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I like thinking about the future. I’m known for my prediction that humanity is headed for a massive “Artilect War” killing billions of people over the issue of whether humanity should build artilects (godlike massively intelligent machines).

In the park, I was thinking about the longer term effect of MGTOW/masculism on women. I came to the conclusion that as MGTOW/masculism rises and rises, as fluffie women are ignored to death in the coming decades, and only FIP women get any measure of respect, then how will women rank compared to men in a MGTOW/masculist dominated world?

The conclusion I came to is that women will suffer a massive inferiority complex, because they will not be able to perform at male levels and since they soon will have no other domains that are specifically female, their inferiority by male criteria will make them feel highly inadequate.

This might seem a bit exaggerated, so let me elaborate. The gender laws will not be made menfair next week. They will remain in force for some years, until the MGTOWs/masculists force the gender politicians to menfair them, by continuing to crash the population. MGTOWs/masculists are prepared to do this to get menfaired justice for men..

So MGTOWs/masculists will continue to avoid fluffies like the plague, and only twaytwef with FIP women, so that fluffie women will feel enormous moral and social pressure on them to FIP up, or continue to be shunned and shamed by society. The rise and rise of MGTOW/masculism will ensure that fluffies are shamed out of existence. The fluffies will suffer an enormous inferiority complex. “Nobody loves me! No man wants me! No man will even sex me! Society treats me like shit! Society thinks I’m worthless! I think I’m worthless!”

The FIP women, being women, will not be able to compete with men at running society. To see this, consider the following interesting and illuminating (at least I thought so, the first time I came across it) though experiment. Imagine suddenly all the females die. Men could go on running society quite well for about a century, until the last man died. Now consider the opposite, i.e. suddenly all the males died. The female population would crash back to the stone age within six months, and most of them would die, because they are incapable of running a modern economy, with all its machines. The female population would crash to about a subsistence economy, living in caves.

So, in a culture of FIPs, with FIP women trying to do the same kind of jobs as FIP men, FIP women will not do as well, so will be looked down on by men. As MGTOW/masculism continues to rise it will become common knowledge that men are on average smarter than women (by about 3 to 4 IQ points, according to Prof. Rushton) and men have a 10% higher IQ variance than women (as shown by the scores of the 100,000s of school kids who have their IQs measured every year) so that the morons and the genii are males, so it is to be expected that men win 99% of the Nobel prizes in science. The genii are males.

Women have much lower testosterone levels than men, so are less aggressive, less ambitious, less curious, less driven, less dogged, and give up more easily, so the general performance level of men is a lot higher than that of women. This too will cause women to be seen as the inferior sex in the future.

The really big developments in the near future that will deeply impact women’s sense of worth, will be the development by male genii of the artificial womb, and the sex robots.

Japanese scientists have already grown a GOAT in an artificial womb, so humans cant be far off. Robotics and AI keep developing in leaps and bounds, so soon (a decade or two) there will be a huge sexbot industry, where sexbots do a far better job at sexing men than women can do. For a start these sexbots will be built to look extremely fuckable, with delicious curves, ample breasts, creamy, grippy vaginas, and be designed to be as sexy as their genius male architects can make them in terms of the sexbots’ level of AI.

Try to imagine a world with sexbots and artwombs! Where will women belong in such a world, a world that will be with us for sure within most readers lifetimes. Men will prefer to fuck their sexbots, who do a better job at it, and to have a kid without having to pay for a fluffie parasitic female to build a baby for him. He can hire a nanny to look after the baby when it is very young.

With women being utterly despised as fluffies, and not being able to compete at male levels as FIPs, plus being denied their traditional monopoly of growing the kids and vaginering mens’ penises, then women a few decades from now will not have much of a leg to stand on. Their collective self esteem will take a nose dive, and women will drop into a deep gender wide inferiority complex. They will be treated again, the way most cultures have always treated women, as second class citizens. When Papuan men banished women from their “long houses” or when Victorian gentlemen excluded women from their London clubs, they wanted to be in a women-free environment, so they could relax and be free from female nagging, and bother.

I don’t see women coming out of this collective inferiority complex, because it is largely genetically based. The performance scores at tasks that men have traditionally done show clearly that women score worse. Fluffies will die out, so all adults will be FIPs, and FIP women cant compete with FIP men (at the top levels that determine the relative status levels of the two sexes.)

Women will be forced to abandon their traditional self image of being vaginers for men, and of being baby machines, because male genius will have stripped them of those monopolies. It will not be particularly encouraging for women a few decades from now. Women will just have to accept their inferior social status, the way they have done for millions of years. The current feminist arrogance on the part of young women, is merely a historical glitch, an anomaly based on a delusion, that women can do anything that men can do. No they cant, at least not at male levels.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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