smart enough to teach themselves without professorial guidance (although it helps!) – they only need to be provided with free access to the material and in copious quantities, which is what I give them.

By educating these “alfas” for free and to a higher standard than is economically practical in a university classroom lecture context, these students inevitably become part of the educated middle class, and if they belong to a third world dictatorial shithole country, like China,  Vietnam, the Arab countries, and many African countries (although since the average IQ of black Africans is only 70, PhD level pure math and math physics is way over their heads, but not for Chinese, who have an average IQ of 105, making them smarter on average than white Europeans and Americans) they will become the spearheads of the intellectual educated middle class that dedictates their country.

There is a branch of political science called Transitology, that studies the conditions under which countries switch from one party dictatorships to multi party democracies, with regular elections and freedom of speech. Experience shows (in over 100 countries that have made this switch over the past half century) that it is largely the educated middle class that pushes for democracy. This educated middle class simply stops believing in one party dictatorship, and demands a say in the political decisions of the country they live in. So I feel I’m playing a part in the dedictation of the planet, by being a globacator, providing a form of education superior to anything the world has ever seen before, enabled by the internet, Google, WordPress and YouTube.

Being able to simply mouse click on 100s of (full text) links to technical books on a given topic is what education SHOULD be like. The technology allows it, so it should become the new norm for the planet. We need to get rid of the hated pluddites (paper luddites, i.e. the publishers of paper technical books) who imprison knowledge with their copyrighted and hence expensive paper products, that keep the world ignorant, and hence indirectly at war, because advanced democracies do not go to war with each other, because their voting, educated, middle class populations do not allow that to happen.

Imagine what these two e-libraries will be like, once they are finished, i.e. when every list is like the list whose link is given above and given again (here). Imagine it! Imagine what an impact such (google supplied) (full text) links will have on education around the world, especially in third world dictatorial shitholes, and hence on global politics. Imagine!

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