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A Basic Course in Probability Theory, Bhattacharya, Waymire  (unfree)

A Classical Invitation to Algebraic Numbers and Class Fields, Cohn  (unfree)

A Concise Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Rautenberg  (unfree)

A Course in Constructive Algebra, Mines et al  (unfree)

A Course in Credibility Theory and its Applications, Bühlmann, Gisler  (unfree)  (free)

A Course in Formal Languages, Automata and Groups, Chiswel  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free full text)

A Course in Model Theory, An Introduction to Contemporary Mathematical Logic, Poizat  (unfree)

A Course in Topological Combinatorics, de Longueville  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free full text)

A Course on Finite Groups, Rose  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (full text)

A Course on Mathematical Logic, Srivastava  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)

A Course on Rough Paths, with an Introduction to Regularity Structures, Friz, Hairer  (unfree)

A First Course in Differential Equations, Logan  (unfree)  (full text)

A First Course in Discrete Dynamical Systems, Holmgren  (unfree)

A First Course in Group Theory, Gardiner  (unfree)

A First Course in Harmonic Analysis, 2nd. edn., Deitmar  (unfree)  (free has many links) (full text)

A Fixed-Point Farrago, Shapiro  (unfree)

A Formal Background to Mathematics, Logic, Sets and Numbers, Vol. 1, Edwards  (unfree)

A Formal Background to Mathematics 2a, A Critical Approach to Elementary Analysis, Edwards  (unfree)

A Geometrical Picture Book, Polster  (unfree)

A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Chorin, Marsden  (unfree)

A Polynomial Approach to Linear Algebra, Fuhrmann  (unfree)

A Primer on Spectral Theory, Aupetit  (unfree)

Algebra, Vol. I, Fields and Galois Theory, Lorentz  (unfree)  (free)  (free full text)  (full text)

Algebra, Vol II, Fields with Structure, Algebras and Advanced Topics, Lorentz  (unfree)

Algebraic Combinatorics, Lectures at a Summer School in Nordfjordeid, Norway, June 2003, (eds.) Orlik, et al  (unfree)

Algebraic Function Fields and Codes, Stichtenoth  (unfree)

Algebraic Geometry, An Introduction, Perrin  (unfree)

Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra, Bosch  (unfree)

Algebraic Geometry over the Complex Numbers, Arapura  (unfree)

Algebraic Surfaces and Holomorphic Vector Bundles, Friedman  (unfree)

Algebraic Surfaces, Badescu  (unfree)

Algebraic Theory of Quadratic Numbers, Trifkovic  (unfree)

Algebraic Topology from a Homotopical Viewpoint, Aguilar et al  (unfree)

Algebras of Linear Transformations, Farenick  (unfree)

Analysis I, Convergence, Elementary Functions, Godement  (unfree)

Analysis II, Differential and Integral Calculus, Fourier Series, Holomorphic Functions, Godement  (unfree)

Analysis III, Analytic and Differential Functions, Manifolds and Riemann Surfaces, Godement  (unfree)

Analysis IV, Integration and Spectral Theory, Harmonic Analysis, the Garden of Modular Delights, Godement  (unfree)

An Introduction to Homological Algebra, 2nd. edn., Rotman  (unfree)  (full text)

An Introduction to Infinite-Dimensional Analysis, da Prato  (unfree)

An Introduction to Manifolds, Tu  (unfree)  (full text)

An Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations, Agarwal, O’Regan  (unfree)  (full text)

An Introduction to Riemannian Geometry, with Applications to Mechanics and Relativity, Godinho, Natario  (unfree)  (full text)

An Introduction to Semiclassical and Microlocal Analysis, Bach  (unfree)  (free) (free full text)

An Introduction to Sequential Dynamical Systems, Mortveit, Reidys  (unfree)

An Introduction to the Theory of Large Deviations, Stroock   (unfree)

An Introductory Course in Functional Analysis, Bowers, Kalton  (unfree)

An Invitation to Algebraic Geometry, 2nd. edn., Smith et al (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free full text)

An Invitation to General Algebra and Universal Constructions, Bergman  (unfree)

An Invitation to Morse Theory, Nicolaescu  (unfree)  (full text)

An Invitation to von Neumann Algebras, Sunder  (unfree)

Analysis, From Concepts to Applications, Penot  (unfree)

A Polynomial Approach to Linear Algebra , Fuhrmann  (unfree)

Applied Stochastic Control of Jump Diffusions, Oksendal, Sulem  (unfree)

Applied Stochastic Processes, Lefebvre  (unfree)

Approximation Methods in Probability Theory, Cekanavicius  (unfree)

A Primer on Spectral Theory , Aupetit  (unfree)  (full text)

Arithmetics, Hindry  (unfree)

Arithmetic Tales, Bordelles  (unfree)

A Short Course in Ordinary Differential Equations, Kong  (unfree)  (free)  (free many links)  (free full text)  (full text)

A Short Course on Operator Semigroups, Engel, Nagel  (unfree)

Aspects of Brownian Motion, Mansuy, Yor  (unfree)  (free)

A Taste of Jordan Algebras, McCrimmon  (unfree)  (full text)

A Taste of Topology, Runde  (unfree)

A Textbook of Graph Theory, Balakrishnan, Ranganathan  (unfree)

Abstract Algebra and Famous Impossibilities, Jones et al  (unfree)

Abstract Linear Algebra, Curtis  (unfree)

Advanced Analysis on the Real Line, Kannan, Krueger  (unfree)

Algebra for Computer Science, Garding, Tambour  (unfree)

Automorphic Forms, Deitmar  (unfree)


Banach Lattices, Meyer-Nieberg  (unfree)

Basic Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations, Hsieh, Sibuya  (unfree)

Beginner’s Course in Topology, Geometric Chapters, Fuks, Rokhlin  (unfree)

Bieberbach Groups and Flat Manifolds, Charlap  (unfree)

Bifurcations and Catastrophes, Geometry of Solutions to Nonlinear Problems, Demazure  (unfree)

Block Error-Correcting Codes, A Computational Primer, Xambo-Descamps  (unfree)

Business Cycle Theory, A Survey of Methods and Concepts, Gabisch, Lorenz  (unfree)


Calabi-Yau Manifolds and Related Geometries, Gross et al  (unfree)

Calculus on Normed Vector Spaces, Coleman  (unfree)

Catalan’s Conjecture, Schoof  (unfree)

Class Field Theory, Childress  (unfree)

Classical Fourier Transforms, Chandrasekharan  (unfree)

Classical Tessellations and Three-Manifolds, Montesinos-Amilibia  (unfree)

Classical Theory of Algebraic Numbers, Ribenboim  (unfree)

Cohomology of Sheaves, Iversen  (unfree)

Compact Riemann Surfaces, An Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics, Jost  (unfree)

Complex Abelian Varieties and Theta Functions, Kempf  (unfree)

Complex Analysis, Freitag, Busam  (unfree)

Complex Analysis 2, Riemann Surfaces, Several Complex Variables, Abelian Functions, Higher Modular Functions, Freitag  (unfree)

Complex Analysis, A Functional Analysis Approach, Luecking, Rubel  (unfree)

Complex Dynamics, Carleson, Gamelin  (unfree)

Complex Geometry, An Introduction, Huybrechts  (unfree)  (full text)

Complex Manifolds without Potential Theory with an Appendix on the Geometry of Characteristic Classes, Chern  (unfree)

Composition Operators and Classical Function Theory, Shapiro  (unfree)

Comprehensive Mathematics for Computer Scientists 1, 2nd. edn., Mazzola et al  (unfree)

Comprehensive Mathematics for Computer Scientists 2, Mazzola et al  (unfree)

Continuity, Integration and Fourier Theory, Zaanen  (unfree)


Degenerate Parabolic Equations, DiBenedetto  (unfree)

Differential Forms, A Heuristic Introduction, Schreiber  (unfree)

Differential Forms and Applications, do Carmo  (unfree)  (free full text)  (full text)

Discourses on Algebra, Shafarevich  (unfree)

Discrete Mathematics, Gallier  (unfree)

Distributions, Partial Differential Equations, and Harmonic Analysis, Mitrea  (unfree)

Dynamic Optimization, Deterministic and Stochastic Models, Hinderer et al   (unfree)

Dynamical Systems, An Introduction, Barreira, Valls  (unfree)

Dynamical Systems, Examples of Complex Behaviour, Jost  (unfree)

Dynamical Systems on Surfaces, Godbillon  (unfree)

Dynamics of Quasi-Stable Dissipative Systems, Cheushov  (unfree)


Elementary Number Theory, Cryptography and Codes, Baldoni et al  (unfree)  (free)

Elementary Theory of Metric Spaces, A Course in Constructing Mathematical Proofs, Reisel  (unfree)

Entire and Meromorphic Functions, Rubel  (unfree)

Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, Coudène  (unfree)

Ergodic Theory, Hyperbolic Dynamics and Dimension Theory, Barreira  (unfree)

Essential Mathematics for Applied Fields, Meyer  (unfree)

Excursions into Combinatorial Geometry, Boltyanski et al  (unfree)


Finite Möbius Groups, Minimal Immersions of Spheres, and Moduli, Toth  (unfree)

Fluctuations of Lévy Processes with Applications : Introductory Lectures, Kyprianou  (unfree)

Foliations on Riemannian Manifolds, Tondeur  (unfree)

Formal Power Series and Linear Systems of Meromorphic Ordinary Differential Equations, Balser  (unfree)

FORTRAN Programming, A Supplement for Calculus Courses, Fuller  (unfree

Fourier Analysis and Stochastic Processes, Bremaud  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)

Fourier and Wavelet Analysis, Bachmann et al  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free)  (free full text)  (free full text)

From Elementary Probability to Stochastic Differential Equations with MAPLE®, Cyganowski et al  (unfree

From Vectors to Tensors, Ruiz-Tolosa, Castillo  (unfree)  (free)

Frontiers of Numerical Analysis, Blowey, Craig (eds.)  (unfree)  (free)

Functional Analysis, Sobolev Spaces and Partial Differential Equations, Brezis  (unfree)  (full text)

Functional Spaces for the Theory of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations, Demengel, Demengel  (unfree)

Fundamentals and Advanced Techniques in Derivatives Hedging, Bouchard, Chassagneux  (unfree)

Fundamentals of Contemporary Set Theory, Devlin  (unfree)

Fundamentals of Functional Analysis, Farenick  (unfree)

Fundamentals of Hopf Algebras, Underwood  (unfree)  (free)

Fundamentals of Real Analysis, Berberian  (unfree)


Galois Theory, 2nd. edn., Rotman  (unfree)  (full text)

Galois Theory, Weintraub  (unfree)

Geodesic and Horocyclic Trajectories, DalBo  (unfree)

Geometric and Analytic Number Theory, Hlawka et al  (unfree)

Geometries and Groups, Nikulin, Shafarevich  (unfree)

Geometry, Audin  (unfree)  (full text)

Geometry I, Berger  (unfree)  (free)

Geometry II, Berger  (unfree)

Geometry of Surfaces, Stillwell  (unfree)

Geometry , Audin  (unfree)  (full text)

Geothermics, An Introduction, Buntebarth  (unfree)

Graph Theory Applications, Foulds  (unfree)

Graphs and Cubes, Ovchinnikov  (unfree)

Graphs and Matrices, Bapat  (unfree)  (full text)

Groups and Symmetries, From Finite Groups to Lie Groups, Kosmann-Schwarzbach  (unfree)  (full text)


Hamiltonian Structures and Generating Families, Benenti  (unfree)

Harmonic Analysis of Operators on Hilbert Space, Sz.-Nagy et al  (unfree)

Heights of Polynomials and Entropy in Algebraic Dynamics, Everest, Ward  (unfree)

Higher-Dimensional Algebraic Geometry, Debarre  (unfree)

Holomorphic Function Theory in Several Variables, An Introduction, Laurent-Thiebaut  (unfree)

Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations, Alinhac  (unfree)

Hypergeometric Summation, An Algorithmic Approach to Summation and Special Function Identities, Koepf  (unfree)

Hyperplane Arrangements, An Introduction, Dimca  (unfree)


Idempotent Matrices over Complex Group Algebras, Emmanouil  (unfree)

Informal Introduction to Stochastic Processes with Maple, Vrbik, Vrbik  (unfree)

Introduction to Arithmetical Functions, McCarthy  (unfree)

Introduction to Differentiable Manifolds, Lang  (unfree)

Introduction to Game Theory, Morris  (unfree)

Introduction to Homotopy Theory, Arkowitz  (unfree)

An Introduction to Homological Algebra, Rotman  (unfree)

Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry, Ramsay, Richtmyer  (unfree)

An Introduction to Infinite-Dimensional Analysis , da Prato  (unfree)

Introduction to Large Truncated Toeplitz Matrices, Böttcher, Silbermann  (unfree)

Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Hermes  (unfree)

Introduction to Mathematical Methods in Bioinformatics, Isaev  (unfree)

Introduction to Matrix Analysis and Applications, Hiai, Petz  (unfree)  (full text)

Introduction to Noncommutative Algebra, Bresar  (unfree)

Introduction to Nonlinear Dispersive Equations, Linares, Ponce  (unfree)

An Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations , Agarwal, O’Regan  (unfree)

Introduction to Partial Differential Equations, Borthwick  (unfree)

Introduction to Robust and Quasi-Robust Statistical Methods, Rey  (unfree)

An Introduction to Semiclassical and Microlocal Analysis , Martinez  (unfree)

An Introduction to Sequential Dynamical Systems , Mortveit, Reidys  (unfree)

Introduction to Siegel Modular Forms and Dirichlet Series, Andrianov  (unfree)

Introduction to Stochastic Integration, Kuo  (unfree)

Introduction to the Mori Program, Matsuki  (unfree)

Introduction to the Theory of (Non-Symmetric) Dirichlet Forms, Ma, Röckner  (unfree)

Introduction to the Theory of Lie Groups, Godement  (unfree)                                                                                                                                                                                             

Introduction to Étale Cohomology, Tamme  (unfree)

Introductory Lectures on Fluctuations of Lévy Processes with Applications, Kyprianou  (unfree)

Introductory Problem Courses in Analysis and Topology, Moise  (unfree)

Intuitive Combinatorial Topology, Boltyanskii et al  (unfree)

Isomonodromic Deformations and Frobenius Manifolds, An Introduction, Sabbah  (unfree)

An Invitation to von Neumann Algebras, Sunder  (unfree)


Knots and Primes, An Introduction to Arithmetic Topology, Morishita  (unfree)


Lattices and Ordered Algebraic Structures, Blyth  (unfree)

Lebesgue Integration, Chae  (unfree)

Lectures on Advances in Combinatorics, Ahlswede, Blinovsky  (unfree)

Lectures on Analysis on Metric Spaces, Heinonen  (unfree)

Lectures on Functional Analysis and the Lebesgue Integral, Komornik, Vilmos  (unfree)

Lectures on Hyperbolic Geometry, Benedetti, Petronio  (unfree)

Lectures on Number Theory, Hurwitz, Kritikos  (unfree)

Lectures on Partial Differential Equations, Arnold  (unfree)

Lie Groups, Duistermaat, Kolk  (unfree)

Lie Groups, An Approach through Invariants and Representation, Procesi  (unfree)  (free)  (free)  (free)

Lie Sphere Geometry, 2nd. edn., Cecil  (unfree)

Linear Algebra and Linear Models, Bapat  (unfree)

Linear Chaos, Grosse-Erdmann, Manguillot  (unfree)

Linear Functional Analysis, An Application-Oriented Introduction, Alt  (unfree)

Linear Optimization and Extensions, Problems and Solutions, Alevras, Padberg  (unfree)

Linear Programming Duality, An Introduction to Oriented Matroids, Bachem, Kern  (unfree)

Local Bifurcations, Center Manifolds, and Normal Forms in Infinite-Dimensional Dynamical Systems, Haragus, Iooss  (unfree)

Logic and Structure, van Dalen  (unfree)  (full text)

Logical Number Theory I, An Introduction, Smorynski  (unfree)


Malliavin Calculus for Lévy Processes with Applications to Finance, di Nunno et al  (unfree)

Markov Decision Processes with Applications to Finance, Bäuerle, Rieder  (unfree)

Mathematical Analysis I, Zorich  (unfree)

Mathematical Analysis II, Zorich (unfree)

Mathematical Analysis I , Canuto, Tabacco  (unfree)

Mathematical Analysis II , Canuto, Tabacco  (unfree)

Mathematical Concepts of Quantum Mechanics, Gustafson, Sigal  (unfree)

Mathematical Logic and Model Theory, A Brief Introduction, Prestel, Delzell  (unfree)

Mathematical Methods in Biology and Neurobiology, Jost  (unfree)

Mathematical Modeling for the Life Sciences, Istas  (unfree)

Mathematical Modeling in Epidemiology, Frauenthal  (unfree)

Matrix Groups, Curtis  (unfree)

Matrix Theory, Basic Results and Techniques, Zhang  (unfree)

Measure, Integral, Derivative, A Course on Lebesgue’s Theory, Ovchinnikov  (unfree)

Measures and Probabilities, Simonnet  (unfree)

Measures of Symmetry for Convex Sets and Stability, Toth  (unfree)

Mechanizing Hypothesis Formation, Mathematical Foundations for a General Theory, Hajek, Havranek  (unfree)

Mirrors and Reflections, The Geometry of Finite Reflection Groups, Borovik, Borovik  (unfree)

Modern Geometry with Applications , Jennings  (unfree)

Mod Two Homology and Cohomology, Hausmann  (unfree)  (full text)

Modern Analysis and Topology, Howes  (unfree)

Modern Geometry with Applications, Jennings  (unfree)

Morse Theory and Floer Homology, Audin, Damian  (unfree)

Motivic Homotopy Theory, Lectures at a Summer School in Nordfjordeid, Norway, August 2002, (eds.) Dundas et al  (unfree)

Multilinear Algebra, Greub  (unfree)


Natural Function Algebras, Rickart  (unfree)

Non-Abelian Harmonic Analysis, Applications of SL(2, R), Howe, Tan  (unfree)

Non-Commutative Gelfand Theories, A Tool-kit for Operator Theorists and Numerical Analysts, Roch et al  (unfree)

Non-Life Insurance Mathematics, An Introduction with Stochastic Processes, Mikosch  (unfree)

Nonlinear Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, Verhulst  (unfree)  (full text)

Nonsmooth Analysis, Schirotzek  (unfree)

Nonstandard Analysis in Practice, (eds.) Diener, Diener  (unfree)

Nonstandard Methods in Fixed Point Theory, Aksoy, Khamsi  (unfree)

Normal Families, Schiff  (unfree)

Notes on Geometry, Rees  (unfree)

Notes on Lie Algebras, Samelson  (unfree)

Number Fields, Marcus  (unfree)  (full text)

Number Theory, An Introduction to Mathematics, Coppel  (unfree)  (full text)

Numerical Optimization, Theoretical and Practical Aspects, 2nd. edn., Bonnans et al  (unfree)

Numerical Range, The Field of Values of Linear Operators and Matrices, Gustafson, Rao  (unfree)

Numerical Solution of SDE Through Computer Experiments, Kloeden et al  (unfree)

Numerical Treatment of Partial Differential Equations, Grossmann et al  (unfree)


Optimal Decisions Under Uncertainty, Methods, Models, and Management, Sengupta  (unfree)

Optimization Methods, Tolle  (unfree)

Option Theory with Stochastic Analysis, An Introduction to Mathematical Finance, Benth  (unfree)

Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Agarwal, O’Regan  (unfree)

Ordinary Differential Equations, Arnold  (unfree)

Orthogonality and Spacetime Geometry, Goldblad  (unfree)  (free)


p-adic Numbers, An Introduction, Gouvea  (unfree)

Partial Differential Equations 1, Foundations and Integral Representations, Sauvigny  (unfree)

Partial Differential Equations 2, Functional Analytic Methods, Sauvigny  (unfree)

Partial Differential Equations in Action, From Modelling to Theory, Salsa  (unfree)  (full text)

Plane and Solid Geometry, Aarts  (unfree)

Points and Lines, Characterizing the Classical Geometries, Shult  (unfree)

Polyhedral and Algebraic Methods in Computational Geometry, Joswig, Theobald  (unfree)

Postmodern Analysis, Jost  (unfree)

Potential Theory, Helms  (unfree)

Power Series from a Computational Point of View, Smith  (unfree)

Principal Bundles, The Classical Case, Sontz  (unfree)

Principles of Harmonic Analysis, Deitmar, Echterhoff  (unfree)

Probability and Statistical Inference, Kalbfleisch  (unfree)

Probability Essentials, Jacod, Protter  (unfree)

Probability Theory, Borovkov  (unfree)  (free)

Probability Theory, A Comprehensive Course, Klenke  (unfree)

Probability Theory, An Advanced Course, Borkar  (unfree)

Problems from the Discrete to the Continuous, Probability, Number Theory, Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Pinsky  (unfree)

Programming for Mathematicians, Seroul  (unfree)

Proof Theory, A First Step into Impredicativity, Pohlers  (unfree)


Quadratic Algebras, Clifford Algebras, and Arithmetic Witt Groups, Hahn  (unfree)

Qualitative Theory of Planar Differential Systems, Dumortier et al  (unfree)

Quantum Calculus, Kac, Cheung  (unfree)  (full text)

Queues and Lévy Fluctuation Theory, Debicki, Mandjes  (unfree)


Real Analysis: Measures, Integrals and Applications, Makarov, Podkorytov  (unfree)

Representation Theory of Finite Groups, An Introductory Approach, Steinberg  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)

Representation Theory of Finite Monoids, Steinberg  (unfree)

Riemannian Geometry, Gallot et al  (unfree)

Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis, Jost  (unfree)  (free)


Second Course in Ordinary Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers, Humi, Miller   (unfree)

Self-Reference and Modal Logic, Smorynski  (unfree)

Semilinear Elliptic Equations for Beginners, Existence Results via the Variational Approach, Badiale, Serra  (unfree)

Set Theory, Exploring Independence and Truth, Schindler  (unfree)

Sheaves in Geometry and Logic, A First Introduction to Topos Theory, MacLane, Moerdijk  (unfree)

Sheaves in Topology, Dimca  (unfree)

Simultaneous Triangularization, Radjavi, Rosenthal  (unfree)

Singularities and Topology of Hypersurfaces, Dimca  (unfree)

Singularities of Integrals, Homology, Hyperfunctions and Microlocal Analysis, Pham  (unfree)

Singularity Theory and an Introduction to Catastrophe Theory, Lu  (unfree)

Space-Filling Curves, Sagan  (unfree)

Spectra of Graphs, Brouwer, Haemers  (unfree)

Sphere Packings, Zong  (unfree)  (free)

State Space Modeling of Time Series, Aoki  (unfree)

Statistics of Financial Markets, An Introduction, Franke et al  (unfree)

Statistics of Financial Markets, Exercises and Solutions, Borak et al  (unfree)

Stochastic Analysis for Finance with Simulations, Choe  (unfree)

Stochastic Calculus in Manifolds, Emery  (unfree)

Stochastic Differential Equations, An Introduction with Applications, Oksendal  (unfree)  (full text)

Stochastic Modeling, Lanchier  (unfree)

Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Lototsky, Rozovsky  (unfree)

Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, A Modeling, White Noise Functional Approach, Holden et al  (unfree)

Stochastic Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction, Liu, Rockner  (unfree)

Strange Phenomena in Convex and Discrete Geometry, Zong  (unfree)

Surfaces in Classical Geometries, A Treatment by Moving Frames, Jensen et al  (unfree)

Symbolic Dynamics, One-sided, Two-sided and Countable State Markov Shifts, Kitchens  (unfree)


Techniques of Constructive Analysis, Bridges, Vita  (unfree)

The 1-2-3 of Modular Forms, Lectures at a Summer School in Nordfjordeid, Norway, (eds.) Bruinier et al   (unfree)

The Analysis and Geometry of Hardy’s Inequality, Balinsky et al  (unfree)

The Calculus of Variations, van Brunt  (unfree)  (full text)

The Classical Decision Problem, Börger et al  (unfree)

The Homotopy Index and Partial Differential Equations, Rybakowski  (unfree)

The Mathematical Theory of Turbulence, Stanisic  (unfree)

The Mathematics of Networks of Linear Systems, Fuhrmann, Helmke  (unfree)

The Non-Euclidean, Hyperbolic Plane, Its Structure and Consistency, Kelly, Matthew  (unfree)

The Pillars of Computation Theory, State, Encoding, Nondeterminism, Rosenberg  (unfree)

The Special Theory of Relativity, A Mathematical Exposition, Das  (unfree)

The Spectrum of Hyperbolic Surfaces, Bergeron  (unfree)

The Theory of Differential Equations, Classical and Qualitative, Kelley, Peterson  (unfree)

The Theory of Finite Groups, Kurzweil, Stellmacher  (unfree)  (full text)

Theory and Numerics of Differential Equations, Durham 2000, (eds.) Blowey et al  (unfree)

Theory of Probability and Random Processes, Koralov, Sinai  (unfree)

Thermodynamic Network Analysis of Biological Systems, Schnakenberg  (unfree)

Tools for Computational Finance, Seydel  (unfree)

Topics in Complex Analysis, Andersson  (unfree)

Topics in Hyperplane Arrangements, Polytopes and Box-Splines, De Concini, Procesi  (unfree)

Topological Dimension and Dynamical Systems, Coornaert  (unfree)

Topological Methods in the Study of Boundary Value Problems, Amster  (unfree)

Topology and Analysis, The Atiyah-Singer Index Formula and Gauge-Theoretic Physics, Booss, Bleecke  (unfree)  (full text)

Transformation Geometry , An Introduction to Symmetry, Martin  (unfree)


Understanding and Using Linear Programming, Matoušek, Gärtner  (unfree)  (free)

Using the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem, Matousek  (unfree)


Valuation Theory, Endler  (unfree)

Variational Methods in Theoretical Mechanics, Oden, Reddy  (unfree)

Vector Analysis Versus Vector Calculus, Galbis, Maestre  (unfree)

Vitushkin’s Conjecture for Removable Sets, Dudziak  (unfree)


Weyl Transforms, Wong  (unfree)

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