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I haven’t come across any (fairly) direct evidence that the above is true, but I’m strongly suspicious that that is what may have happened. I say this because the Jewish banksters via the CFR (Council for Foreign Relations, that was set up by the same Jewish bankster (Paul Warburg) who wrote the draft for the Federal Reserve Act of 1913) played a central role in the establishment of second wave feminism. (The CFR now has a membership that is 80% Jewish. The Jewish elite has taken over the US the way it did to Germany in the 20s until Hitler threw out the Jewish civil servants in the 30s, as well as the Rothschild controlled German central bank. After that, without a Jewish bankster debt note paper currency, the German economy THRIVED. Its 6 million unemployed were essentially all back at work within a few years.)

I have a hatred of Jewish central banksters. They are the greatest criminals against humanity in history. In the 20th century, they were indirectly responsible for the deaths of over 200 million people. The Jewish bankster families (the Rothschilds (the worst), the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, the Shiffs, etc) played a key role in the generation of the two world wars. They switch on and off economic booms and busts like a light switch, because they control the central banks in most countries of the world. They cant print as much money as they want, and hence bribe the politicians, destroying democracies. They have assassinated 6 US presidents, 4 successfully, 2 almost. They groom presidents to follow their will, and assassinate them if they rebel, as JFK did. They inflate the currency, destroying peoples savings. They make debt slaves of the world with their loans of paper dollars (that cost the Jewish banksters nothing) to governments that the people then pay back PLUS interest, to the Jewish banksters. They have taken over the governments of the major countries. They dictate the foreign policy of the US, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, etc. They control the minds of most unthinking people, by their monopoly control of Hollywood, the media, publishing, etc. They have set up hate speech laws in many countries (France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, etc) making it illegal to criticize them (which is profoundly sageist and anti-scientific). They abuse us with their Holocaust myth (which really only got going in the 70s, a generation after the war) to extract “guilt money” to prop up a near bankrupt Israel ($3B/yr from the US, and $1B/yr from Germany), etc.

The Jewish elite hate us. Their Talmud, their main religious text(s) is full of expressions of vitriolic hatred against the goy (a Jewish word for non Jew, i.e. 99.8% of the world population). The early Rothschilds were adherents of Jacob Frank, who was a Shabbetean, i.e. an adherent of Shabbetai Tzvi, who thought he was the messiah in the 1600s. He had a million Jewish followers, which posed a political threat to the Persian sultan, who had Tzvi summoned and gave him a choice between death and converting to Islam. He chose the latter. Jacob Frank was a Satanist. He believed that doing evil would cause the messiah to return to earth sooner, so the greater the evil (against the hated goy) his followers committed, the better for the Jews.

He got Weishaupt to found the Illuminati, and got the Rothschilds to fund it. The top Jewish banksters are still (Shabbetean Frankist) Satanists. They are happiest when they generate massive wars in which the goy are slaughtering themselves in the millions (e.g. the two world wars) and the Jewish central banksters are making HUGE profits from war loans to their governments, who are under their control.

In light of the above, (which is hard to take in if its all new to you, so you need to look at the evidence, i.e. be scientific about it) which you can educate yourself in by studying the works of knowledgeable intelligent people on the internet, I have deep suspicions that the same Jewish banksters were behind the misandrist divorce laws of the 70s.

We know that the Jewish elite, were behind the funding of second wave feminism. See an interview of Aaron Russo, who got friendly with one of the Rockefellers at —  —  Russo, said that the Jewish elite wanted feminism because it would bring in more taxes with women working. He also said that Gloria Steinem (founder of “Ms.” magazine) was funded by the Jewish elite.

The Jewish elite have used a divide and conquer strategy for many centuries in those countries they parasite upon. The Jewish elite have an ethic, that it is beneath them to work as most people do. They prefer to have others work for them. They have been banksters for centuries, charging excessive interest rates on their loans, that is one of the reasons why they make themselves so hated, e.g. in Russia. By dividing and conquering, they can survive longer in their host countries, before they get kicked out, as has happened in nearly every country in Europe over the past 1000 years, an extraordinary interculturally incompetent track record!!

The Jewish elite were the founders, controllers and funders of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) i.e. the “civil rights” organization for the negros in the US. By promoting black discontent against the whites, the US population’s attention is distracted from the ongoing theft of their taxes, by the Jewish banksters.

I now come to my main point. I would not be at all surprised, if behind the scenes, a handful of powerful CFR based Jews bribed the gender politicians in the US congress, to pass divorce laws that would destroy men in their millions, and polarize the sexes, so that organizations like MGTOW, MRA, masculists, etc became necessary to defend men’s rights, the way NAACP tries to for blacks.

NAACP is a minority organization, defending a colored minority. But feminism, masculism, together are about the whole population. By having men and women fighting each other, what a GLORIOUS distraction for the Jewish banksters, so they can continue controlling the US and the world’s central banks, making themselves literally trillionaires.

How many of you, feel that by making the divorce laws in the 70s so misandrist, so evil, against the interests of men, that inevitably it would lead to the current fight between one half of the population and the other half. What a wonderful divide and conquer strategy that would have been for the Jewish banksters, if that is indeed what happened.

If any of you have any evidence confirming my deep suspicion, I would be grateful to hear from you, perhaps with a comment to this one.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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