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Trade Book Series Publishers (math) (m)

Trade Book Series Publishers (math) (m)

NOTE : Publishers marked in blue are major sources.

Academic Press (math) (m)  (link)  now FULL TEXTING

Addison Wesley (math) (m)  (link)

A K Peters (math) (m)  (link)

Birkhauser (math) (m)  (link)

Brooks/Cole (math) (m)  (link)

Chapman and Hall (math) (m)  (link)  now doing

CRC Press (math) (m)  (link)

de Gruyter (math) (m)  (link)  (now FULL TEXTING)

Dekker (math) (m)  (link)

Dover (math) (m)  (linkdone

Elsevier (math) (m)  (link)

Freeman (math) (m)  (link)

Gordon & Breach (math) (m)  (link)

Harper & Row (math) (m)  (link)   done

Higher Education Press (math) (m)  (link)

Houghton (math) (m)  (link)

Joseph Henry Press (math) (m)  (link)

Kluwer (math) (m)  (link)

Longman’s (math) (m)  (link)

Marcel Dekker (math) (m)  (link)

McGraw Hill (math) (m)  (linkdone

North Holland (math) (m)  (link)

Norton (math) (m)  (link)

Oliver and Boyd (math) (m)  (linkdone

Paladin (math) (m)  (link)

Pergamon Press (math) m)  (link)

Perseus (math) (m)  (link)

Prentice Hall (math) (m)  (link)

Publish or Perish (math) (m)  (linkdone

Reidel (math) (m)  (link)

Saunders (math) (m)  (link)

Springer Verlag (math) (m)  (linkHUGE !  (now doing and FULL TEXTING)

van Nostrand (math) (m)  (link)

Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole (math) (m)  (link)

Wiley (math) (m)  (link)

World Scientific (math) (m)  (link)

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