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World Scientific, Physics : Geophysics Books List

World Scientific, Physics : Geophysics Books List

World Scientific, Physics : Geophysics Books List  (link)

Beyond the Moon: A Conversational, Common Sense Guide to Understanding the Tides  (full text)

Bombarded Britain: A Search for British Impact Structures

East Asian Monsoon

Energy Studies: Problems and Solutions

Energy Studies, 2nd Edition

Energy Studies

Open Access International Journal of Modern Physics: Conference Series

Nonlinear Science and Complexity

Physics of the Environment

Some New Directions in Science on Computers

Syntactic Pattern Recognition for Seismic Oil Exploration

Theoretical and Computational Acoustics 2005: (With CD-ROM)

Titan: Exploring an Earthlike World, 2nd Edition

Wave Propagation, Scattering and Emission in Complex Media


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