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I’m a sage (an intellectual). I love playing with ideas, my main passion in life. I was sitting in  my camp chair in the local park as usual (studying relativity) with the sun starting to set, and thought “What will I write my flyer about today?” When that happens, I clear my mind, and see what bubbles up from my unconscious. I then started thinking about twaytweffing and wondered what would happen to this life style AFTER the gender laws have been made fair to men by the gender politicians, i.e. the divorce laws are made menfair, the Parer has been brought in, legal discriminations against men (a long list of them) have been legislated away, etc.

My immediate question was “Would twaytweffing die out once the gender laws are menfaired, as they have to be if whole populations are not to be wiped out?” I then started having doubts about twaytweffing disappearing. I think up to now, I had seen this lifestyle as a temporary measure during the decade or more that will come before the gender politicians menfair the gender laws, but I’m beginning to think that that almost unconscious assumption is probably too conservative, too unrealistic.

For those new to the twaytweffing idea, it is a life style for men, that gives them the regular sex that they need, but is cost free in terms of the risk of a financially massacring divorce with a fluffie in a fluffie feminist dominated divorce court. Twaytwef is 2A2F, i.e. 2 apartments, 2 FIPs in which a FIP (financially independent person) male and a FIP female have a relationship, each with their own apartment. When the relationship fails, as most do, they both return to their own apartment, cost free to the man. No divorce, because no marriage, no child payments because no kids, no alimony because the ex girlfriend is a FIP. Twaytweffing keeps women being nice to men, because if a twaytweffing woman starts nagging him, withholding sex, trying to mould him the way she wants, he can so easily just walk away, and she knows this, so she must ALWAYS be nice to him, if she wants to keep him (and vice versa.) A twaytweffing man who dumps a woman, can go to the internet and find another woman to penis and for a bit of companionship, within a week.

This twaytweffing has such major advantages for men, living in an era in which the fluffie feminists still dominate the divorce courts, that one wonders what will happen when the gender laws are made menfair. Will twaytweffing die out after that? I doubt it. Research shows that the happiest couples are childless and the unhappiest have teenage kids, so why have kids at all, if they are only going to lower your general happiness?! Why indeed, so more and more people are choosing not to have kids, i. e. both males and females.

It is part of women’s nature to nag men, to use sex as a bargaining tool with men, because women evolved that way – “female sex for male protein”. So even when the gender laws are made men fair, women’s genetically determined nature will not change. They will still  be the same after the menfaired gender laws as they are now, so many of the advantages of twaytweffing will remain valid for men.

What impact will that have on the population size when millions of men continue to twaytwef? Trying to answer this question is what this flyer is mostly about.

A lot of men of course will want to have kids, and with the massive injustices against men of today’s divorce court removed, they will pair off with FIP women (not fluffies) to have kids, still with a fifty-fifty risk that the partnership will end, but at least they will not lose their kids, as custody of kids will be made JOINT by default. They wont be paying child support to a fluffie ex wife, because they will be separating from a FIP woman, and there will be no alimony, because his ex partner is a FIP.

BUT, a sizable proportion of men will continue their twaytweffing, choosing not to have kids at all, and easily dumping a woman who starts even the slightest bit of nagging that twaytweffing males DO NOT TOLERATE in a woman. If she starts nagging, withholds sex etc, she is OUT THE DOOR, or rather he is, back to his own apartment.

So the birthrate will continue to be well below replacement rate (of 2.1 children per female adult) so the population will continue to fall, but at a slower rate, so the US population (for example) will take MORE than a century to be wiped out.

So the gender politicians will be forced to take measures to encourage women to have more kids. Sperm donors will be given new laws that protect them against paternity suits from fluffie donee mothers. This will allow women to have kids, as they are genetically programmed to do. Gender politicians, and society in general, will PUT ENORMOUS MORAL PRESSURE on all women to be FIPs, so that they can afford to raise a kid or two ON THEIR OWN (although they may be twaytweffing with a man, but if she starts badgering him to extract money from him for her kids, she gets dumped by him, and she knows this, so she doesn’t dare nag him. Probably for this reason, most twaytweffing men will avoid single mothers. They do not want to face the risk that single mothers will almost inevitably manifest their genetically  programmed attitude that men exist to pay for women to have kids.)

The gender politicians will have to beef up child day care centers and perhaps subsidize the salaries of nannies, so that FIP mothers have an easier time of juggling career, i.e. being FIP females, with motherhood, in terms of time and energy.

SO, in brief, I see twaytweffing continuing even after the gender laws are menfaired, because this lifestyle has so many advantages for men. If the gender politicians increase taxes, especially on single men, then these single men can easily uproot themselves and move to another country with a lower standard of living where costs are less, so that the nest eggs of these MGTOWs go further, due to the cheaper cost of living. But with more FIP women, they will be able to pay more taxes, so FIP women will be paying more for FIP mothers, a kind of poetic justice.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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