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It is only a question of time (not if) before governments are forced to come to terms with the MGTOW/masculist movements, because these men’s lib movements are wiping out whole populations, due to them refusing to marry and more importantly, refusing to have kids, which will have a catastrophic effect on the birth rate and in time will crash the population. In both the US and Japan now, a whopping 2/3 of young men under 35 refuse to marry and have kids.

This process has gone further and has been going on longer in Japan than in western countries, so western MGTOWs/masculists can learn a lot from what the Jap MGTOWs are doing or rather not doing. Recently I came across an American MGTOW (Shi nu ASAMI) YouTube him!) who has been burned by two Jap fluffie ex wives, who has a PhD and can give western MGTOWs/masculists a good, on the spot, picture of where Japanese MGTOW is today. I suggest western MGTOWs watch his YouTube videos to see where western MGTOWs/masculists will be in about 5-10 years, because the Japanese MGTOWs are that far ahead of the west in MGTOW terms.

The proportion of young men in the US and in Japan who are MGTOWs/masculists is about the same, i.e. 2/3, but Japan has been MGTOW for much longer, so there has been more time for the political and economic consequences of the rise of Japanese MGTOW (locally known as “herbivore (grass eaters) (as distinct from carnivore) men”) to play themselves out. In Japan, there is now even a “minister of population,” whose job it is to try to persuade young Japanese men to reproduce, otherwise the Japanese population will be wiped out. So western MGTOWs/masculists can listen to Asami and learn what the Jap MGTOWs are doing and thinking, and maybe learn something from them.

So, jump ahead some years in the western future, when the MGTOW/masculist ideas have gone mainstream, and everyone is aware that if the gender politicians, and governments don’t DO SOMETHING, whole populations will be wiped out by young men refusing to reproduce, so this flyer asks the critical question, “What will governments do with the MGTOWs/masculists?”

The Japs are not a creative people. Psychologists can measure creativity now (defined to be “openness to experience” – see the research papers of the late Prof. Lynn (of “world IQ map” fame), YouTube him). Lynn measures the average creativity score of Japs to be a standard deviation and a half lower than comparably industrialized cultures. So it was to be expected that the initial attempts of the Jap minister of population to persuade Japanese MGTOWs to reproduce were dull, lame, and counter productive. This minister tried shaming techniques, “Young Japanese men should not be lazy, they should be men, take their responsibility to shoulder the adult burdens of earning the living for the family” and other such low creativity twaddle, utterly missing the point.

It is possible, that western “ministers of population” will make the same mistakes, which is where we MGTOW/masculist theorists come in. We can teach these gender politicians what THE REAL PROBLEMS ARE so that if they want to persuade men to reproduce again, then these gender politicians will HAVE TO MENFAIR THE GENDER LAWS and make society respect men again, otherwise, young men will continue to give the finger to traditional gender roles and avoid fluffie parasites like the plague.

As push really comes to shove, the gender politicians may resort to more forceful methods, such as putting heavy taxes on nonfathers. If they do that too much, the western MGTOWs will really give them the finger by voting with their feet, and simply migrating to countries where the cost of living is lower, where their nest egg savings will have higher purchasing power, so they will have higher living standards. Being MGTOWs, they can uproot themselves easily and migrate in large numbers.

If we, the MGTOW/masculists theorists do a good job, we will be able to educate the gender politicians, that to solve the crashing population problem, some fundamental changes will need to be made to our culture, namely the creation of a “FIP Culture” i.e. one in which all adults are FIPs, and young people are socialized into that role. Women will need to be persuaded that if they are not FIPs they will be severely punished by not getting a man and not having babies. Daughters need to be taught by parents that they must be FIPs or be shunned by society. Teachers at high schools and colleges need to push both sexes to study FIP (STEM) majors, and not be “fluffie crappers” (studying fluffie crap majors) so that they can be career competent citizens, who do not parasite on another person or the government.

The gender politicians will need to comprehensively review all the gender laws and make them menfair. The deeply misandrist divorce laws will need to be reformed. The Parer (paternity rejection right) will need to be brought in. TV ads will have to stop denigrating men. Schools will need to have an equal number of male and female teachers to serve as role models to very young minds, etc. etc. etc.

The leaders of the MGTOWs/masculists need to really start preaching to society as a whole that we are currently living in the greatest crisis that humanity has ever faced, i.e. the risk of its total wipeout in population terms. IF THE GENDER POLITICIANS DONT TAKE MEN’S ISSUES SERIOUSLY, THEN WE MGTOWS/MASCULISTS WILL CONTINUE TO WIPE OUT THE POPULATION, so we have the power, the trump card to force governments to do what men want. We want to be respected, we refuse to be manslaves to parasitic females, so we want society to wipe out fluffies, forcing all adults to be economically responsible, pulling their own financial weight, and not expecting, fluffie style, to parasite off the money of some dumb ignorant brainwashed manslave robot male.

MGTOW/masculist education of society and the gender politicians in governments is critically important. The survival of our population is at stake, so THINGS MUST CHANGE.

How long before the shit hits the fan in western countries? My guess is only a few years from now. Google Trends, shows that the keyword “MGTOW” is getting an EXPONENTIAL RISE in the number of hits. One commentator I read said that he had calculated that by 2018, MGTOW ideas would be mainstream, i.e. the broadcast media would have latched on to the importance of the population crash caused by men refusing to be manslaves to parasitic fluffie women. Once the MGTOW/masculist ideas have gone main stream, the gender politicians will be forced to act, otherwise, they will be voted out of power by a bloc voting male electorate. Verbally violent debates on television between very angry masculists and fluffie feminists, will teach the public clearly, that men are VERY ANGRY AT BEING MANSLAVES, and will not tolerate it any more.

Fluffies will really start to panic as they learn that their traditional, genetically evolved strategies of being prostitutes – male protein (money) in exchange for female sex, doesn’t work any more. Fluffies will BE FORCED TO BECOME FIPS or they don’t eat. Fluffies will be shunned, spat at, cold shouldered, to extinction, the primary political goal of the masculists.

So governments will be forced to give men what men want, or we all die out. MGTOWs/masculists have the ultimate power. Sooner or later, we will get what we want. Governments have no other choice. Yeeeeeeh.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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