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Tick Bite Changes My Life, but not “deGarisMPC”


Tick Bite Changes My Life, but not “deGarisMPC”

In July of 2016, I got carted off to hospital in a form of delirium. It seems I was bitten by a tick (tsutsugamushi that carries scrub typhus) that has killed quite a few people in my Chinese province lately. If the typhus is treated with antibiotics within 3 days of the bite, people recover. I was treated days after that, so I might have some permanent damage (e.g. dizziness when moving, tingly toes, 2 hourly pees).

I can now walk normally, and life has returned to almost normal. I just wish the damn dizziness would go away.

I don’t think my IQ has been lowered by the experience, which means that I plan to continue making the “deGarisMPC” YouTube lecture video courses. With this serious hit to my health, I now doubt I will live another 25 years, so perhaps some other people might be inspired by what “deGarisMPC” aims to do (i.e. bring free masters and PhD level pure math and physics YouTube video lecture courses to the planet, plus e-libraries with many Google full-text links to text books) and continue the process.  Fingers crossed.

Update, December 2016 :

All the symptoms of the tick bite have vanished, thank god, so things are back to normal. I have now recovered my hope of living as long as my father, who in 2016 turned 97, is healthy, and will probably make 100. If I also reach 100, I will probably be able to finish making the 120 deGarisMPC YouTube video courses that I have planned.

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