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de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers (Texts and Videos)

de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers


This file contains links to (mostly) flyers (i.e. 2 to 3 page essays) on the themes of Masculism (Men’s Lib) and MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Each link is accompanied by the flyer’s title and a short description of its content. Also provided are links to videos of me reading out loud the contents of the flyer. With a video you get not only the content, but can also see the emotion behind the content. Initially I only put up a video link to YouTube, but since the CEO of YouTube is a Jewish feminazi who censors and even terminates whole masculist and MGTOW video channels, I thought it would be prudent to provide video links to two other platforms (i.e., and

Masculist e-Textbook for Men’s Studies Courses Freely Downloadable

Once I had copied my 360+ masculist videos to Minds, and BitChute, I was able to collate them into an electronic  textbook that can be used by men’s groups for their men’s studies courses. This work was completed in December of 2018. The e-textbook is called

“MASCULISM : Men’s Rebellion against being Manslaves to Women,

An e-Textbook of 360+ Masculist Flyers for Men’s Studies Courses”

It contains links to videos of me reading each flyer out loud and uploaded to YouTube, Minds, BitChute. Its cover can be seen (here). The e-textbook itself can be freely downloaded from (here). Now that I have it, I’m thinking of running a Men’s Studies course, a series of seminars/lectures, at Melbourne University. It will be interesting to see how the feminazis react to angry masculist ideas. I’m expecting an utterly hypocritical reaction from them – i.e. they think its ok for women, i.e. feminazis, to be angry at the way men oppress women, but its not ok for men, i.e. masculists, to be angry at the way women oppress men, especially in the divorce courts, and bitterly opposing the legislation of the Parer (paternity rejection right), the most blatant form of sexual discrimination that exists.

This feminazi reaction I label “monoconscious feminazi hypocrisy”. Monoconscious means having only one’s feminist consciousness raised and not one’s masculist consciousness. Monoconscious feminazis know nothing of masculism, so suffer the illusion that gender oppression is a one way street. Biconscious feminists who have had both their feminist and their masculist consciousnesses raised tend to lose their anger as they become conscious that women also oppress men.

YouTube Deleted my Masculist/MGTOW Channel, late 2019.

The CEO of YouTube is a feminazi hypocrite. She promotes feminism and demotes masculism. In other words, she feels that women, that feminists, have the right to be angry at men for the way men oppress women, but that men, that masculists, don’t have the same right to be angry at women for the way women oppress men (and far worse than vice versa, because women’s oppression of men, is far deeper, far stronger, lasting  decades, e.g. women’s financial parasitism, women’s man slavery, women’s red pill nature (i.e. not loving men for themselves, but rather loving men’s sexsploitability), women’s hypergamy, women’s many gender crimes against men, etc.) Monoconscious feminists (who have had only their feminist consciousness raised, and not their masculist consciousness raised) tend to be feminazi bitchy, and hence repulsive to men, and subsequently the first category of women to be rejected by men. Biconscious feminists tend to have their anger at men more or less cancelled by a corresponding and oppositely directed masculist anger at women. Biconscious feminists lose their gender political anger and hence are more likely to have boyfriends, whereas monoconscious feminists tend to be misandrist, man-dumping, feminazi bitches, utterly repulsive to men, and hence totally rejected by men. These monoconscious feminists then lead manless, and hence loveless, sexless, babyless, miserable lives, and become crazy. The CEO of YouTube is such a monoconscious feminazi, who hypocritically promotes feminism and demotes masculism, earning the hatred of the masculists. She has deleted dozens of MGTOW and masculist YouTube channels, including my own. I anticipated this, by putting up links to my masculist videos (more than 360 of them) on other video platforms, such as BitChute and Minds. Thus users who click on my masculist videos will be provided with a constant “negative ad” that YouTube is misandrist and hypocritical. Each time a viewer clicks on the YouTube link, he/she will be told that my masculist channel has been deleted/censored, whereas my masculist videos on BitChute and Minds do open, implying that BitChute and Minds don’t censor, offering freedom of speech, which compares much more positively than YouTube’s hypocritical, criminal, censorship.

My longer term prediction is that YouTube, over the years, will acquire the reputation of being lame, tame, and boring, and that BitChute and Minds, etc., i.e. non-censoring video platforms, will acquire the reputation of being where the bitey, bleeding edge, videos are. As a result, the number of viewers of these non-censoring platforms will grow, at the expense of YouTube, which will gain the reputation of being dull. YouTube viewership will therefore dwindle, their advertising revenue will eventually dry up, and they will go bankrupt. I predict it. YouTube needs to reflect on the damage done to them by video content creators like myself who are able to offer viewers several alternative links, on different platforms, to the same video. Each time a viewer is able to watch a bitey, masculist video on my website, hosted by BitChute or Minds, but not on YouTube, (since YouTube itself provides the message “This (masculist) channel has been terminated”) is being told that YouTube does NOT provide freedom of speech, and worse, is both misandrist and hypocritical. YouTube is shooting itself in the foot, and will pay a heavy price, committing slow suicide, becoming tame, and boring, not worth watching, not where the cutting edge opinions are at.



Below you will find two lists. The first consists only of one line titles and video links for a quick overview. The second has titles, video links AND a description of the contents of each flyer.

These flyers are in chronological order (i.e. the most recent are at the BOTTOM.)


0  Title : MASCULISM, i.e. MEN’S LIB : THE CORE IDEAS (link) (YouTubevideo) (Mindsvideo) (BitChutevideo)


1  Title : The ABCs of MGTOW and Masculism  (link) (YouTubevideo) (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

2  Title : MGTOW-Masculism for Women  (link) (YouTubevideo) (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

3  Title : You are a Fluffie Student  (link) (YouTubevideo) (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

4  Title : To the Gender Politicians : Genocidal Criminals  (link) (YouTubevideo) (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

5  Title : “TwayTweffing” : The “2A2F” Lifestyle for the Modern Man  (link) (YouTubevideo) (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

6  Title : Agenda for University MGTOW-Masculist Groups (link) (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo) (BitChutevideo)  

7  Title : MGTOW YouTube Channel Video Links (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

8  Title : Baby Calculus (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

9  Title : Men-Fairing the Divorce Courts  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

10  Title :  Secondhalver FIP Women Can be Quite Nice  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

11  Title :  Primal Parasites (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

12  Title : The FIP Society  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

13  Title : ARCing (After Retirement Careering) , The True Focus of a MGTOW’s Masculist’s Life  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

14  Title : Why Masculists/MGTOWs Hate Fluffies and Gender Politicians  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

15  Title : Gender Roles 2050  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

16  Title : So You’re a MGTOW/Masculist High School Kid, What Can You Do?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

17  Title : Suggested Masculist Political Actions  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

18  Title : MGTOW/Masculist PRESS RELEASE for Male Journalists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

19  Title : The Politics of Baby Calculus, Making 12th Grade Calculus Compulsory for High School Seniors  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

20  Title : The SEX WAR  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

21  Title : Men’s Growing Hatred of (Fluffie) Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

22  Title : Why is there no Parer (Paternity Rejection Right?) (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

23  Title : Masculist-MGTOW Advice to Japanese Gender Politicians  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

24  Title : Teaching Women to Hate the Gender Politicians  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

25  Title : Ammunition for Heckling Fluffie Feminists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

26  Title : Converting Male Feminists to Masculists/MGTOWs  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

27  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Poisoning of Men’s Minds  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

28  Title : A Tale of Two Movements : The Price of MGTOW Anonymity  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

29  Title : How Will the Gender Politicians React Towards the MGTOWs/Masculists Wiping Out the Population?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

30  Title :  Ideological Ammunition for MGTOW/Masculist High Schoolers  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

31  Title : MGTOW/Masculism, FIP Females, Twaytweffing, and Babies  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

32  Title : Hypergamous Males  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

33  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Dusting Campaign  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

34  Title : The Criminal Ethics of Gender Politicians (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

35  Title : FIPpressing the FEMALES  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

36  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Education of Parents  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

37  Title : Countering Feminist Attitudes with Masculist Attitudes  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

38  Title :  The Evolution of Female Nagging  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

39  Title : Women’s Growing Inferiority Complex  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

40  Title : After the Gender Dust Settles  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

41  Title : The FIPping of Females Will Not Be Enough  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

42  Title : The New Gender Politicians Will FIPpress the Fluffies  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

43  Title : Looking Poor is an Effective Fluffie Repellent  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

44 Title : Spelling It Out to Teenage Fluffies  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

45  Title : Can Men Love Women Knowing that Women Don’t Love Men? (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

46  Title : Scientizing MGTOW  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

47  Title : The FIPping of High-School/College Fluffies  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

48  Title : Smashing Feminist Arrogance  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

49  Title : Female Laziness and its Implications  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

50  Title : Female Adaptation to Uncontrollable Males  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

51  Title : Getting the MGTOW/Masculist Word Out  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

52  Title : Why is the FIPping of Fluffies so Important to Masculists?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

53  Title : The Childish Sadism of Divorcing Fluffies  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

54  Title : Can FIP Women Love Men?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

55  Title : Fluffie Crappers  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

56  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Strategies Towards the Journalists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

57  Title : Femaliens and Sexbots  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

58  Title : Promoting the “Fluffie Graveyard”  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

59  Title : Feminist Globaciders  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

60  Title : Feminism as a Quasi-Religion  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

61  Title : Masculism as Heavy Moralistic Pressure on Fluffies  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

62  Title : What is to be done ?  (Men’s Lib)  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

63  Title : The “Fuck Only FIPs” Campaign  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

64  Title : Converting Fluffies to FIPs  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

65  Title : Female Absorption of MGTOW/Masculist Ideas  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

66  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Message to Fluffie Feminists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

67 Title : Masculist Contempt for Lazy-Bum Fluffies  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

68  Title : Understanding AND Loving Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

69  Title : What Masculists/MGTOWs Expect from Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

70  Title : The Masculist-MGTOW Bashing of (Fluffie) Feminists in Public  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

71  Title : FIP Boy Meets Fluffie Girl and then …  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

72  Title : Twaytweffing and Kids  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

73  Title : Why Masculists Look Down on MGTOWs  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

74  Title : Modifying Females’ Hypergamous Psychology  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

75  Title : ARCing WGTOWs?!  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

76  Title : Allying with Female FIPs to Pressure the Gender Politicians  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

77  Title : Giving MGTOW-Masculist Talks at High Schools  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

78   Title : Twaytweffing After Gender Law Fairing  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

79  Title : Were Jewish Banksters Behind the Misandrist Divorce Laws of the 70s?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

80  Title : Combatting Jewish Bankster Control of the Gender Politicians  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

81  Title : The Eclipse of MGTOW-Masculism with the Collapse of the West (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

82  Title : Fluffie FIPs  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

83  Title : It is Critically Important that MGTOWs/Masculists Educate the Public  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

84  Title : What Will Governments Do to MGTOWs/Masculists? (link) (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

85  Title : Marxism and Masculism  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

86  Title : MGTOW-Masculism and the American Pogrom  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

87  Title : Checklist for Women to Get a Man  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

88  Title : Science’s War Against (Satanist) Judaism  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

89  Title : MGTOWs as Pawns of the Jewish Banksters  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

90  Title : Should a Twaytweffer’s Girlfriend be a FIP?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

91  Title : Einstein Relationships  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

92  Title : Scientizing the Jewish Bankster Satanists to Liberate Men  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

93  Title : MGTOW Deckchairs on the Titanic : The Coming American Holocaust  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

94  Title : Being Free : The Joys and Impact of ARCing  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

95  Title : Post Pogrom MGTOW/Masculism  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

96  Title : ARCing and SeRCing for MGTOWs/Masculists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

97  Title : Helping College MGTOW/Masculist Groups  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

98  Title : Restructuring Universities with MGTOW Principles  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

99  Title : Political Phases of MGTOW/Masculism  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

100  Title : Degynocentrification Necessitates Dejudaicentrification  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

101  Title : The MGTOW-ARCer Educational Revolution  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

102  Title : MGTOW-Masculist (Bumper) Stickers  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

103  Title : Science is the Greatest Enemy of the Hated Jewish Bankster Satanists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

104  Title : Living Together Apart : A MGTOW Compromise  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

105  Title : Selecting Your Woman with MGTOW/Masculist Criteria  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

106  Title : Scaring the Fluffies/Feminists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

107  Title : What’s the Next Step?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

108  Title : The Nawalting of Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

109  Title : How Many Years Before the Western Gender Politicians Panic?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

110  Title : Inferiorizing High School Females  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

111  Title : The “High from Learning” Lifestyle  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

112  Title : A Gender Political Clash with my Sister over Child “Abandonment”  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

113  Title : How Red is the Red Pill?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

114  Title : MGTOW Avoids the Problem, Masculism Solves It  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

115  Title : MGMTOW : Men Going Mostly Their Own Way  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

116  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Bullets for High School-College Males  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

117  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Differences Between 1st and 2nd Halver Men  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

118  Title : Women’s Future Massive Inferiority Complex  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

119  Title : MOB Female BOM Male, Oil and Water  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

120  Title : Women’s Hockey Stick Awareness Moment of MGTOW-Masculist Ideas  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

121  Title : Fluffie Criminality  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

122  Title : Don’t Be the Only MGTOW/Masculist on Campus  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

123  Title : Punishing the MOB (Money over Brains) Psychology of Females  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

124  Title : Should MGTOWs/Masculists Tway with Fluffies? (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

125  Title : Female Ignorance of MGTOW/Masculism  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

126  Title : How Do MGTOW and Masculism Relate?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

127  Title : MGTOWs’/Masculists’ Enemies  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

128  Title : MGTOW-Masculism Now Penetrating the Main Stream Media  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

129  Title : MGTOW’s/MASCULISM’s FORMIDABLE WEAPON  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

130  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Political Agenda  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

131  Title : Rejecting the Female Child Mind  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

132  Title : The Clashing Agendas of the Jewish Banksters and the MGTOW/Masculists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

133  Title : The Penis as Bargaining Tool  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

134  Title : Dictatorships, East and West  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

135  Title : MGTOW-Masculism for Second Halver (> 40) Males  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

136  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Punishment of Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

137  Title : The Core MGTOW/Masculist Problem is not the Fluffie Feminists, but the Jewish Banksters  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

138  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Punishment of Second Halver Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

139  Title : MGTOW, MRM, Masculism : How Do They Differ?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

140  Title : Gender Crimes  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

141  Title : The FIP Society  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

142  Title : The Pinking of Red Piller Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

143  Title : Living in the MGTOW/Masculist Generated Population Crash  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

144  Title : MGTOWs Don’t See the (Jewish Bankster) Big Picture  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

145  Title : Massive MGTOW/Masculist Broadcast Media Publicity  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

146  Title : Fluffie Divorcee Brainwashing of her Kids   (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

147  Title : MGTOW and Loneliness  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

148  Title : The MGTOW/Masculist Combat against Women’s Ingrained/Evolved Expectations that Men Should Pay for Them to Have Babies   (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

149  Title : I’m More Than a Cash Machine, You Bitch!  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

150  Title : Punishing Female Laziness  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

151  Title : The Sexbot, Artwomb World  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

152  Title : Women’s Narrower Horizons Make Them Boring  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

153  Title : MGTOW’s Biggest Mistake  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

154  Title : My Growing MGTOW/Masculist Souring Towards Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

155  Title : Menfairing Manifesto for Japan  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

156  Title : Politicizing MGTOW  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

157  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Moral Pressure on Women to Adultify  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

158  Title : Seeking the MGTOW/Masculist Broadcast Media Big Event  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

159  Title : The MGTOW/Masculist Impact of the Chinese White Dragon Dejewbanksterfication  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

160  Title : Career Brainwashing, the Paternity Strike, and China  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

161  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Small Potatoes  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

162  Title : The MGTOWs/Masculists Go for the Broadcast Media Big Hit (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

163  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Lifestyles for Fourth Quarter Men  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

164  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Power  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

165  Title : Female STEM Field Statistics, High School and College  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

166  Title : Levering Young Women’s FIPification (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

167  Title : Using MGTOW’s Strongest Political Argument  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

168  Title : My Contempt for MGTOW’s Apoliticality  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

169  Title : MGTOW-Masculism : A Decade On  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

170  Title : The Coming Civil (Sex) War  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

171  Title : A MGTOW/Masculist Talks to a Manslave  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

172  Title : Hey Femalien! If you want a kid, you’ll have to pay for it yourself!  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

173  Title : EMOs : Women Who Accept “Equal Moral Obligations” with Men  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

174  Title :  MGTOW/Masculist Power against Fluffies, Fluffie Feminists, and Gender Politicians  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

175  Title : Are Women Children or Just Lazy?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

176  Title : MGTOW/Masculist Consciousness Raising of High School Males  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

177 Title : MGTOW-Masculist Anger at Women Seeing Men as Cash Machines  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

178  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Anti-Fluffie Campaign at High Schools  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

179  Title : MGTOW-Masculist Alternative Life Styles for Men  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

180  Title : Why MGTOWs/Masculists Despise Fluffies  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

181  Title : MGTOW/Masculism, BABY Farms, and Eugenics (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

182  Title : The Hypocrisy of Fluffie-Feminists (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

183  Title : Hypergamy is Inherently Parasitic  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

184  Title :  De-Princessing  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

185  Title :  The Feminazis Have Become Genociders : They Have to be Stopped (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

186 Title : MGTOW Political Passivity, Masculist Political Activism (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

187  Title  : Masculism is Political  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

188  Title  : Suppressing Women’s Parasitic Nature  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

189 Title : Twaytweffing = The Lifestyle that Gives Men Regular Sex Without Paying the Traditional Price of Being a Manslave to a Fluffie Parasite  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

190 Title : FIPup or be Manless : The Core Strategy of the Masculists   (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

191 Title :  The Hated Frankist Satanist Jewish Banksters Have Destroyed the West More than Fluffie Females  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

192  Title : I Strongly Disagree with You, Howard Dare  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

193a Title : Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis Starts His Own “de GARIS MASCULIST MGTOW FLYERS” YouTube Channel (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

193b  Title : MASCULISM, i.e. MEN’S LIB : THE CORE IDEAS (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

194  Title : Confronting Feminazis (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

195  Title : MASCULIST-MGTOW Glossary (Part 1)  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

196  Title : MASCULIST-MGTOW Glossary (Part 2)  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

197  The Impact of Women’s Ten Billion Fewer Neurons (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

198  Fluffies, MGTOWs, Masculists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

199  Dead Beat Moms (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

200  MGTOWs Lack Solidarity  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

201  Fluffie Moms and Masculists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

202  MGTOW are Political Wimps  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

203  Grandfather Masc Advice to 17yo Fluffie  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

204  Masculism (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

205  Masculist Power  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

206  Asian Fluffies  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

207  Forcing Gender Politicians  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

208  Menfairing the Divorce Courts  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

209  MGTOW Castles Masc Cops  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

210  FIPping the Females  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

211  Masculist Ambivalence towards MGTOW  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

212  Men’s Sexbot/Artwomb Revenge on Women (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

213  From Masculist Vision to Masculist Agenda  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

214  The Male Frontal Lobe Switch-Off  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

215  Refuting the MGTOW “51% Female Voter” Argument  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

216  Female Intellectual Inferiority : Basic Facts  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

217  Why Women Need to Become Female Masculists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

218  Converting MGTOWs to Masculism  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

219  Bitch Slapping of Feminazi Hecklers at Masculist Talk  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

220  Warning to Feminazi Divorce Court Judges and Lawyers  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

221  Women Who Dump on Men Don’t Get One  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

222  Why Masculists Push for Female Masculism  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

223  Masculist Contempt for Women’s Evolved Hypergamous Parasitism  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

224  The Best Masculist Idea I’ve Had in Years  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

225  Post Gender Lib Male/Female Lifestyles  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

226  Promoting Female Masculism  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

227  Socially Accepting the Masculist Bitch-Slapping of Feminazis  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

228  Masculist Militancy  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

229  Why is the U.S. Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) so Impotent?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

230  The Most Damning Fact about Femaliens  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

231  Gender Segregating the Workplace  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

232  A Regendering Plan (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

233  Fluffies as Hatable Criminals (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

234  Masculist Bitch Slapping Guidelines  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

235  The Masculist Tsunami over Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

236  Masculist Murderous Hatred of Feminazi Divorce Court Judges and Lawyers  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

237  Masculist Expectations on Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

238  Can Women Fight Their Parasitic Nature?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

239  Masculisting the MGTOWs  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

240  To Twaytwef or to MGTOW Monk?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

241  Masculisting the Divorce Courts  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

242  Masculisting the Campuses  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

243  Masculisting the Gender Politicians  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

244  Masculisting the Women  (link)  Part 1 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)    Part 2 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

245  Masculisting the Media  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

246  Masculisting the Feminazis  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

247  Masculisting the Parents  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

248  Masculisting the Teachers  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

249  Masculisting the Companies  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

250  Masculisting the Men  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

251  Masculisting the Police  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

252  Masculisting the MGTOWs  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

253  Rethinking Masculist Political Strategy  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

254  Feminals : Feminazi Criminals  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

255  Macro-Social Red Pilling  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

256  MGTOW Channels Platform Migration  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

257  Masculists in Women’s Studies Classes  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

258  Why Do Women Shit-Test Men?  (link)  Part 1  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)   (BitChutevideo)    Part 2 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

259  Masculists’ Two Main Messages to Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

260  Females Fade Away  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

261  Women’s Hated Amoral Criminality Against Men  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

262  Women as Rights-Given Adults or Rights-Taken Children?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

263  Teaching Feminists Masculism  (link)  Part 1 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)   Part 2 (YouTubevideo(Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

264  Do FIP (Financially Independent Person) Women Exist?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

265  Uploading my Masculist MGTOW Videos to VID.ME  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

266  VID.ME, the New Standard Video Hosting Company, Replacing YouTube, for MGTOW, Masculist Videos  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

267  MGTOW Masculist Video Hosting Company Options  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

268  Masculist Defanging of Compulsory Anti-Rape Seminars at Universities for Men  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

269  Big John (ex. “MGTOW is Freedom”) Goes Masculist  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

270, the New Favored Video Hosting Company for the MGTOW Masculist Communities  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

271  Feminists’ Perceived Monopoly of Gender Issues Makes Them Arrogantly Belligerent  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

272  Masculists Put Enormous Moral Pressure on Women  (link)  Part 1  (YouTubevideo)    (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)   Part 2  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

273  Just How Incapable Are Women? Removing Their Rights?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

274  Masculist Princes  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

275  Implications of Women’s 10% Smaller Brains and Kurzweil’s 300 Million Pattern Recognizer Hierarchical Brain Model  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

276  Six Wasted Manslave Years  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

277  My Men’s Lib Intellectual Trajectory  (link)  Part 1  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)   Part 2  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

278  Experience with as the Preferred MGTOW/Masculist Video Hosting Company (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

279  Masculist Riots  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

280  The Red Pill is Truly Poisonous  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

281  Male Chauvinism from a Masculist Perspective  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

282  Can Women Grow Up? Male Condescension towards Females  (link)  Part 1 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  Part 2  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

283  Cuckoo Mothers  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

284  Feminazi Fairyland  (link)  Part 1  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)    Part 2  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

285  Nurturative FIPs  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

286  Half Meeting My Nawalt  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

287  With 10 Billion Fewer Neurons in Their Brains, Women Can’t Hope to be Men’s Equals  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

288  Silencing the Feminazis by Intellectually Crushing Them  (link)  Part 1  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)    Part 2  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

289  Fluffies Don’t Get to Vote  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

290  How to Destroy Feminism  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

291  Why I Don’t Take Women Seriously  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

292  Why are so Many Feminazis Fat Fours?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

293  Masculist Lashing of Feminazi Isscienates  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

294  The Masculist “Freikorps Option”  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

295  “MASCULISM : Men’s Rebellion against Manslaving Women”  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

296  “Wesley College Plans to Discriminate against Boys”  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

297  Mono-Conscious Feminazis : Mono-Conscious Feminists Become Anger-Biased Feminazis  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

298  An Email Exchange between a Masculist and a Male Feminist Campus Magazine Editor  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

299  A Masculist Textbook for Men’s Studies Groups  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

300 Biconscious Feminists Have an Easier Time Finding a Boyfriend  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

301  Female Hypocrisy Regarding Masculist Anger  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

302  Millions of Western Women Will Go Through a Lot of Pain as They Fail to Adapt to Men’s Growing Masculist Anger at Women, so are then Rejected by Men (link) Part 1  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)   Part 2  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  

303   Now That a Men’s Studies Textbook Exists, Men’s Studies Groups Can Pop Up Like Mushrooms All Over the World  (text)  (YouTubevideo) (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

304  “She’s Just Another Monoconscious Feminazi!”  (link)  (YouTubevideo) (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

305  Men Will Dominate Gender Politics  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

306  Comparative Hit Rates (YouTube, Minds, BitChute) on My “de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers” Channel  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

307  Compulsory Calculus for all 16 Year Old Soviet Russians, Female and Male : Lessons for Masculists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

308  When Men Get Their Sexbots and Artwombs, they Will Become Much Ruder to Women   (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

309  Boyfairing (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

310  The de Garis Gynandric Brain Scale  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

311  Masculist Rejection of Princess Snowflakes  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

312  Why Women’s Instinctive Fear Reaction at Hearing the Word “Masculist” for the First Time?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

313  The Cultural Cocoon Lifestyle for MGTOW Monks  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

314  The Masculist Anti-Nagging-Pro-Nicing Campaign Against Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

315  The Patriarchy was Caused by Female Hypergamy  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

316  Becoming Biconscious is Actually Liberating for Feminists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

317  Women’s Constant Rejection of my Masculism : Insights for Fourth Quarter Males  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

318  Thank God for and its Non-Censorship of Masculist Ideas  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

319  Feminazis Who Remain Monoconscious Will Lose Their Boyfriends Who Become Biconscious  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

320  Accepting the Price I Pay for my Masculist Misogyny against Fluffie Parasites and Fluffie Feminist Hypocrites  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

321  Naffers (Nagging Arrogant Feminazis)  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

322  My Masculist Annoyance with Turd Flinging Monkey’s (TFM’s) Non Solution to the Feminist Generated Population Crash  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

323  Masculist MGTOWs Don’t Have to be Nice to Women, Women’s “Masculist Shock”  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

324  You Are Gender Politically Ignorant, You Only Know Half the Story  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

325  A Masculist Rereads Feminist Literature  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

326  Ive Had My Fingers Burned by Femaliens Too Often, Becoming a Masculist (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

327  Masculist Rage at the Hated Fluffie Feminist Hypocrites in the Divorce Courts, This is a War Issue!  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

328  Masculist Penetration of the Broadcast Media via Major Feminist Events  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

329  Women Oppress Men Far More Than Men Oppress Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

330  The Gender Anger Reversal  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

331  Mascunazis (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

332  Defunding Women’s Studies via Feminazi Hypocrisies  (link)  Part 1 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  Part 2 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

333  Now That Both Sexes Have a Hatred for Third Wave Feminism, It Will Die within a Decade  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

334  Third Wave Feminists Will Either Reform or Die Out  (link)  Part 1 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  Part 2  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

335  Causes of the Patriarchy  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

336  Converting a Cynical Male Feminist Journalist into a Masculist in Minutes  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

337  Monoconscious Feminists will be Seen Increasingly as Bigots  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

338  Masculist Scientists are the Third Wave Feminists Most Formidable Enemy, Intellectually Crushing Them  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

339  Monoconscious Feminism Makes Women Lazy and Obnoxious  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

340  The Masculists ‘Feminists as Fools’ Strategy  (link)  Part 1  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  Part 2  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

341  Projects that only ARCing MGTOW Monks Can Do  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

342  Masculist and Mohammedan Awakenings  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

343  Masculism’s Main Political Goals  (link)  Part 1 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideoPart 2 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo) Part 3 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

344  Masculism Will Hit Women Like a Bus  (link)  Part 1 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideoPart2  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

345  MGTOW, ARCing, and the 6th Mass Extinction  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

346  Journalists are Indirect Gender Political Genociders  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo

347  The Monoconscious Biconscious Controversy  Will Split the Feminist Movement  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

348  The Irrelevance of Women to Fourth Quarter Men  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

349  Masculist Advice to Convert Feminazi Witches into Nurturative FIPs  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

350  MGTOW Lifestyles : HAMmers Can Do Things Wagers Cant  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

351  The Masculist Social Re-Engineering of Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

352  Masculist Sage Duty  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

353  A Biconscious Masculist Harangues a Monoconscious Feminist (link) Part 1 (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)  Part2  (YouTubevideo) (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

354  How Will Widespread Masculism Affect Women?  (link)  Part 1 (YouTubevideo)  (Minds Video)  (BitChuteVideo)  Part 2 (YouTubevideo)  (Minds Video)  (BitChuteVideo)

355  The Masculist FIPping of Women, is One of History’s Greatest Milestones  (link)  Part 1 (YouTubevideo)  (Minds Video)  (BitChuteVideo)  Part 2 (YouTubevideo)  (Minds Video)  (BitChuteVideo)

356  The Masculist Inquisition (link)  Part 1 (YouTubevideo)  (Minds Video)  (BitChuteVideo)  Part 2 (YouTubevideo)  (Minds Video)  (BitChuteVideo)

357  Why Masculism Threatens Some Men  (link) Part 1 (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)  Part 2 (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo) Part 3 (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)

358  Monoconscious Feminazi Bigots(MFBs)  (link) (YouTubeVideo) (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)

359  Feminazi Bashing  (link)  Part 1  (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)  Part 2  (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)

360  Feminists Provide the Carrot and Masculists the Stick in the FIPping of Fluffies(link)  (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)

361  Arming Male High Schoolers and Male Undergraduates with Masculist Verbal Weapons  (link)  (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)

362  Women’s Sexual Selection of Men’s Frontal Lobe Switch Off  (link)  (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)

363  Defemming the Workplace  (link)  (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)

364  Soundbites for Media Masculists  (link)  Part 1 (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo) Part 2 (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)

365  The Alternative to Bullets : The Masculist Crushing of Feminazi Ideas (link) Part 1 (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo) Part 2 (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo) Part 3 (YouTubeVideo)  (MindsVideo)  (BitChuteVideo)


MASCULISM, i.e. MEN’S LIB : THE CORE IDEAS  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This five minute video gives a brief summary of the core ideas of Masculism, i.e. men’s lib, freeing men from manslavery, and from many legal and societal discriminations against men.

1  Title : The ABCs of MGTOW and Masculism  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr :  A 22 slide PPt presentation on the main ideas of MGTOW and masculism.

2  Title : MGTOW-Masculism for Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This is a 21 slide PPt presentation for women who want to understand why 70% of men in the US and Japan refuse to marry and have kids, spending their money on themselves.

3  Title : You are a Fluffie Student  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : A flyer aimed at fluffie students who study career incompetent subjects at university so that in their 30s they will look around for a man-slave to pay for the middle class house they want to raise their kids in.

4  Title : To the Gender Politicians : Genocidal Criminals  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : A flyer explaining to the gender politicians why they are indirectly wiping out the American population, by having allowed the fluffie feminists to take over the divorce courts.

5  Title : “TwayTweffing” : The “2A2F” Lifestyle for the Modern Man  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : A flyer presenting to  MGTOWs and masculists a lifestyle that allows men to get regular sex and that forces women to be nice to them, without any toxicity that comes from a traditional man-slaving marriage.

6  Title : Agenda for University MGTOW-Masculist Groups (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr :  A flyer suggesting what MGTOW-masculist groups can do.

7  Title : MGTOW YouTube Channel Video Links (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : A file containing links to MGTOW YouTube Channel videos.

8  Title : Baby Calculus (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : To get a man to give a woman babies, the woman needs to be a FIP, which means she has to study a FIP major in college, which has as a prereq, 12th grade high school calculus, so “no calculus, no babies.”

9  Title : Men-Fairing the Divorce Courts  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This flyer makes concrete proposals on how the gender politicians can reform the divorce courts to make them men fair, and how to address other critical masculist-MGTOW issues

10  Title :  Secondhalver FIP Women Can be Quite Nice  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This flyer shows how a man can get along quite well with a FIP woman over 40.

11  Title :  Primal Parasites (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This flyer shows how a fluffie who accuses a  MGTOW/masculist of being selfish is a hundred times more selfish by wanting a man-slave to pay HER to have kids that SHE wants.

12  Title : The FIP Society  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This flyer presents the primary goal of the masculists, i.e. to create the “FIP Society” where all adults (male and female) are FIPs (financially independent persons), its advantages, and how to achieve it.

13  Title : ARCing (After Retirement Careering) , The True Focus of a MGTOW’s Masculist’s Life  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This flyer describe ARCing (After Retirement Careering) which is the main focus of a MGTOW’s/Masculist’s life, free from wage-slavery to an employer, and from man-slavery to a fluffie.

14  Title : Why Masculists/MGTOWs Hate Fluffies and Gender Politicians  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr :  This flyer gives the main reasons why masculists/MGTOWs have such hatred against fluffies and the gender politicians in the growing sex war.

15  Title : Gender Roles 2050  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This flyer takes a futuristic look at how gender roles, feminism, masculism, MGTOW, etc will play out over the next few decades

16  Title : So You’re a MGTOW/Masculist High School Kid, What Can You Do?  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This flyer is addressed to high school guys giving ideas on how to set up a Men’s Lib group at your high school and what it could do

17  Title : Suggested Masculist Political Actions  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This flyer contains 10 suggestions for political actions that masculists and masculist MGTOWs can perform.

18  Title : MGTOW/Masculist PRESS RELEASE for Male Journalists  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This 6 page flyer is a PRESS RELEASE to male journalists which explains why men are abandoning marriage and having kids, thus wiping out whole populations, the dominant issue of our time.

19  Title : The Politics of Baby Calculus, Making 12th Grade Calculus Compulsory for High School Seniors  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This in your face flyer proposes making 12th grade calculus and a science compulsory for high school seniors to ensure that they can become FIPs as adults and not parasite on another person

20  Title : The SEX WAR  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr : This flyer shows that a sex war is going on, when a thirdof married women are financially massacring their husbands. After the gender laws are made menfair, relations between the sexes will remain permanently soured as men realistically adopt new lifestyles to accommodate women’s parasitic nature.

21  Title : Men’s Growing Hatred of (Fluffie) Women  (link)  (YouTubevideo)  (Mindsvideo)  (BitChutevideo)

Descr :