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So, you’re a 17-18 year old high-schooler,  a lot brighter than most of your class mates, and a bit of a leader type, and lately you’ve been getting into MGTOW/masculist YouTube videos, listening to Sandman, TurdFlingingMonkey, Barbarossa, DarkKnight, ThinkingApe etc, and you’re wondering what you can do to help raise the level of awareness of these critically important ideas at your high school. What can you do? This flyer gives some suggestions.

1. GET INFORMED  First thing is get well informed of MGTOW/masculists ideas. Watch dozens, even hundreds of YouTube videos on the topics, to understand the basic ideas. There is a ton of material on the internet already, most in video form, but no books yet, but they are being written as we speak, so they will be out in the next year or two. So listen to the major MGTOW video content makers, such as the list of (pseudonym) names I mentioned above. Read through my flyers at ( They will give you a good idea.

2.  TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT MGTOW/MASCULISM  Talk to your good friends about these ideas, and warn them not to marry, because if they do they will give themselves a fifty fifty chance of being financially massacred in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts in the US and Canada, and in similar western countries. Tell them what you have been watching and reading. Get them informed too.

3. FORM A MEN’S LIB GROUP AT YOUR HIGHSCHOOL  Once you have persuaded enough guys who have become committed to MGTOW/masculist ideas, form a Men’s Lib group at your high school. This will make it easier to attract more guys to the cause, and the ideas will spread. You could have weekly,  two weekly meetings, with a speaker chosen from one of you, who delivers a talk, followed by Q and A, and discussion. You could swap links to interesting new MGTOW/masculist videos. You could organize demos within your school. You can swap books when they come out, etc. Be creative.

4. PUT MORAL PRESSURE ON YOUR FEMALE CLASSMATES WHO STUDY “FLUFFIE CRAP” Take some stats to see what percentage of women comprise your math and science classes. Do the same for the fluffie crap subjects. Now you have evidence to back up your claim that most of your female classmates are future fluffies, who will not get a man to manslave for them, nor give them babies. You can apply this moral pressure, by holding talks that the whole school can come to. Perhaps invite some famous MGTOW/masculist to come and give your school a big talk. Put your ideas into the student newspaper or website.

5. DEVELOPMENT YOUR OWN MGTOW/MASCULIST LIFEPLAN If you have decided not to marry and have kids, then you can plan to be an ARCer (after retirement careerer) in your 40s. You can create a life plan for yourself, that will allow you to get a good education, to study FIP majors at 12th grade (i.e. math, the sciences, etc) and at university, so that you can earn good money after you graduate, so that you can then save heavily, invest well, so that you can retire in your 40s with still half your life left. You can then be an ARCer, i.e. free to do what you love, free from wage-slavery to some employer, and certainly free from some manslaving fluffie parasitic female, whom you consider to be vermin.

6. ENCOURAGE OTHER SCHOOLS TO DO THE SAME  If you have friends at other schools, encourage them to set up their own Men’s Lib groups. Network! If you are a real mover and shaker type, perhaps you might help organize a (U.S.) state wide organization, and later, even national. The goal being of course, to get the MGTOW/masculist ideas out into the general public, so that women become FIPs, so as not to parasite on men’s money, and to pressure the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, e.g. make the divorce laws menfair, bring in the Parer (paternity rejection right), etc.

This is just for starters. You will be able to dream up your own agendas. Good luck.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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