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Prominent MGTOWs like Thinking Ape, Sandman, Turd Flinging Monkey, etc,. keep churning out YouTube videos, so the MGTOW/masculist ideas are getting out there. This flyer asks, “What’s next?” What is likely to happen next, and what is desirable that should happen next?

I think the next thing to happen, and its already starting, is that women are reacting. The percentage of women listening to Sandman’s videos keeps climbing he says in one of his videos. This is not surprising, since the MGTOW message is profoundly threatening to  a fluffie. A fluffie (a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite off a man’s money) takes it for granted that in her later 20s or 30s she will find some manslave who will pay for her to live in a middle class house with her kids, and later if she gets bored with him, she knows she can use the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, to extract child support and alimony from him so she can continue her parasitism.

MGTOW practice, plus masculist labeling and finger pointing at fluffies is deeply threatening to fluffies. Most women are fluffies, maybe not consciously, but they are in practice, for the simple reason that most young women at high school are fluffie crappers, i.e. they study fluffie crap so that when they go to university, they are forced to continue to study fluffie crap, because they are excluded from the FIP (financially independent person) majors (e.g. the STEM fields, (science, tech, engineering, math)) because they do not have the prerequisites of math and sciences that they need to have studied in high school.

So they graduate with non FIP diplomas that the economy does not value highly, and hence pays poorly, whereas a STEM major walks into a job and immediately starts using the skills he picked up at college. So these fluffie crappers, the majority of women, will inevitably become fluffies in their 30s when their biological clock starts ticking hard, and they realize they are too poor to be able to afford  to pay for a middle class house to raise their kids in, on their own. So they look around for some sucker manslave to do that for them. The problem for such fluffie manslavers, is that the supply of robot males, i.e. manslave dupes, is drying up. Too many men are waking up that the traditional manslave role of the male stinks. These men are learning that a married man has roughly a one in four chance of being financially massacred in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, and consider these odds as totally unacceptable, and decide to boycott marriage and paternity.

Since most women are fluffie crappers, most women become fluffies, and hence as they become increasingly conscious that men refuse to be manslaves to them, these fluffies are really starting to shit in their panties, as they become brutally aware that – one – they will not have a kid, and – two – even if they do, they will be poor and not be able to find a manslave to pay for them. Men have gone on strike regarding supporting fluffies financially.

Women are increasingly going through an existential crisis as they become conscious that they can no longer rely on men to be their manslaves. This will force women to become FIPs, and to stop being fluffie crappers at high school and college. They will have to be socialized as girls, just as much as boy to be FIPs, i.e. career competent, i.e. feel obliged to study STEM majors at high school – i.e. no calculus, no baby!

As large numbers of women wake up to the man strike, they should be pushed by MGTOWs/masculists to put political pressure on the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, especially regarding divorce. This will be very difficult for fluffies, because in the short term, fluffies actually benefit from the financial massacring of their ex husbands. They get his money, and his house, and especially his kids.

But this short term benefit has a real sting in the tail. With millions of men being financially massacred in the divorce courts, men are shying away from marriage and paternity. Fluffies now JUST CANT FIND A MANSLAVE (aka in fluffiespeak “good man”).

So the young women will increasingly learn to hate their older generation of women, who have created this man shortage for them. These younger manless women, should also be pressured by MGTOWs/masculists to lobby the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, by combining forces with the masculists who simultaneously are threatening the gender politicians, “If you genocidal criminals don’t menfair the gender laws, we MGTOWs/masculists will continue to wipe out the population, until you have no choice and you give us what men want. If you don’t, then in time the whole (crashing) population will be screaming for your blood!”

But, what about men? What should men’s next step be? I suggest it should be the formation of “consciousness raising” groups, i.e. men’s lib groups in high schools and especially at universities. Actually, such groups are more needed in the high school, because it is at that age, that most of the fluffie crapper damage is done, but the intellectual environment is richer and more conducive to idea propagation at universities, so college men’s lib groups should be set up to educate both sexes on campus, in the following main MGTOW/masculist ideas.

Teach men that marriage is toxic due to the toxicity of the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts.

Advise men not to marry, not to have kids, and to spend their money on themselves.

Teach men that if they want regular sex, to twaytwef, i.e. sex only a FIP woman, who has her own apartment, so that when the relationship fails, the man can return to his own apartment cost free.

Teach men the advantages of spending their money on themselves, e.g. that they can ARC (after retirement careering) early in life, e.g. in their 40s, then spending the second half of their lives doing what they love, no longer being a wage slave, and definitely not being a manslave to a bloody fluffie.

Teach women about the above MGTOW/masculist ideas. Tell women that 70% of young men under 35 in the US and Japan refuse to marry and have kids.

Tell women, they will not have babies until the gender laws are made menfair.

Tell women that they wont even be fucked if they are not FIP. MGTOWs/masculists refuse to have anything to do with fluffies, whom they treat as the enemy, to be wiped out.

Teach women, that they must study FIP majors at high school and college, otherwise they will become fluffies and hence be rejected by men.

Tell women, to help the MGTOWs/masculists to pressure the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, otherwise the population gets wiped out.

Tell women to help the MGTOWs/masculists to tell journalists about MGTOW/masculism, because it is in women’s self interest to see the gender laws made menfair, because if that does not happen, women wont have babies, they wont have husbands, and they wont even have penises.

So, summarizing, I think the next step for men, after the YouTube MGTOW/masculist video production phase, should be the setting up of men’s lib groups at high schools and colleges. There are enough MGTOWs/masculists out there now, for discussion groups to be set up all over.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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