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Over the past few months, I’ve been emailing out flyers to the journalists of the major US and UK newspapers. No response! Nothing! Not even a single nibble, which is so different from the response I got in the early 80s when I was pushing masculism. The journalists then were mostly male and tired of a decade (the 70s) of rampant feminism, so were more than ready to hear the male side of things. I had hundreds of contacts and was regularly on the media in 4 languages, and in 6 countries in Europe.

So, not surprisingly, I’m wondering “What the hell is going on now? Why no response? Why no response to the most important issue of our time, i.e. that as a result of millions of MGTOWs/masculists refusing to marry and have kids, the total populations of the US and Japan (and others) will be wiped out within a mere century.

That population wipeout was the theme I used in approaching the journalists, thinking that they would immediately grasp its importance and therefore show an interest, but no. So I’m left puzzling over this non event. What the hell happened?

So, this flyer is devoted to a list of possible explanations as to what happened. Since I live in China, I’m cut off from daily contact with western thinking and attitudes, so I don’t have a good feeling for the unconscious values of current western society. I’ve been living in the Chinese cultural backwater for a decade now.

Here is a list of possible explanations that I dreamt up off the top of my head. Perhaps you may think there are other, better explanations. If so, please add them to a comment to this comment.

1) Too new, too fringy, not worth bothering with yet. 2) Too radical, too red pill. 3) Management too feminist, fear of losing job. 4) Top management Jewish, blocking me individually. 5) Cognitive dissonance, emotional rejection.

I’ll elaborate a bit on each one now.

1.) Too New : MGTOW is new. How many of us are there? Sandman and TFM have had tens of millions of YouTube views around the world, so my guess is there must be 1000s of us at least, maybe 10,000s? That’s still pretty fringy, given that the world population is over 7 billion, so maybe the journalists are thinking – “Its interesting, but my readers will not be familiar with these MGTOW/masculists ideas at all, so I’ll put that story on the back burner, i.e. I’ll wait to see if the phenomenon grows and grows.”

I have my doubts about this explanation, because in the US and Japan, already 70% of young men refuse to marry and have kids, so the message that young men are crashing the total population should be well known now to well informed journalists.

2.) Too radical : Most men are still what MGTOWs call “blue pill”. They don’t know that women are hypergamous, they don’t know that women don’t love men, but love only their exploitability. MGTOW/masculist ideas may seem to such male journalists to be so left field, that they cant identify with them.

This seems to me to be more reasonable an explanation, but then maybe a quarter of the male journalists have been financially massacred in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, so you’d think they would be already primed for the MGTOW/masculist message. Puzzling!

3.)  Management too feminist : A male journalist, probably young, who wanted to do a big story on MGTOW/masculism, might have to confront his female management, who are probably feminists, who don’t want MGTOW/masculist ideas spreading to millions of men, taking them away from fluffies. So these feminist managers squash the story.

Women are today the majority of the journalists, so this explanation is probably the most likely in my view.

4.) Top Management, Jewish, blocking me : Anyone who reads my regular flyers knows I have a hatred of the Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists, who are the greatest criminals against humanity in history. These people have near monopoly control of Hollywood, the media, the news outlets, publishing, etc. They have armies of people to censor the internet. YouTube is often referred to as JewTube for this reason. Perhaps my name has been put on some kind of black list so that any attempt by me to get my ideas into the media are blocked, because they control the blocking,

Maybe, but I hope I’m being too paranoid. Maybe I’m too small a fish to be worth bothering with.

5.)  Cognitive Dissonance, Emotional Rejection : Most men are brainwashed all their lives into the idea of getting love from a woman. Pop songs are full of it, so is Hollywood. You cant get away from it. So for the average “blue pill” male journalist, the MGTOW/masculist ideas must seem scary indeed, so these male journalists just ignore them out of self preservation, to protect their own egos and world view. They don’t want to have to uproot their deepest emotional beliefs.

This seems to me to be a quite likely explanation.

Now, put them all together, and you may have a good set of explanations as to why the male journalists are not responding.

BUT, the BBC recently did a program on MGTOW. I haven’t seen it yet, so cant judge, but I’ve heard news that it was made, so that’s an encouraging sign (I hope). Even if the BBC program is a hatchet job on MGTOW/masculist ideas, at least it brings these ideas to the masses, and that is a good thing. If the BBC is breaking the ice, hopefully, other journalists will be influenced by the precedent, and be more likely to follow suit.

Why do I care about the journalists? Because I care about MGTOW/masculism. I want to see these ideas “out there” i.e. spread to the masses, to the billions, so that men can be liberated from manslavery and from terribly menunfair gender laws, and ultimately I don’t want to see whole populations wiped out by MGTOWs/masculists refusing paternity long term.

So, we need the journalists. We need them to get the message out, to write stories and make TV programs, about our ideas. It has to happen sooner or later. As the population keeps decreasing, they will sooner or later wake up and report on the MGTOW/masculist movements. Japan has even a Minister of Population, to deal with the population crash in Japan, but my impression is that he knows nothing about MGTOW/masculism (or “the herbivore men’ as they’re known in Japan.)

Its only a question of time before the journalists really latch onto us, so we should not give up on them. They will come around eventually.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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