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Masculists are very MORALISTIC. They put enormous moral pressure on fluffies to get off their lazy-bum parasitic arses and learn to pull their financial weight, otherwise they get punished, and severely punished, in that they do not get a man. They live manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, poor, miserable lives, that results from their own laziness.

Women are generally lazier than men, for genetic reasons. Men have a higher metabolic rate that women, so it takes more psychological effort to literally shift their arses.

In the past, before effective contraception, women had many kids. A few generations back, e.g. my own mother, had a dozen siblings. Mothers were occupied full time raising kids then, while the fathers were out of the house earning the money to pay for the family to keep them all in rent and food. In those days it was not important for women to be socialized to become competent careerist FIPs.

Today, however, we live in a historical era in which we have very effective contraceptives, in the form of the contraceptive pill, which is very reliable if taken as prescribed. Modern young women choose to have 0, 1, 2 kids and hence have 40+ career years once their few kids are off to kindergarten, so now women are coming under real moral pressure from masculists and MGTOWs to pull their weight financially.

But this transition period for women from being traditional mothers with lots of kids a century ago, to being FIPs (financially independent persons) is still under way. We live in a tweenage time, where it is not yet the unconscious assumption that women make the effort to be career competent, and to have an education that allows them to be FIPs.

So, given that we are still living in this tweenage time, what can masculists/MGTOWs do to help it along, i.e. to help create a FIP Society, in which all adults are FIPs, i.e. women as well, so that young women 16 and above all have a FIP major education, studying majors that allow them to become qualified in a field that the economy values and pays good salaries for, e.g. the professions or the techs.

But in today’s tweenage time, there are still millions of lazy-bum fluffies who think they can afford to be lazy, that it will not be important for them to shift their arse and become a FIP, because they feel all they have to do is wiggle their cunts at some cunt hungry male to persuade him to become her manslave and work for her, so that he pays for the middle class house that she wants to raise her kids in.

It is this traditional attitude of fluffies (from which the very label derived, i.e. a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite off the money of a man) that the masculists/MGTOWs aim to wipe out by punishing lazy-bum fluffies to get off their fat arses and become FIPs, by making a lot more effort to become career competent.

We masculists do this by drowning fluffies with our contempt. We piss on fluffies and tell them so, in no uncertain terms. “You’re a fluffie, You’re a parasite on men. You’re immoral. You think you can exploit a man to pay for you, be your manslave. You are vermin, hated by masculists. Get off your lazy-bum parasitic arse and pull your weight female, otherwise we men will HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Not only will we not marry you, not give you babies, we WONT EVEN FUCK YOU. We will force you to rot on the shelf. As masculists/MGTOWs we are causing a social revolution, spreading our ideas to most men and that will impact heavily on you.”

In the US today, 70% of young men refuse to marry and have kids, due to fluffie feminists having taken over the divorce courts, so that divorcing men are financially massacred, losing their kids, their house, paying child support and alimony. Roughly one married man in four undergoes this hell, so now two thirds of young men refuse to pay for you, marry you, baby you. TWO THIRDS !! In a decade, MGTOW/masculist ideas will have spread so far and deep into society, that probably less than 10% of young men will be prepared to be manslaves to lazy-bum parasitic vermin fluffies.

So, you lazy-bum fluffies will BE FORCED to get off your fat arses, and become FIPs, because if you don’t, you will pay a heavy price – being manless. “You fluffie vermin need to remember that we men are nearly all FIPs. That has been our gender role for always, so we men have the power to wipe out fluffies, because a fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some robot male manslave who is prepared to be parasited upon by some fluffie parasite. But the supply of such men is drying up, so you fluffies will either become manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, poor and social outcasts, OR you FIPup and become FIPs, by making the effort to become career competent, the way men do. You must learn to shift your arse, the way men do. If not, you will be IGNORED BY MEN.”

So young women of 16 at high school need to be powerfully morally pressured to study FIP majors (math, and the sciences) so that they can study FIP majors at college to become real FIPs as adults and earn good money, having skills that the economy values and pays well for.

It is interesting that the focus of the masculists needs to be focused on the high schools rather than the colleges. Usually, it is at colleges/universities that social movements often get radicalized, due to the concentration of young intelligent minds in one place. But in the case of creating FIPs out of young women, colleges are not the focus of attention of the masculists, because, by the time a young women reaches college, the fluffie damage has already been done in high school.

If a young fluffie chooses to study “fluffie crap” at 16 for her last two years of high school, then she will be forced to study more fluffie crap at college, because she will be excluded from entering a FIP major department at university, due to her lack of FIP prerequisites (math, sciences) that she did NOT take at high school. Thus she is doomed to become a fluffie in her 30s when her biological clock is ticking and she’s looking around for some manslave, preferably a male FIP who did make the effort to become career competent, who can pay for the middle class house she wants to raise her kids in.

So, how to shift the moral pressure on young women to FIPup at HIGH SCHOOL? The masculists need to send out speakers to high schools to teach high school males about the dangers of having relationships with fluffies and not to fuck them. By not fucking young fluffies, preferring to fuck young FIP women, who choose to study the FIP majors, these young masculists will be putting real moral, sexual pressure on fluffies, telling them clearly that they deserve to be neglected by men because they are fluffies. They are seen as immoral, parasitic, future manslaving vermin, to be ignored as punishment.

Once men’s lib groups are established in many high schools, the high school leaders can then help set up men’s lib groups in neighboring high schools etc, until there is a men’s lib group in every high school, where the real “fluffie damage” is done, i.e. at 16 when about two thirds or more of young women choose to study the soft option, the easy, lazy option, where they don’t have to think hard the way students have to do when they study math and the sciences.

Masculists need to focus their political efforts on the high schools. That should be clear from the above. Masculist/MGTOWs also need to get the journalists/TV producers talking about masculist/MGTOW ideas, so that high schoolers are exposed to them. The more high schoolers know about MGTOW/masculist ideas, the easier it will be for men’s lib groups to be set up at high schools, so that they can attack the fluffie problem at its roots, i.e. by morally forcing young 16 year old women to FIP up.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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