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University Book Series Publishers (math) (m)

University Book Series Publishers (math) (m)

NOTE : Publishers marked in blue are major sources.

Cambridge University Press (CUP) (math) (m)  (link)  HUGE!  now doing

ETH Zurich (math) (m)  (link)

Harvard University Press (HUP) (math) (m)  (link)

MIT Press (math) (m)  (link)

Oxford University Press (OUP) (math) (m)  (link)

Princeton University Press (PUP) (math) (m)  (link)

The University of Chicago Press (math) (m)   (link)

University Press of America (UPA) (math) (m)   (link)

University of Toronto Press (UTP) (math) (m)  (link)

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