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This flyer lists and explains what masculists-MGTOWs expect from women, so that the population crash caused by men refusing to marry and have kids, can be stopped.


The top political goal of the masculists is that all women should be FIPs (financially independent persons) in order to create a FIP Society, where all adults are FIPs, pulling their financial weight, and not parasiting on another human being. Masculists realize that if virtually all women were FIPs then so many of men’s gender problems would be solved. Female parasitism would disappear, the divorce courts would be made menfair, the Parer (paternity rejection right) would be legislated, legal discriminations against men would be removed, etc. Masculists are highly conscious of this, so push very hard to force women to be FIPs.

Men have the power to force women to be FIPs, because nearly all men are FIPs. Boys are traditionally socialized into that gender role, so if men collectively decide that they will have nothing to do with fluffies (traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off the money of a robot male manslave) then the fluffies will die out. The fluffies will rot on the shelf to extinction because a fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some manslave.

But the supply of such males is drying up. In the US today, only 30% of young men under 35, accept being manslaves to fluffies, because the other 70% refuse to marry and have kids, due to the toxicity of the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts in which roughly one married father in four will be financially massacred, losing his kids, his house, forced to pay child support and alimony to his fluffie ex-wife. Young men are so repelled by this massive injustice against the male sex that they vote with their feet, refusing to marry and have kids.


Parents should raise daughters to be FIPs, scaring them that if they want to have a baby when they grow up, they will HAVE TO BE A FIP, otherwise no man will have anything to do with them. Masculists punish fluffies by not even sexing them, preferring to twaytwef (see below) with FIP women and totally ignoring fluffies, forcing them to rot on the shelf.

In concrete terms, parents need to push their daughters to study FIP majors (math and the sciences ) in the junior and senior years of high school, so that these daughters can study FIP majors (professions and the techs) at university, so that they can become real FIPs, earning good money when they are adults. As a FIP, these women will at least be able to have a relationship with a man, and get regular sex.

If these daughters are lazy and don’t bother to study the “hard option” of math and the sciences in high school, they will be destined to not get a man, and wont even be fucked by men, as more and more men have their men’s lib consciousness raised, that fluffies are manslavers, immoral, parasitic, vermin, to be wiped out by neglecting them.


Females are genetically programmed to be parasitic on men. They evolved that way. When the prehuman baby’s head doubled in size over a million years, the greater brain size meant that the birth canal had to be wider, which put more stress on the hip bone. A hip bone fracture was fatal for women, so evolution solved the problem by having the baby be born prematurely so that its head could keep growing after the birth. But a premature baby is useless and needs constant care from the mother. So the mothers could not hunt, the way many other female  primates do, e.g. lionesses. They had to stay at home with the infants and small children.

So how could these mothers get meat (protein) for themselves and their babies if they could not hunt. From men. But why would men give women meat? In exchange for sex. So prehuman females evolved to be prostitutes – sex for protein. The human female is the sexiest of mammals, not having a period of “being in heat” as are dogs or monkeys. Human females are always in heat. This solution, sex for protein, is several million years old, so deeply DNA ingrained in women.

So, how can women overcome their genetically programmed attitudes towards men, i.e. seeing men as exploitable checkbooks? A woman will coldly dump a man who no longer performs as a resource provider. Women don’t love men. Women love men’s exploitability. That idea, usually called the “red pill” is one of the fundamental ideas of the MGTOWs.

But the human brain is flexible and can learn. It can overcome its primitive instincts and learn to adapt to a changing environment. What is changing around women now are men. There’s a men’s lib movement now, that has grown up as a consequence of the contraceptive pill. Women choose to have 0, 1, 2 kids which gives them 40+ years of career time. The masculists say to women, NOW THAT YOU CAN WORK, YOU MUST WORK, ANYTHING ELSE IS PARASITISM ON MEN’S LABOR.

Traditionally, men have been manslaves to women, who often had a dozen kids. She was full time busy with the kids while the father was out of the house earning the living to keep the whole family afloat. By the time the last kid had left the house, many of these parents were dead anyway.

Now, that millions of women are FIPs, revolutionary new lifestyles open up for men.

Research shows that the happiest couples are childless, and the unhappiest couples have teenage kids, so why have kids. Masculists/MGTOWs can now twaytwef with a FIP woman who has her own apartment (2A2F = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs). When the relationship sours, he walks away to his own apartment, cost free, no divorce, because no marriage, no child support because no kids, no alimony because she is a FIP. Twaytweffing keeps women being nice to men otherwise the man walks away so easily, cost free.

A masculist/MGTOW can live frugally, saving and investing a lot, so that he can retire in his 40s, then spend the rest of his life ARCing (after retirement careering) doing what he LOVES, not being a wage slave to some employer, and not being a manslave to some bloody fluffie.

So, masculists/MGTOWs put enormous moral pressure on women to be FIPs, and to have the moral expectations of being FIPs towards men. Women need to suppress their genetically programmed instincts of judging men according to men’s exploitability, because if women don’t do this, they will pay a horrible price. They will be ignored by men. They will rot on the shelf, manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, poor, and shunned by most of society, even by other females who are FIPs who look on fluffiedom as evil.


Today’s divorce laws in the US and comparable countries are massively unjust towards men and scream out for reform. The divorce laws need to be made menfair, or the population will continue to plummet and be wiped out within a century. The fluffie feminists in all their hypocrisy, need to have their lobby power removed from the gender politicians, so that divorce law reform becomes possible.

Those fluffie feminists who push hard for today’s divorce laws and customs to be maintained need to be harangued and spat at by the masculists/MGTOWs. Such women are criminally selfish, and psychopathic. Many of them actually have divorce parties once they have massacred their ex husbands financially and destroyed their lives. One married father in four goes through this hell.

The masculists/MGTOWs will continue to boycott marriage and fatherhood, so sooner or later the gender politicians will be FORCED to ignore the lobbying by the fluffie feminists, who want equal rights for women, but not for men, who want to keep men as manslaves, paying for women to be fluffies. Masculists/MGTOWs hate fluffie feminists who push for the maintenance of the divorce laws.

The gender politicians will then menfair the divorce laws, so that child custody is made joint by default, alimony is thrown out, the house remains with its original owner(s) and fluffies are pressured to become FIPs so that they don’t expect to parasite on men after a divorce the way they did before the divorce.

These are the main expectations of masculists/MGTOWs towards women. The take home message for women is “If you’re not a FIP, you wont get a man. That will be your punishment. FIP up or rot on the shelf!”


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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