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A.  Species Dominance (Should Human Beings or Massively Intelligent Machines Be Dominant Species?)

B.  “deGarisMPC” (MathPhysComp) FREE Masters, PhD Levels YouTube LECTURE COURSES for Free Global Education

C. “deGarisMPCPBE” (MathPhysCompPhilBrainEtc) FREE Masters, PhD Levels References/Links e-LIBRARY for Free Global Education


A.  Species Dominance (Should Human Beings or Massively Intelligent Machines Be Dominant Species?)

It is becoming clear that 2011-2015 are the years in which the issue of “Species Dominance” (i.e. whether humanity should build artilects (artificial intellects) this century or not) is going mainstream. In January of 2011, Ray Kurzweil was on the cover of Time magazine. Ray’s movie “Transcendent Man” on the singularity (when technical change is so fast, it seems almost instantaneous, e.g. when artilects reach human intelligence level) is now in the movie theaters, History Channel’s “Prophets of Doom” had me talking about the rise of the artilect in February of 2011, and Discovery Channel made a program (with me, Ben Goertzel, Michio Kaku, etc) on the species dominance theme in June of 2011 called “When Robots Rule” which has still not been aired, although completed.

The big news is that Stephen Spielberg is currently (2013) directing a movie called “Robopocalypse” to be released 2015. A similar movie (starring Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman) called “Transcendence” will be out in April 2014. I was made the technical adviser of a major movie studio on a similar project. Since I signed an NDA (non disclosure agreement) Im not allowed to say more than that. Unfortunately, I think that movie died, since the director moved to another project.

Thus with several major movies coming out soon on themes related to species dominance, it is expected by 2015, this issue will be on billions of people’s minds. It will have become truly “main stream.”  The next step will be when the species dominance debate starts to heat up, as the issue becomes more and more real to people when they see that the level of artificial intelligence keeps rising and rising. By 2015, it is probable that average educated people will be as aware of the species dominance issue as they are today of the climate change issue.

B.  “deGarisMPC” (MathPhysComp) FREE Masters, PhD Levels YouTube LECTURE COURSES for Free Global Education

In 2012, I started videoing graduate level home lectures in Pure Math, Math Physics and Computer Theory and putting them on YouTube so that students around the world can educate themselves in these topics to PhD level, for FREE (Globacation = Global Education). There will be more than 200 such lecture courses, so they may take me several decades to study and to video them all.  See the “deGarisMPC” tab in the menu at the top of this page.

C. “deGarisMPCPBE” (MathPhysCompPhilBrainEtc) Masters, PhD Levels References/Links e-LIBRARY for Free Global Education

Prof de Garis is not only the “father of the  Artilect War” he now labels himself a “globacator” (global educator). He has collected references and links of books and papers (an e-library) on the above 6 topics at PhD level and put them on this site for students worldwide to use and follow up if interested. See the “deGarisMPCPBE” tab in the menu at the top of this page.


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