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Trade Publishers (philosophy) (m)

Trade Publishers (philosophy) (m)

Publishers in blue are major sources!

1st. Books Library  (philosophy)  (link)

Abe Books (philosophy) (m)  (link) skeleton done

Academic Press (philosophy) (linkdone

Adam Hilger (philosophy) (linkdone

Addison Wesley (philosophy) (linkdone

Allen & Unwin  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Anchor Books  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Bantam  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Basic Books  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

BBC Books  (philosophy)  (linkdone

Bloomsbury  (philosophy) (m)  (link)  skeleton done

Bobbs Merrill  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Christian Classics  (philosophy)  (linkdone

Demystified (philosophy)  (linkdone

Doubleday  (philosophy)  (linkdone

Dover (philosophy) (m)  (linkdone

Duckworth  (philosophy)  (linkdone

Eerdman’s  (philosophy) (m)  (link)  skeleton done

Elsevier (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Encounter Books  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Faber & Faber  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Fawcett  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Fontana/Collins  (philosophy)  (link)

Freeman  (philosophy) (m)  (link)  skeleton done

Gateway  (philosophy)  (linkdone

Hackett  (philosophy) (m)  (link)  skeleton done

HarperCollins (philosophy)  (link)

Harper Perennial  (philosophy)  (link)

Harper Torchbooks  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Harvest House  (philosophy)  (link)

Harvester Press  (philosophy)  (link)

Houghton Mifflin  (philosophy)  (link)

Humanist Press  (philosophy)  (linkdone

Humanities Press  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Icon Books  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

IDG Books  (philosophy)  (link)

Imprint Academic  (philosophy)  (link)

Irvan R. Dee  (philosophy)  (m)  (link)  skeleton done

John Hunt   (philosophy)  (link)

John Knox Press  (philosophy)  (link)

Joseph Henry Press (philosophy)  (link)

Kessinger  (philosophy)  (link)

Knopf  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Kluwer (philosophy) (m)  (link)

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (LEA)   (philosophy)  (link)

Liffey Press  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Little, Brown  (philosophy)  (link)

Liveright  (philosophy)  (link)

Macmillan  (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Made Simple Books  (philosophy)  (link)

McGraw Hill (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Mentor (philosophy)  (link)

The New Press  (philosophy)  (link)

New World Library  (philosophy)  (link)

A New York Review Book  (philosophy)  (link)

Norton (philosophy)  (link)

One World  (philosophy)  (link)

Open Court  (philosophy)  (link)

Paragon House  (philosophy)  (link)

Pelican Books (philosophy)  (link)

Penguin Books (philosophy)  (link)  skeleton done

Perennial  (philosophy)  (link)

Pergamon Press (philosophy)  (link)

Perseus (philosophy)  (link)

Pheonix Books  (philosophy)  (linkdone

Prentice Hall (philosophy) (m)  (link)  skeleton done

Prometheus (philosophy)  (link)

Rogue Press  (philosophy)  (link)

Routledge (philosophy) (m)  (link)  skeleton done

Rowman & Littlefield  (philosophy)  (link)

Schaum (philosophy)  (linkdone

Scinner House Books  (philosophy)  (link)

SCM Press  (philosophy)  (link)

Signet  (philosophy)  (link)

Simon & Schuster  (philosophy)  (link)

Souvenir Press  (philosophy)  (link)

Spectrum  (philosophy)  (link)

Springer Verlag (philosophy) (m)  (link)  (now doing)

St. Augustine’s Press  (philosophy) (m)  (link)  skeleton done

St. Martin’s Press  (philosophy)  (link)

Teach Yourself Books (philosophy)  (linkdone

Thomas Dunne Books  (philosophy)  (link)

Thomas Nelson  (philosophy)  (link)

Transaction  (philosophy)  (link)

Ungar  (philosophy)  (link)

Vintage Books  (philosophy)  (link)

Wadsworth (philosophy)  (link)

Watts & Co.  (philosophy)  (link)

Wiley (philosophy) (m)  (link)  Huge! (now doing)

Wordsworth  (philosophy)  (link)

Academic Press
Akademie Verlag
Aldine Press
Anchor Books
Anthroposophic Press
Ashgate Publishing
Association of American University Presses
Basic Books
Billesø & Baltzer
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
Boydell and Brewer
Broadview Press
Cambridge University Press
Carfax Publishing
T. & T. Clark
Clinamen Press
Columbia University Press
The Continuum Publishing Group
Cornell University Press
Dell (BDD)
Doubleday (BDD)
Duke University Press
Duquesne University Press
Edinburgh University Press
Edwin Mellon Press
Eerdmans Publishing Company
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Garland Publishing
Georgetown University Press
Gordon and Breach
Warren H. Green
Greenwood Publications
Guilford Publications
Hackett Publishing
HarperCollins Publishers
Harvard University Press
Heian International
Humanities Press International
Ignatius Press
Indiana University Press
Intelex Corp.
InterVarsity Press
International Scholars Publications
John Benjamins
Johns Hopkins University Press
Jones and Bartlett Publishers
Katabasis (Poetry)
Marquette University Press
McGill-Queen’s University Press
McGraw Hill
Mercer University Press
Michigan State University Press
MIT Press
The New Press
New York University Press
Northern Illinois University press
Oak Knoll Press
Odense University Press
Ohio State University Press
Open Court Press
Open University Press
Our Sunday Visitor Publishing
Oxford University Press
Paragon House
Paulist Press
Penguin Putnam
Penn State Press
Peter Lang
Philosophy Documentation Center
Philopsychy Press
Pickwick Publications
Plenum Publishing
Point of Life, Inc.
Princeton University Press
Prometheus Books
Purdue University Press
Random House
Rodopi Publishers
Rowman & Littlefield
Russell Sage Foundation
Rutgers University Press
Sacred Mountain Press
Sage Publications USA
St. Martin’s Press
Scandinavian University Press
Seven Bridges Press
Sophia Institute Press
Southern Illinois University Press
Springer-Verlag in New York
Stanford University Press
SUNY Press
Taylor and Francis
The Teaching Company
Temple University Press
Texas A&M University Press Consortium
Texas Tech University Press
Thames and Hudson
Theosophical Publishing House
Thoemmes Press
University of Arizona Press
University of Chicago Press
University of Exeter Press
University of Hawaii Press
University of Illinois Press
University of Iowa Press
University of Massachusetts Press
University of Michigan Press
University of Missouri Press
University of Nebraska Press
University of North Carolina Press
University of Notre Dame Press
University of Ottawa Press
University of South Dakota Press
University of Texas Press
University of Toronto Press
University of Utah Press
University of Wales Press
University Press of America
University Press of Florida
University Press of Mississippi
University Press of New England
University Press of Virginia
Vanderbilt University Press
W. W. Norton & Company
Watson Publishing International
Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Yale University Press
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