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What’s New on this Site?

What’s New on this Site?

This tab is to inform my users, what I have added to the site in the past few days/weeks.

Update Date : 8th Jan. 2018

I put links to and to Springer to books listed on my site in the Springer, Graduate Texts in Physics (GTM) series. The link is (here).

Update Date : 15th Dec. 2017

I put up a page.  YouTube is censoring heavily now, deleting MGTOW/masculist channels, so to avoid the risk of that happening to me and losing everything, I started copying, by uploading my nearly 300 “de Garis MGTOW Masculist Flyers” video to which advertises that it does not censor, demonetize, delete, offering freedom of speech. Having freedom of speech is fine, but since is still in beta test mode, upload speeds are painfully slow, so the total upload time may be a month or more. The link is

Update Date : 8th Dec. 2017

I put up a Patreon page.

It contains my Masculist MGTOW videos, or rather links to them (stored on YouTube), hundreds of them. I may later add my essays and two paper published books.

For the past few months I have been making many Masculist MGTOW video essays and uploading them to YouTube. Unfortunately, Google/YouTube is now a censoring organization, which will eventually kill them, that censors and sometimes deletes MGTOW/masculist videos, so I’m looking for a mirror site on another platform.

I have also been converting my paper library to e-format, in preparation for leaving China in about a year, to live in Melbourne in a one bedroom apartment bought by my sister who will let me live in it for free. This generous offer I will take up. I will donate the last of my paper books to the city library of Xiamen, the city I currently live in, in coastal south east China. Annotating, and putting in cross page numbering to references in my very technical books is a very time consuming business.

Update Date : 23rd Sept 2017

I had a second interview with David Knight of Infowars Real News on the theme of massively intelligent machines, and Putin’s question “When will they eat us?” The YouTube link is (here).

Update Date : 12th Sept 2017

I felt my front page was too cluttered, so I categorized it more, cleaned it up by reducing the number of tabs. I also completed the links to the masculist MGTOW flyers (in the Ideologies tab)

Update Date : 11th Sept 2017

All my essays and two paper published books now have videos of me reading them aloud. See the new tab “Essays (Texts & Videos)”

Update Date : 10th Sept 2017

I spent June, July, Aug, and early Sept, making YouTube videos of my essays (link videos 26 to 91), my masculist essays (link), and of me reading aloud my two published paper books 1) “The Artilect War, Cosmists vs. Terrans, A Bitter Controversy Concerning Whether Humanity Should Build Godlike Massively Intelligent Machines” (link videos 1 to 25), and 2) “Multis and Monos, What the Multicultured Can Teach the Monocultured, Towards the Creation of a Global State” (link videos 92 to 161).

Update Date : 4th June 2017

I set up a new YouTube channel called “de GARIS MASCULIST MGTOW FLYERS” which contains YouTube videos of me reading out loud the Masculist MGTOW flyers that I have been writing over the past 2 years or so. I have nearly 200 of them now. I’ll be uploading about one per day. The link to the channel is (here).

Update Date : 13th May 2017

I put up pages and links to them of the math subtopics of Springer Verlag’s math topics. Springer is a HUGE publisher of math and physics books, e.g. on the topic of mathematical “analysis” alone, Springer has published nearly 4000 books! It will take me months to put up all these links, but what a treasure trove for users to be able to access them (partially or fully) at the click of a mouse! See (here).

Update Date : 5th May 2017

I started putting up Amazon and Springer links to Springer Verlag’s “Algebra” in the Springer Verlag math book topics list, whose link is (here).

Update Date : 3rd May 2017

I will be spending the next few weeks, if not months, adding Amazon and Springer links to the Springer Verlag math book series, whose link is (here).

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