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True Legends Confs, Branson, MO, 2018, 2019, PPt

“True Legends” Confs, Branson, MO, USA, 2018, 2019

In 2018, I got invited to give a 90-minute keynote speech at the 2nd “True Legends” conference in Branson, Missouri, USA, Sept 15th, 2018. I talked about the Artilect War, and the technological developments which will force the issue, i.e. force humanity to answer the question that will dominate our global politics this century, namely “Should Humanity Build Artilects?” (artificial intellects = godlike, massively intelligent machines, with mental capacities trillions of trillions of times above the human level.) As the IQ gap between human level and machine level closes, the “Species Dominance Debate” will heat up and end as a gigadeath Artilect War.

Noteworthy from this talk, was the result, when I asked the audience of about 3000 people, to vote on whether they were Terran (rejecting the building of artilects) or Cosmist/Cyborgist (wanting to build artilects) I was expecting a 60% Terran vote but got 99%, which blew me away. The audience were evangelical Christians, so now I know there is a strong correlation between Terranism and Christianity.

The PPt of the 2018 talk can be found here.

I got invited back the following year to give another talk, on the idea that the universe had been designed by a hyper intelligent artilect, and presented the growing evidence (clues) that that might be the case. I suggested that a 26th century man might have a different world view compared to today’s dominant paradigm of secular science. This new deistic world view, based on the idea of a universe designing hyper artilect, I called “deo-science.”

The PPt of the 2019 talk can be found here.


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