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World Scientific, Physics : Series “On Knots and Everything” Books List

World Scientific, Physics : Series “On Knots and Everything” Books List (59)

World Scientific, Physics : Series “On Knots and Everything” Books List  (link

SKAE1, Knots and Physics, Kauffman

SKAE1, Knots and Physics. 2nd edn., Kauffman

SKAE1, Knots and Physics. 3rd edn., Kauffman

SKAE2, How Surfaces Intersect in Space, Carter

SKAE3, Quantum Topology, (eds.) Kauffman, Baadhio

SKAE4, Gauge Fields, Knots and Gravity, Baez, Muniain

SKAE5, Gems, Computers and Attractors for 3-Manifolds, Lins

SKAE6, Knots and Applications, (ed.) Kauffman

SKAE7, Random Knotting and Linking, (eds.) Millett, Sumners

SKAE08, Symmetric Bends: How to Join Two Lengths of Cord, Miles

SKAE09, Combinatorial Physics, Bastin, Kilmister

SKAE10, Nonstandard Logics and Nonstandard Metrics in Physics, Honig

SKAE11, History and Science of Knots, (eds.) Turner, van de Griend

SKAE12, Relativistic Reality : A Modern View, (ed.) Edmonds

SKAE13, Entropic Spacetime Theory, Armel

SKAE14, Diamond, Hellerstein

SKAE15, Lectures at Knots ’96, Suzuki

SKAE16, Delta, Hellerstein

SKAE17, Hypercomplex Iterations, Dang et al

SKAE18, The Self-Evolving Cosmos, Rosen

SKAE19, Ideal Knots, Stasiak et al

SKAE20, The Mystery of Knots, Aneziris

SKAE21, Linknot, Jablan, Sazdanović

SKAE22, The Mathematics of Harmony, Stakhov

SKAE23, Diamond. 2nd edn., Hellerstein

SKAE24, Knots in Hellas ’98, (eds.) Gordon et al

SKAE25, Connections. 2nd edn., Kappraff

SKAE26, Functorial Knot Theory, Yetter

SKAE27, Bit-String Physics, Noyes, van den Berg

SKAE28, Beyond Measure, Kappraff

SKAE29, Quantum Invariants, Ohtsuki

SKAE30, Symmetry, Ornament and Modularity, Jablan

SKAE31, Mindsteps to the Cosmos, Hawkins

SKAE32, Algebraic Invariants of Links, Hillman

SKAE33, Energy of Knots and Conformal Geometry, O’Hara

SKAE34, Woods Hole Mathematics, (eds.) Tongring, Penner

SKAE35, Bios, Sabelli

SKAE36, Physical and Numerical Models in Knot Theory, (eds.) Calvo et al

SKAE37, Geometry, Language and Strategy, Thomas

SKAE38, Current Developments in Mathematical Biology, (eds.) Mahdavi et al

SKAE39, Topological Library, (eds.) Novikov, Taimanov

SKAE40, Intelligence of Low Dimensional Topology 2006, (eds.) Carter et al

SKAE41, Zero to Infinity, Rowlands

SKAE42, The Origin of Discrete Particles, Bastin, Kilmister

SKAE43, The Holographic Anthropic Multiverse, Amoroso, Rauscher

SKAE44, Topological Library, (eds.) Novikov, Taimanov

SKAE45, Orbiting the Moons of Pluto, Rauscher, Amoroso

SKAE46, Introductory Lectures on Knot Theory, (eds.) Kauffman et al

SKAE47, Introduction to the Anisotropic Geometrodynamics, Sipar

SKAE48, An Excursion in Diagrammatic Algebra, Carter

SKAE49, Hopf Algebras, Radford

SKAE50, Topological Library, (eds.) Novikov, Taimanov

SKAE51, Virtual Knots, Manturov, Ilyutko

SKAE52, Algebraic Invariants of Links. 2nd edn., Hillman

SKAE53, Knots and Physics, 4th edn., Kauffman

SKAE54, Scientific Essays in Honor of H Pierre Noyes on the Occasion of His 90th Birthday, Amson, Kauffman

SKAE55, Knots, Braids and Möbius Strips,  Avrin

SKAE56, New Ideas in Low Dimensional Topology, (ed.) Kauffman, Manturov

SKAE57, ADEX Theory, Sirag

SKAE58, Representing 3-Manifolds by Filling Dehn Surfaces, Vigara, Lozano-Rojo

SKAE59, Geometry, Language and Strategy, Thomas

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