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Using the “deGarisMPC” (MathPhysComp) 200 YouTube Video Lecture Courses

Using the “deGarisMPC” (MathPhysComp) ~200 YouTube Video Lecture Courses

This series of about ~200 YouTube video lecture courses in Ms and PhD level Pure Math, and Math Physics (plus a few Computer Theory courses thrown in) are aimed at “alfas” (i.e. people in the top 1% of IQ) who want to be able to teach themselves Pure Math and Math Physics at PhD level FOR FREE and in their own time, whenever they want.

When I was young, I always felt resentful that society was so “peakered” i.e. it catered to the peakers (people of average IQ placing them in the peak of the IQ Bell curve, interested in such things as watching TV, watching sports, listening to pop music, watching Hollywood movies, etc.) As a sage (i.e. intellectual) myself, I felt alienated and bored by this “peakery” and felt that society was sageist (i.e. anti sage, i.e. anti intellectual), not catering to sages, and ignoring our interests and needs, because we were such a tiny minority (only 1%).

So this series of courses is aimed at sages who love to get their intellectual teeth into something truly meaty, such as PhD level Pure Math and Math Physics. This “deGarisMPC” series of ~200 YouTube video courses is my “sage’s revenge.” Thanks to the internet I am empowered as an individual to make my own series of courses and put them on the internet for the world to use.

It is a pioneering effort. I know of no similar undertaking. It will take me 30 years if I can live that long. I’m already nearly 70. (My father is still alive and 97, so I may follow in his footsteps. My top priority is staying healthy, to leave this legacy.)

I imagine in 30 years or less, sages around the world enjoying my “deGarisMPC” series of courses in PhD level Pure Math and Math Physics, learning at their own pace, whether slowly or quickly. (The beauty of video lectures, is that you can always rewind if you don’t follow something!)

This “deGarisMPC” series is designed for both pleasure and for education at high level, at PhD level, and its deliberately designed to be FREE to students around the world. ENJOY!


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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