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Wiley Book Series List (philosophy) (m)

Wiley Book Series List (philosophy) (m)

General Series

Aesthetics  (111)  (link)

Analytic Philosophy  (34)  (link)

Applied Philosophy  (23)  (link)

Continental Philosophy  (281)  (link)

Critical Theory  (50)  (link)

Existentialism  (12)  (link)

Epistemology  (140)  (link)


—Applied Ethics  (122)  (link)

—Bioethics & Medical Ethics  (32)  (link)

—Environmental Ethics  (13)  (link)

—General Ethics  (245)  (link)

—Political Ethics  (26)  (link)

Gender & Philosophy  (22)  (link)

General Philosophy  (319)  (link)

Historical Western Philosophy

—Ancient Philosophy  (53)  (link)

—17th & 18th Century Philosophy  (57)  (link)

—19th Century Philosophy  (40)  (link)

—20th Century Philosophy  (116)  (link)

—General Historical Western Philosophy  (135)  (link)

—Wittgenstein  (50)  (link)

History of Philosophy  (29)  (link)

Introductory Philosophy  (110)  (link)

Metaphysics  (112)  (link)

Phenomenology  (11)  (link)

Philosophical Logic  (68)  (link)

Philosophy of Art  (22)  (link)

Philosophy of Education  (64)  (link)

Philosophy of Language  (138)  (link)

Philosophy of Law  (13)  (link)

Philosophy of Literature   (17)  (link)

Philosophy of Mind  (151)  (link)

Philosophy of Race  (4)  (link)

Philosophy of Religion  (188)  (link)

Philosophy of Science  (109)  (link)

Philosophy of Social Science  (21)  (link)

Philosophy of Technology  (30)  (link)

Political and Economic Philosophy  (243)  (link)

Social Philosophy  (212)  (link)

Special Topics  (74)  (link)

World Philosophy  (71)  (link)


Related Series

Blackwell/Brown Lectures in Philosophy  (7)  (link)

Blackwell Companions to Philosophy Series  (105)  (link)

Blackwell Guides to Great Works Series  (14)  (link)

Blackwell Great Minds  (30)  (link)

Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series  (50)  (link)

Blackwell Philosophy Anthologies Series  (60)  (link)

Blackwell Philosophy Guides Series  (34)  (link)

Blackwell Public Philosophy Series  (23)  (link)

Blackwell Readers Series  (47)  (link)

Blackwell Readings in the History of Philosophy Series  (8)  (link)

Contemporary Debates in Philosophy Series  (24)  (link)

Educational Philosophy and Theory Special Issues Series  (19)  (link)

Foundations of Business Ethics Series  (15)  (link)

Fundamentals of Philosophy Series  (8)  (link)

Foundations of the Philosophy of the Arts Series  (10)  (link)

Great Debates in Philosophy Series  (13)  (link)

Journal of Philosophy of Education Book Series  (30)  (link)

Metaphilosophy Series  (16)  (link)

New Directions in Aesthetics Series  (22)  (link)

Philosophers and their Critics Series  (23)  (link)

Philosophy : The Big Questions Series  (16)  (link)

Philosophy for Everyone Series  (18)  (link)

Polity Key Concepts in Philosophy Series  (4)  (link)

Ratio Special Issue Book Series  (18)  (link)

Reading Philosophy Series  (14)  (link)

Readings in Mind and Language Series  (3)  (link)

The Great Theologians  (7)  (link)



Buddhism  (18)  (link)

Christianity  (62)  (link)

Comparative & World Religions  (87)  (link)

General & Introductory Religion & Theology  (150)  (link)

Greek & Roman Religion  (2)  (link)

Hinduism  (6)  (link)

Islam  (32)  (link)

Judaism  (50)  (link)

Religion, History, Issues & Current Affairs

—Contemporary Religious Thought  (12)  (link)

—General Religion, Issues & Current Affairs  (230)  (link)

—Religion & Culture  (143)  (link)

—Religion & Politics  (26)  (link)

—Religion & Science  (15)  (link)

—Religion in America  (9)  (link)

—Religious Ethics  (17)  (link)

Religious Studies  (44)  (link)

Spirituality  (13)  (link)

Spirituality and Spiritual Growth  (58)  (link)


—Contemporary Theology  (55)  (link)

—General  Theology  (159)  (link)

—Moral Theology/Christian Ethics  (29)  (link)

—Postmodern Theology  (11)  (link)

—Systematic Theology  (52)  (link)


Related Series

Blackwell Bible Commentaries  (22)  (link)

Blackwell Brief Histories of Religion  (35)  (link)

Blackwell Companions to Religion  (61)  (link)

Blackwell Guides to Buddhism  (4)  (link)

Blackwell Guides to Global Christianity  (4)  (link)

Blackwell Readings in Modern Theology  (12)  (link)

Challenges in Contemporary Theology  (48)  (link)

Directions in Modern Theology Series  (13)  (link)

Illuminations : Theory & Religion  (17)  (link)

Leadership Network Publications  (47)  (link)

Lived Religions  (4)  (link)

New Dimensions to Religious Ethics  (7)  (link)

Religion and Spirituality in the Modern World  (18)  (link)

Religious Life in America  (4)  (link)


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