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University of Notre Dame Press Book Series List (philosophy) (m)

University of Notre Dame Press Book Series List (philosophy) (m)


Aesthetics  (9)  (link)

Catholic Philosophy  (32)  (link)

Epistemology  (20)  (link)

Ethics  (124)  (link)

History & Classical Works  (67)  (link)

History & Philosophy of Science  (32)  (link)

Metaphysics  (34)  (link)

Philosophy  (155)  (link)

Philosophy of Religion  (64)  (link)

Political Philosophy  (58)  (link)


Boston University Studies in Philosophy and Religion  (22)  (link)

Catholic Ideas for a Secular World  (2)  (link)

The Ethics of Everyday Life  (4)  (link)

Faith in Reason: Philosophical Enquiries  (7)  (link)

John W. Houck Notre Dame Series in Business Ethics  (6)  (link)

Kellogg Institute Series on Democracy and Development  (59)  (link)

Library of Religious Philosophy  (3)  (link)

Loyola Topics in Political Philosophy  (3)  (link)

Midwest Studies in Philosophy  (2)  (link)

Notre Dame Studies in Ethics and Culture  (3)  (link)

Notre Dame Studies in Medical Ethics  (5)  (link)

Notre Dame Studies in the Philosophy of Religion  (1)  (link)

Revisions: A Series of Books on Ethics  (7)  (link)

Soundings: A Series of Books on Ethics, Economics and Business  (1)  (link)

Thresholds in Philosophy and Theology  (5)  (link)



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