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Papers on Twistor

Bars, Lectures on Twistors  (free)

Berkovits, Witten, Conformal Supergravity in Twistor-String Theory  (free)

Dunajski, Mason,Tod, Einstein-Weyl Geometry, The dKP Equation and Twistor Theory  (free)

Frauendiener, Penrose, Twistors and General Relativity  (free)

Haramein, Rauscher, Spinors, Twistors, Quarternions, and the Spacetime Torus Topology  (free)

Howe, Twistors and Supersymmetry  (free)

Lasenby, Doranby, Gull, 2-Spinors, Twistors and Supersymmetry in the Spacetime Algebra  (free)

Mason, Singer, Woodhouse, Tau Functions, Twistor Theory and Quantum  Field Theory  (free)

Penrose, MacCallum. Twistor Theory, An Approach to the Quantisation of Fields and Space-Time  (free)

Samann, Aspects of Twistor Geometry, Supersymmetric Field Theories in Supertring Theory  (free)

Books on Twistor

Huggett, Tod, An Introduction to Twistor Theory  (unfree)  (free)

Penrose, Rindler, Spinors and Space-Time, Vol 2, Spinor and Twistor Methods in Space-Time Geometry  (unfree)  (PARTIAL-TEXT)

Ward, Wells, Twistor Geometry and Field Theory  (unfree)  (free)

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